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Thursday, May 12, 2022

The Money Spell -- Chapter Three -- Old Gold

 By Anna Von Reitz

"What a twisted web we weave....when first we practice to deceive." -- William Shakespeare
So far as I am concerned, all claims that the gold hoards of the world go back to King Solomon and one of his wives, are nonsense. The bulk of gold sitting around in caves and repositories is a byproduct of mining operations that vastly predate King Solomon.
Ironically, those ancient miners were not mining gold. They were mining quartz crystals that are found in tandem with veins of gold and silver. The "precious" metals weren't precious back then. The precious metals were slag, piled up and left behind as tailings -- hence Montezuma's attitude and amazement when the Europeans were so crazy for it.
In my opinion the King Solomon story --- the idea that the gold underlying Indonesia's history with gold came from Jerusalem by way of one of Solomon's favorite wives -- is just that: a story made up to explain something that people couldn't explain at the time, but which we can explain now.
The very ancient civilization of Angkor Wat is the source of the gold in Indonesia, no convoy from Jerusalem required. Like Montezuma, they didn't greatly value gold, either. They used it as a roofing material.
Everything that we know about the ancient mining operations that took place on every continent establishes the same set of facts. The object of the mining was all about harvesting crystals of various kinds. Quartz crystal mining resulted in precious metals being produced and left behind as tailings. Mining for diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds also produced precious metals tailings.
It was only much later in Babylon that this waste material, gold and silver, was used to create little round tokens representing bushels of wheat.... that is, these first coins were used as warehouse certificates. Bring in a gold coin, get a bushel of wheat. Money was born and given value by the wheat. Not the gold.
Over time, people lost track of this simple "representational barter" and began using generalized gold tokens issued by goldsmiths that were assumed to have value "in trade" by weight of gold for a spectrum of goods, and gold started taking on value by association.
If you could trade a gold coin for a bushel of wheat, and you could trade a bushel of wheat for ten chickens, you could trade a gold coin for ten chickens.
And so it went. Gold coins became very popular commodities, because by this process of value association, you could turn gold coins into whatever you needed at the marketplace. They were a lot easier to transport, trade, and deal with than ten chickens.
Unlike chickens gold coins don't die off, unlike wheat, they don't get damp and mold. Because of this durable quality, goldsmiths began touting their new product as something that could store value -- as if gold could store up value like a battery storing electricity.
This is obviously not so, but less thoughtful people accepted this idea that gold "stored up value against a rainy day" and began hoarding gold both in ingots and as coins. Royal stockpiles of gold were created, and soon, a material that was originally regarded as something akin to what plastic is today, began to be viewed as supremely valuable.
This turn of events (and beliefs) then led to gold becoming more and more scarce, and that scarcity coupled with ever increasing demand only made gold and gold coinage appear to be that much more valuable.
What has ensued can be described as an eight thousand year Mass Delusion.
Those who benefited from gold being scarce made sure to hide as much of it as possible from the public eye and zealously promoted the idea that gold is a "store of value" and very rare, very scarce.
The Governors of the Bank of England and the Members of Parliament as late as 2010 were still claiming that less than 100,000 tons of gold had ever been mined in the history of the world. When their own records were used to debunk that estimate, they revised it upward to 140,000 tons --- when in fact there are billions (with a "b") of metric tons of gold already mined and far more is available and already located within the Earth's crust.
Gold does have some excellent properties that have come to light and which give it value in its own right in the modern world. It is an absolutely fantastic conductor of electricity and unlike silver or copper, it does not oxidize and corrode. There are numerous other applications in industry that will keep gold from returning to "byproduct waste" status no matter what beliefs people have about it in the years to come.
For now, let's just note the main points:
1. In the very ancient world, gold was regarded as a waste byproduct of crystal mining. We still aren't sure why the crystals were so valuable;
2. The use of gold coins to represent the value of a standard commodity (a known quantity of wheat) is what made gold appear to be valuable;
3. As people balanced the value of the wheat (and by association, the gold coinage) against other commodities, gold value (which was actually wheat value) was used to represent those other commodities by association;
4. Soon, gold coins were used to buy and sell all commodities, including labor;
5. This use of gold coinage to represent the value of commodities and labor made gold more scarce, which when combined with the idea that gold could "store value" --- which it really can't --- contributed to hoarding and hiding the amount of gold available;
6. These factors combined to create a system in which gold was hoarded, hidden, and speculated upon for generations, and led to huge stockpiles of gold being concealed by banks, governments, and private individuals who profited from making gold appear to be far more scarce than it actually is;
7. Belief in the value of gold has kept people from observing the value of other commodities which are in fact what give gold its perceived value in the first place. Push comes to shove, a bushel of wheat always has more actual value than a gold coin used to represent its value.
8. There is a Spectrum of Value involved in which the original commodities have more value than the gold coins used to represent them, and gold coins have more value than the gold certificates used to represent them in turn, and all three have more value than fiat scrip, which enters the speculative realm of credit, debt, and futures -- as in future values and future repayments.

