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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Another comment adding to A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

by Anna Von Reitz

The victims have to stand up for themselves and do whatever works to obtain justice. 

If the police and DAs refuse to do their jobs, or worse, allow themselves to be used as tools to persecute the victims,  I have already told everyone what is necessary.  Organize your communities.  Bring your gripes to every pastor, every politician, every club, every civic organization, the schools, the churches, everyone---- and go after the bosses of the police and the DA's like a swarm of angry bees.  Make sure they lose their jobs.  Make sure their lives are living Hell. Hold public meetings.  Bang your dishes on the floor like angry dogs.  That's what we've had to do in Alaska.

And it works.  It's amazing how fast and efficient this is when you really decide that the line has been crossed and you are going to shove.  You get enough people on the move and your problem is going away. 

Next, claim back your birthright standing as American State Nationals. Record your choice of nationality as a Virginian, Texan, etc., and your refusal of any political status as a "United States Citizen" or "citizen of the United States".   Remember that you are not a "citizen" of anything. And say so.  Hold your public meetings and elect people to fill the vacated offices owed to the land jurisdiction of this country---- elect your own Sheriffs, Judges, Clerks, etc., and open up your American Common Law Courts.  And bring your complaints to be heard by a jury of your actual peers. 

You still have to sign actual complaints under penalty of perjury and you still have to name names and provide whatever other evidence you can.  There's no substitute.

 I am serious when I say that out of all the many people who have ranted to me about this problem, not one proved to be an actual victim and not one claimed to be a first-hand witness. That tells me there is a lot of hype and hysteria going on.

I also tell you that this is being used for prejudice and fear-mongering, as one group tries to paint the others black---- I am fed up with all the finger-pointing: its the Jews, no, it's the Catholics, no, it's the Muslims.  It's my fat foot.  Or the dog did it.  Or whatever.  Enough.

Satanists and child abusers come from every religion, every race, every social strata.  That is part of the problem and why it is so hard to root out.   The vermin among us are not easily detected or labeled or identified ----except by their acts, and they have been suppressed since Roman times, so they are also very good at disguising and hiding their activities.

If I were that family in England, I'd move to a country that has good gun laws.  I would record my complete and total lack of any political status whatsoever, post my private property, and if anyone came to my house to mess with my son or cause me any more trouble, I'd shoot to kill.  You have an absolute right to defend your own life and the lives of your family and the sanctity of your homes. All you have to say is that you were in fear for your life. 

If the DAs are refusing to prosecute child molesters, and are persecuting the victims instead, you may be sure that there is no law, but the law you provide yourselves.
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  1. Judge Anna, some of these people are at high level government secrete services agency who have a vested interest in creating the "perfect"(brainwashed) weapon for international intelligence gathering. No man is immune from sexual advances by a beautiful woman. Some are used for sex to get access to high level national governments, while others are used as actual leathal weapons like the movie and series.."NIKITA". Hollywoood always imatates real life. If you dont believe me, read the book "Transformation of America" written by a woman, with the help of an FBI agent who fell in love with her to expose the dark side of "Intelligence". The book was written as a last resort after being summarily dismissed or convienulently shoved under the rug, even with all the factual evidence and her FBI(agent and now husband) brought the whole thing to light in a special hearing in front of congress. Thats why you never hear about it. Congress did absolutly nothing about it. And neither did anyone else. The short version of this is that govt. Psyc Opts have found out that if they can get children early enough, they can use repeaded sexual abuse and torrture,by kids who have no way of fighting back, and discovered two very important things that happen under extreme conditions like that. First, their minds automatically become "compartmentalized", meaning they have the ability to turn off any sort of mental and physical pain. But they also found out something they didnt expect...they almost always have a secondary incredible ability of memory recall of everything they see or hear...dates, time, people, you name it....kind of sounds like "Bourne" doesnt it. Our govt. is sicker than even you want to admit or even want to know about..Its an amazing read if you ever get the time to learn what you are really dealing with and the people involved, which always involves presidents, kings, and Arabian Princes. Your only dealing with the history of how we lost our soverignty but you have no time to study the "DARK FORCES AT WORK" in keeping it that way now. Or your in denial. Either way it does exsist. It doesnt take you believing that it doesnt. You dont know much about mind control. You think these people are just going to come foreward just because you post a site. The only reason this woman finally came foreward was out of the shere LOVE of an FBI agent that believed hear enough to investigate it and break her out of that mind control she was under. Besides bringing it to congress, they have an extensive list of people they contacted with there story. Did you ever hear about, neither did i until i read the book. And you think we can just tell authorities about it when these people run the world....I submit to you that no one even understands real LOVE. Would you take a bullet for your husband or son. Or lets take love to its infinite meaning. Would you take one for me, even though you dont know me, ir your neighbor, or anyone else. When you can answer that maybe you will begin to realize what TRUE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE" IS. PEACE OUT...!!!!

