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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Don't Believe All This Stuff and Don't Get Involved In It

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have learned this by dint of hard study and observation.  I have told you all that this entire set-up, the whole political scene, is foreign to America. I have told you that these people have no right to be here, pretending to occupy our offices and pretending to represent us.  

You can look at it as the Carrot versus the Stick.  Or you can look at it as Good Cop versus Bad Cop.  Or you can look at it as HaSatan versus Lucifer. Or you can look at it as the Red Dragon (Satan) versus the Phoenix (Horus). 

Their religion demands duality and cannot live without it.  

That's why you see these constant physical and mental representations of duality in every aspect of your experience. 

And this is why, as their ancient religion is being exposed and dismantled by Unity Consciousness, they are driven to more violently express the polarity of good and evil. 

However you look at it, realize that you are looking at two faces of the same religion--- a religion that depends upon lies and illusions and actors to exist. 

Its chief illusions are money and debt, which empower them to keep their game going.  

No wonder that Hollywood has been a major center of its operations in America and that Hollywood has been used to create many of its most famous illusions.  

No wonder, too, that people loyal to humanity have for many years produced films and books that are warnings and disclosures. 

Think of the Wizard of Oz, written at the time of the 1907 Bankruptcy, disclosing the Federal Reserve scheme.  Think of the Matrix and Kevin Costner's film, Water World, revealing the mind-control and piracy that is rampant right now. 

No wonder, either, that when you look in the public records, you find the evidence of everything I am telling you.  The road that brought us to this impasse is clearly marked, and it is a wide thoroughfare.  

Which leads to perdition. 

The narrow and difficult road of constant awareness and discernment is not easy to follow.  It forces you to choose where you place your attention, just as you must choose where you place your feet on a rocky path.  What you value, what you accept, and what you reject, determines your worthiness to exist.

This mighty challenge forces you to define things and think things through to logical conclusions. It makes you stand apart from the mindless world and yes, it may require you to stand alone. 

It's not easy to leave Babylon.  Think of Abraham, gathering his wives and his flocks and his sons and daughters and his nephew, Lot, and all of them fleeing to the Wilderness to escape the craziness of Ur, a city-state of Babylon.  

In a different way and time, we must mentality and spiritually flee the city-states of Rome and Washington, DC, and the Inner City of London, too, leaving behind the illusions and delusions that are their stock-in-trade. 

We must guard our minds and hearts more fiercely than a dragon guards his hordes of gold.  We must disentangle ourselves from the snares of both sides of Mystery Babylon, which are merely the right hand and the left hand of their self-made god. 

So, set your Shinola Sensors on "High" and prepare for the New Year ahead.  From all sides and all directions, all nations,  colors, kinds, and religions, welcome those on the Narrow Path, and remember the timeless good advice found in the Book of Philippians, Chapter 4, Versus 1-13. Let your minds and hearts dwell on all that is good.     

Don't allow the magicians to distract you or the sorcerers to overcome you with fear of anything at all.  These evils that surround us are the works of men, and by men they can be undone.  


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