9. The value of gold coins or any other "representation of value" is based on belief, as in religious belief. Note that fact for future reference.


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  1. One of my favorite Anna articles of truth.
    Highlights for me are the second sentence for #7, and both sentences for #9.
    Right On!!!

    1. I do not dispute Anna's claim about the start of coinage being as tokens for wheat.
      I deny the claim that a Dollar is an ounce of Silver.
      That survey was overseen by Secretary of the Treasury Alexander Hamilton. Its results are in the 1792 Coinage Act.

    2. and JOHN111, John ("curren" "C")hapman 111, knows/should know that money and "curren" - "sea", at their essence, are the same, that is:
      with "curren" - "sea" being not "backed" by substances coming from the earth; and "money" being (supposedly) backed by:

      its really simple. thats why they complicate it, we wont see,.... thats why they scare, threaten, poison, lie, force, harm, take, merrrderrr.
      i wont go into what i believe is the spiritual nature of it, but i will say it is spiritually conceived and carried out, and imo, thats what is holding us back... we will not use "the weapons of our warfare that are not carnal..." ref.: kjv 2 corinthians 10:4. to "pull down the strongholds" using Gods power, so-to- speak.
      these are another man's imaginations that we are dealing with!
      and imaginations are FICTION!!
      then referencing this same passage again: it says, among other things, to: "cast those imaginations down", because according to this particular reference those imaginations are high things that are exalting themselves against the knowledge of God.
      Its *the earth's riches* that all these self-proclaimed "Divine Creatures- here- on- the- Dirt'Earth" are putting on their Theatrics over!!!, not money or curren -sea, either one!
      finally, look at the outcome being sought after, not (necessarily) what is being "disclosed" as "truth".
      look for can see.....
      what kind of chains/BONDS did even "annavoncom" say "hesheitthey" were "claiming"?...
      • LAND
      • LABOR.
      gold goes with land.
      sons and daughters do too, but they also go with production related to what the earth produces.... its riches.

      this is what *they* are fighting over.
      my portion of the earths riches and my labor/energy/ production.
      yours too!

      weve got a ways to go to straighten this mess out, but were definately making excellent progress in the right direction!


    3. JOHN111,
      youve got the wrong woman, i never said any of that stuff.
      stop saying what i mean, will you please? because youre getting it wrong.
      .. i didnt even know there could be two different definitions in that system for money and currency until about a month ago!! and i still dont know because im not intentionally part of that system.
      thank you!


    4. JOHN111,
      i like and also appreciate alot of your explanation about the differences.
      what youre calling mon eye
      sounds like what i believe the credit side of the their Birth Certificates represents (life: energy, ones portion of the earth;)
      And the currency sounds like what i believe they say the debit side of same represents.

      and no, man is not the/a debtor to anyone or anything, ever, unless, NOT under "duress", that man intends to agree and then DOES agree, and even then, if the agreement harms him, he can break it without penalties.
      because law is: do no harm to man.


  2. very true, this is why the govt and banks want us to take their paper instead of giving us gold to use as the money of account . as the constitution demands.

  3. Definately the value is in the wheat or commodity, when Sitting Bull was offered money for land he stated you can not eat money,

  4. Anna is correct. Gold is fiat as are all currencies, simply more durable. It only has the value we give it. You can't eat it. It is useful but has no inherent life force. Its value is not as easily manipulated as currency which make it much more reliable for trade, though silver has proved more convenient.

  5. "The alchemists who studied the question in depth used to say that gold was sunlight that had been condensed in the bowels of the earth. Some of them were even able to reverse this process of condensation and work back from physical gold until they found all the light, heat and life of the sun. Using certain methods, they succeeded in drawing and absorbing from a strip of gold all the energies the sun had condensed in it over thousands of years. We still do not know how much power there is in a gram of gold!":
    Quoted here:

  6. I initially thought I was getting involved with a group to outreach, help & educate but it sure didn't take me long to see something wasn't right and I withdrew from Anna's organization not long after (it's definitely NOT an Assembly for the people). Little did I know at the time what was really going on and the twisted information that was given. I am trying to do the best I can with informing the departments I need to and getting back my rights. that was blindly stolen from me. I don't know who all I need to go to and reaching out


    i, a woman, Nikki, whom you allegedly serve in the FICTIONAL ROLE of MEMBER of PARLIAMENT, am left wholly unimpressed with your "acting" skills.
    Let it be known that at no time have i subrogated, abdicated and or delegated my power, authority, and or rights to you or any other [wo]man for that matter,
    For the avoidance of doubt, any presumed, assumed, and or implied contract under which you act with the implied, presumed and or assumed authority and or permission of i is hereby rescinded, revoked, and denied ab initio.
    You may have tricked some foolish mortals into trusting you, but you haven't tricked i.
    For the record: you have been sacked.
    i wouldn't wish any man to continue an ACTING career in the belief that his[s] performances were believable, credible and or entertaining when they are not.
    Suffice to say, your actions in general have not gone unnoticed ~ hence my decision to make it clear that you act not for i, and speak not for i.
    Your IMAGINARY CORPORATE PARLIAMENT is hereby dissolved within the FICTIONAL HIGH SEAS and i recognize nothing that emanates from the bowels of that never-once-great [mental] INSTITUTION.
    i wonder ~ did you actually conduct any due diligence before throwing your weight behind oppression or were you encouraged to merely turn a blind "eye"?