    1. Hey james,
      Just wanted to chime in, for anyone interested in reading the aforementioned book. It's called Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien and Mark Philips.
      I just got a copy and can't wait to read it! Thanks james

    2. Thanks steve for the correction. I no longer have the book or a lot of others because of the foreclosure. So i went by memory, but i knew their was a special way it was pronounced. Thank you.

  2. And one other thing judge. I asked you a question before you never answered. If you really are a judge, can i get i bring in a claim , both criminal and civil, for people who have commited fraud through the use of "Barratry" against me, when you know damn well i should have been getting justice through a "Common Law Court". Dont i have the "RIGHT" to choose my "VENUE" or dont I. Do you have the authority to order supenas and warrents of arrest, and the ability to enforce it. Why do i have to play games with these Admiralty courts, when i know i can get Remedy from your court. WHY OR WHY NOT.

  3. And if i win, you can have all the money, because i dont want it. I just want to prove a point to these people that think they were just doing their job, when i told them straight out that if you cant produce an "injured party" , other than the STATE(a fiction) than your the one committing the crime...It was always the "STATE" they said was injuried.

  4. Posted by Paul for Anna Von Reitz:

    Child Abuse Takes Many Forms

    Often the great difficulty of being abused by members of one's own family is that you both love and hate the person responsible. And it doesn't matter what kind of abuse it is.

    My Mother was physically violent. She beat me on a regular basis, and I am sure that she often didn't realize how hard. She had high standards and when for whatever reason they were not met, she'd take it out on me physically. Whippings and beatings two or three times a week with slaps in between were commonplace. She always hid this from my Father, contenting herself with secretive hair-pulling and an pinching when he was around, so that he never knew.

    She was also often verbally abusive. She wouldn't call names or that kind of thing, but she would subject me to withering sarcasm or wait for the most inopportune moment imaginable to embarrass me to the bone.

    She took all this for granted and thought is was normal because she, herself, grew up in an abusive home.

    Finally, one day when I was sixteen, she came at me again with a real haymaker--- and I cold conked her. I put her out cold on the kitchen floor. I thought I had killed her.

    When she woke up a miraculous transformation had taken place. She never hit me again. Never said anything ugly or inappropriate to embarrass me again. You would think, from all that she has done or said ever afterward, that we had always been the best of friends and that no bad blood stood between us.

    In so many ways I owe my Mother debts I can never repay and I am truly grateful for many things. I recognize all the many sacrifices she made and the kindness and generosity she often displayed. I very much admire her sense of justice, her feisty spirit, her wit, and her wisdom---- but somewhere deep inside me remains a hurt child.

    And because of that, I can never unreservedly love and trust and care for my Mother. It's very sad. It is like an insurmountable barrier and no matter how either one of us try to climb over it or wish it away, it remains.

    I think that most of us carry the scars of various kinds of childhood abuse that renders us less able to love and less able to trust and in all the ways that matter, less able to enjoy life. Some damage never can be repaired and that's just the way it is. We pick ourselves up, we force a smile, and we concentrate on other things, other relationships, other horizons.

    Healing my relationship with my Mother hasn't proven possible despite her denial that there was ever a problem and despite my earnest desire to "let it go"---- to somehow forget it ever happened, as she appears to have done--- but there is no such easy out for me.

    She is now 97, in a nursing home. She wonders why neither one of her daughters are close to her, why we don't welcome her into our homes, why we never encouraged close relationships between her and our sons and daughters.
    I wish it were different. I wish I didn't clamp up somewhere inside when I see her or hear her voice. I wish I didn't wince away when she makes some innocent unexpected gesture, like shading her eyes.

    But I do. I still do.

    And try as I might, I can't help that. If the abuser in your life is still alive, and still part of your world, mostly likely, neither can you. I admire those people who say they have "recovered" and I hope it's really true, but in my experience there are things that you can overcome and there are things that you can overlook, but child abuse is not one of them.

