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Sunday, December 25, 2022

Beware, the 169,000 Cow Pies

 By Anna Von Reitz

I first became aware of The Reign of the Heavens Society in 2010 because they were infringing on our trademarks and copyrights --- an unfortunate practice of many British Crown corporations over the years.  

I was further prompted to act because they were also infringing on the copyrights and trademarks of Frank O'Collins, a former high-ranking Catholic priest in the hierarchy of the Church of Rome, who created his own government and system of laws, weights and measures, and everything else, called Ucadia.  

They plagiarized Frank's work and "edited" it and adopted it with their own perverse changes included, and because his work was scholarly and well-conceived, they gave themselves the gloss of being "spiritual" and scholarly, when in fact they were just thieves and prevaricators. 

I followed the progress of their organization from a distance for a number of years.  In 2011, they began a bizarre membership drive to recruit 144,000 people to rule over planet Earth in the name of Jesus; they told everyone who would listen that the world was going to end on December 21st, 2012, and anyone who didn't sign up with them by that date, would forever be relegated to a slave-like status, while everyone who signed up prior to that date would be among the elite 144,000.  Come one, come all.... and, to sweeten the pot, you would get a break on your membership fees, too. 

It reminded me of the VegOMatic and their free Cap Snaffler offer.... Buy one, get two free, and for no extra cost, we will send you --- absolutely free!  --- a Cap Snaffler! 

Yeah, right, just sign me up for my free Rods of God.  

The number of those who have bought this Shinola so far has swollen to 169,000 souls-- at least according to Chapman Johnny --  who have "voluntarily" sacrificed their birthright and given it to the King of Great Britain, as the Ruler of Ephraim (one of Joseph's sons and the tribe named after him) --- a Jewish British King.  

Which is even more fanciful than the current situation with a verifiable German sitting--- or not --- on the British Throne. 

Today, I reminded Jack that the 144,000 have to be young men and they all have to be virgins, too.  I asked Jack Chapman, who is still trying to sell TROH to the ignorant without admitting that he is selling TROH, what happened?  Did the Bible get the number wrong?  144,000 just morphed into 169,000?  

Are the 25,000 who signed up after the "Divine deadline" aware of their second-class status?  

Are they aware that TROH is thoroughly discredited?  

That it has infringed on the trademarks of The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States?  Plagiarized Frank O'Collins' lifework?  Advocated gross elitism, sexism, and pro-British sentiments? 
That they think that the British King is from the lineage of Joseph through Ephraim and that's why he has a scepter?  (All Monarchs have scepters.) 
That they have made false claims of ownership against our country and our people based on buying an "original copy" of The Articles of Confederation at a Naval Yard Sale?  And no end of other crazy stuff? 

Nobody who studied and knew the history of TROH would be associated with it, which is why they've had to go underground and change names in order to continue their activities. And that is why Jack Chapman, who goes around calling himself "Satan" and pretending to run an international common law tribunal, doesn't tell people he's been affiliated with TROH almost from its beginning and only dropped out -- on paper -- when I attached his name and estate for slandering me and for lying about the Federation of States while infringing our trademarks.  

That's what I and others mean when we say, "will be held 100% personally and commercially liable" and no doubt, Jack doesn't like being held accountable for his misdeeds and lies; Satan never did, either. 

Anyway, folks, there's now 169,000 souls---at least according to Jack's boasting, who have stepped into the TROH cow pies, and I am willing to bet 144,000 of them aren't virgins and aren't young men, either, but they are still claiming to be the elite Believers--- and Jack and his pals continue to steal the American estates of their initiates and surrender them to the British--er, uh, German, uh, well, according to them, Jewish King?  

Lord, Lord, mercy on us, this Christmas Eve.  

Among all the half-baked claims I have ever heard, and I have heard plenty, is the claim made by TROH to own The United States of America, based on buying a copy of The Articles of Confederation at a Naval Yard auction ---takes both the cake and the muffins.   

Despite Keith Livingway's wildest dreams, the States of America does not magically change into The United States of America in any form.  

The Confederation doing business as the States of America never held any interest in our Federation of States and equally, nothing to do with the British Territorial United States doing business as "the" United States of America, or "the" United States of America, Incorporated, or The United States of America, Incorporated, or the USA, Incorporated, or the USA, Corporation, or, or, or, or..... all the many legal fiction entities that men like Chapman have spawned all over the world as they have attempted to impersonate our country and our Government --- and gain access to our assets and credit. 

These people are national-level credit card hackers. 

I want everyone reading this to soberly understand that these people look like Americans, sound more or less like Americans, speak about patriotic topics like Americans, and even talk about the Bible without actually knowing much about it --- but these are Tories, British Sympathizers--- if you can count sympathy for a German (or Jewish?) Monarchy in Britain as anything British. 

They propose to defraud our entire country by impersonating us. And we propose that they go to jail.  Which is why Jack won't admit who he really works for. 

According to them, anyway, 169,000 Americans have been dim and deluded enough to sacrifice their own birthright estates for a German-Jewish-British Monarchy, and all I can visualize is 169,000 hapless souls with one shoe sunk in up to its shoelaces.  


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