    i, a woman, Nikki

  7. [part 1]
    Seems most of the detractors here don't get who (or, rather what) Anna is. It's not 'her' organization, it's OURS. She just kick-started it. This will live beyond her, because there is, finally, an organization made of people who've been studying this since LONG before Anna went public. That she knows a trick or two about international banking and revealed them is a help. And she's kindof bold, like we ALL must be, in challenging the de facto's bogus claims over us. I had to be to get myself kicked out of jail with a two-page document that laid out the SAME claims denying the non-voluntary contracts by making POSITIVE claims of my TRUE status and lack of contracts with the corporate. Pretty simple. That's what the 'correction' documents are.

    And who cares WHERE the information came from? I copy lots of info from other people, though for my own tracking purposes I note the source, and, because of my training in science, penchant for legal specificity and wish to direct others to the sources, cite them if appropriate. Not a lot of copy/paste, because I'm quite capable of paraphrasing, but give links for long pieces and videos. That's just me. Anyone can do a search for what Anna discusses. I do.

    The value is in having all the information in ONE place. Personally, I was tired of having to go from one place to another to research any given topic., sedm, atgpress (where The Informer posted), too many sites to cite. And the LRO/LRS is FAR more convenient than arguing with a dumb cow behind the local recorder's office desk who wouldn't know a declaration from a bill of sale. There are TOO MANY people 'in' government who don't know their jobs, or have ulterior motives, and keep us from accomplishing what needs to happen to turn this boat around and get it into dry-dock for repair, and clearing out of the vermin, so-to-speak. That's the job WE are going to be doing, as Anna spoke of, for the next 5 - 10 years. It's going to take a generation of kids learning the REAL history, and what happened to bring us to such a place where a demented old liar, and a cackling whore who slept her way to a position where she talks to everybody as if they were children, are actually at the top of the dog-pile that 'represents' us to the world. And I thought Clinton was an embarrassment to the nation? These two make him look like a Rhodes scholar. Oh, wait . . .

    My point being that IF you detractors, who obviously saw something valuable at one point, would just STFU and study the material REFERENCED, and put it together in cooperation with the OTHERS in the Assemblies, then maybe you'd see that whether or not there's someone (purportedly) pulling her strings, YOU are the ones who will be working to straighten the mess out. She's not here, on the lower 48. WE are. And the ones who split off, especially those wanting to turn the Assemblies into a business, apparently didn't get the memo that we have to MAINTAIN our separation from the corporate. The Founders knew this. ALL ye olde wryters did. That's why they got away from it and the monarchies and the colonial corporations they set up. Be glad you're not under French law.

  8. [part 2]
    Now, as to the alchemical triplicity, anyone who's read Louis Kervran's book Biological Transmutation will understand why copper, silver and gold occur with quartz. Takes a long time for lightning to transmute those crystals, which have held the electromagnetic patterns of each age for a LONG time, while depositing molecule layer upon molecule layer, much as we do now in making silicon chips in hours. That's why mines were for quartz, and not the 'garbage'.

    Yes, the 'garbage' became useful as we learned how to refine and combine, solve et coagula. But you can't eat it. You can make nice solar reflectors for astronaut helmets and satellite 'wings', and PV panels. Colloidal metals have various uses, disinfection being one. Coating switch contacts with gold makes them last MUCH longer than the highest conductivity metal, silver. Monatomic gold and it's weird properties is presumed to be an 'interesting' supplement taken in very small doses. And gold as 'transportable land' is a CONVENIENCE.

    My first alchemical thought experiment upon leaving 'sillyvisation' for the desert was 'oil of gold'. Had nice properties, but essentially (pun intended) had no practical, real-world use - only spiritual, as ALL alchemy does.

    But all the gold in the world isn't worth one Burpee seed packet of heirloom vegetables, the small strip of fertile, biodynamically treated strip of soil to grow them, and the necessary, and reasonably clean water to grow them. And providing them with thought patterns for benefit of both them and us, who will eventually turn their atoms into ours. Some day we won't even need that, and we'll just live on pure energy.

    That's what the crystals are for. Well, one use, anyway. The rest you'll have to discover for yourselves. As all TRUE education really is, especially if it points back to Our Creator.

  9. Ann Barnhardt's "We are the gold":

  10. Quartz crystals are part of the body (maybe like blood) of the ancient silicon giant trees that compose our present day soil, mountains and all. Being 100% pure silicon, quartz is used in all electrical instruments like radios, computers, etc. and acts as a sort of container of information. To be honest, I'm not an expert so this may be off, however it may offer an idea on how useful quartz is in powering up various grids or instruments of all shapes and sizes for the benefit of life forms on this plane.