  5. Paul;
    Forgiveness is crucial.
    Lord Jesus the Christ says so.
    Forgive her immediately or it will turn into a generational curse and weigh heavy on your soul forever.
    Do not think about it.
    Do not waste time.
    Forgive her immediately.

    Mind Control
    Spiritual Warfare Prayers can defuse any mind control of any kind any time anywhere and render it useless against you. They work well.
    God is the Boss, not the Devil.
    God will re wire all the demonic mind control technology so as to short circuit it so it blows a fuse and does not work on you.
    Everything is simple and straight forward when you let God lead the way and not you.
    It is only pisdible through Lird Hesus the Christ when you repent and accept him as your saviour as he saved you by winning the battle for you on the cross defeatong the devil darkness and death.
    Salvation from God is a gift only through Lord Jesus the Christ.
    There is no other way.

    1. The post is authored by Anna Von Reitz. I am the webmaster, and do post her writings in these comments from time to time. She was talking about her mother here. I was not doing the talking.

  6. The book mentioned by James TRANCEformation of America is a good read.

    "Woman Who Love Too Much" by Robin Norwood is another gold nugget

    That is correct, we are dealing with spiritual forces in high places and UNLESS the full armor of the true God, not the Christian god or Catholic god or any man made religion god is the supporting force you will not prevail.

    You must come out of Babylon, the religions of the world which will be a very humbling experience for all of you as was for me. Paul you and i have been in the same boat as so was i abushed by my half German blue eye mother. Yet the force she commended to raise TEN children is beyond me.

    The difference Paul is that i am free and you are not as are many many of you out there. The one thing to learn is not the experience itself but the lesson of the experience. The lesson of good and evil which without we could not one day be as God is.

    There is not one of you out there that would not have been a HITLER type if you were raised like Hitler was. Hitler like all of us was a beautiful little baby once as were you all, so what happened my friends?

    One day when you all have had enough and are forced to throw your arms to the side and get on your knees in real ernest, you will come to see the beat within each of you and then you will see God's face. You will see how we all need to be rescue from our own selves. When this happens then Americans will be free and so will the entire world.

    In the meantime be blessed and know God is doing his great works even in this forum. Learn what is happening just on this forum alone.


  7. Judge Anna I think i can finally understand you. That letter you wrote could have been written by me. And they only way i surived it is because i had a father that was willing to be both mother and father...i honestly believe he would have taken a bullet for me or my brother. He was just that way. But sadly like you, i still have a hard time forgiving my mother even though she has been dead now since 1997. Most people never realize how delicate and vunerable children really are. But they can also be very resilient if it keeps up, and even if you surpress it, it always lingers in...the "id"(a freudian term for the primative subconscious mind).

  8. There is no question whether SRA is real rather than imagined. Sources are always very important. The MK Ultra work done in Trance Formation of America, is difficult to refute. President Reagan actually had Cathy O'Brien's testimony to Congress, as well as other MK Ultra victim's testimony sealed for reasons of national security. Perhaps to avoid a lynch mob, duly earned. Please watch these 2 clips. 1 from former LA County FBI director Ted Gunderson, (may he rest in peace.) The second from a victim/witness for the Johnny Goesch (sp?,) trial, Johnny was awarded 1 Million dollars, in damages resulting from SRA, at the hands of politicians and other celebrities (may he also rest in peace.) The case is from 1999, referred to as the FRANKLIN COVER UP. Partly engineered by barney frank, of DC check writing fame, and exposing the child trafficking to be world wide, and confirming what Gunderson had to say. These crimes are all being orchestrated by ashkinazi jews (not bloodline) masquerading as REAL Jews, also referred to as the khasarian mafia. I am a professional, Master Hypnotist and clinical hypnotherapist, with first hand knowledge of the damage these parasites have caused. The very same vermin that have usurped our Republic, and attempted to kill 90% of us. I have also added a clip from Fritz Springmeier, noted deprogram-mer.

    ...and of course, Fritz Springmeier:

    Thank you for all of your hard work and commitment to the truth.
    chuck Anderson, CChT

  9. I was born and raised a catholic. My 5 children all born and raised catholics.
    Father Jackson never attacked me but ask my three daughters. No photos, just victims and you call it here say??.
    How about a movie on the subject?

    How about a book on the subject?

    Abel Danger 9-1-2014 torture, rape and murder of JonBenet Ramsey -Xmas Day '96

    The Strange Case of Ted Gunderson | Veterans Today

    An on, an on, an on.

    Thank you for enlightening us.


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