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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The Unity Consciousness

 By Anna Von Reitz

A fundamental schism occurred when individual consciousness was split off from universal consciousness, even though each one of us remains attached to universal consciousness, much as a grape remains attached to the vine, or a leaf to the tree. 

We all experience this reality in many ways, but we are seldom allowed, much less encouraged, to contemplate it.  How can we be separate and apart, and yet, joined together?  How can my mind influence your mind, or yours influence mine, if we are ultimately joined together as one universal consciousness? Even if you never meet me in the flesh and never hear a word I say? 

Are my thoughts in the realm of All-That-Is instantaneously recorded and shared with everyone and everything else that is joined to what the Native Americans call, "The Great Hoop"?  Is it possible to communicate with, for example, a tree or a frog or a stone?  Are all things, in some sense, both alive and dead at the same time?  

These are fundamental questions about the nature of life and reality that as cultures and as scientific investigators, we have yet to address.  Even the fundamental structure of the mind remains crudely delineated as the id, ego, and superego, and it appears that we have only achieved that much self-awareness out of necessity to begin grappling with mental illnesses.  

What if, out of simple ignorance, we are missing the whole beauty and purpose of life? 

The Ancient Hindus knew about invisible energy portals called "chakras" which connect the energy circuits within our bodies to external energy sources millenia before our cameras and extrasensory data collection devices could perceive these "energy body" structures.  They also described the energy field that surrounds each thing, especially each living thing, long before Kirilian photography. 

The idea that we are not just matter, but a great deal of specific, well-ordered energy as well, has just recently been verified by science. It turns out that each one of us on average represents 33 trillion volts of energy. When you consider that a car battery operates at 12 volts, it's time to hitch up your britches. 

Thus, we have a body made out of energy, and mass is a physical  representation of that energy. 

The electricity flowing through and across every cell organelle and membrane and nerve synapse -- in a saltwater environment -- works exactly like any other saltwater battery, except that your electrical system and the mechanisms that keep it charged up are, for the most part, unimaginably smaller and more complex. 

This is how your body can throw out an electrical field between twelve and twenty feet in diameter all the way around you. You are each one, like a gigantic glowing Chinese Lantern, all different colors, but we cannot physically see the spectrum of this "dark light" under normal conditions. 

The color and kind of dark light we produce depends on us individually, and the frequency of energy we are unwittingly broadcasting as a result of our thoughts (which have tremendous energy) and our emotions (which hold even more energy) determines our contribution to creation, good or evil. 

Do we contribute the energy of love or hate? This is a choice that we are unconsciously making every day. As this is largely an unconscious choice, we often feel that we are on a runaway train, not in control of the situation, when in fact we are both the train and the conductor. 

Even worse, we are being manipulated to produce the kind of hate-filled and sad and angry and fearful energy that energy parasites feed upon. 

We are tragically unaware of ourselves: our nature, our structure, and our vast potential is hidden from us.  Even our most basic abilities are unknown to us, and if we do not search for the answers, "ask, seek, knock", they remain hidden. 

We are living, literally, in a prison cell of our own making. Our consciousness is crippled by the questions we fail to ask.  Our world is polluted and miserable because our energy is misdirected and veiled. 

We light the lamp and hide it under a bushel, just as Jesus said, and then we sit in the dark, bemoaning the fact that we have no light. 

Lucky for you and for all who are reading this, there is a door to your prison cell and you control whether it opens or closes. 

You can remember who you are, and not "just" as an American standing tall for peace and freedom, but as a divine creation, in the possession of your full faculties. You don't have to be sick, scared, confused, or weak any more.  

Those of you who have been with me on this journey from the first remember when we unleashed the Great Seal on Bardsey Island, and then turned our attention to dissolving the Great Palatine Seal.  

Since those efforts, mammoth changes have taken place in the world, and those changes have been for the better, even if they are unsettling.   

The evil plans of the parasites have been discovered, and opposed.  

The rotten governments supporting and directing illegal Mercenary Forces under color of law are falling apart.  

Africa has finally had its natural portion of energy restored to it, and begins to awaken and thrive. Now, what else? 

It's time for the entire Earth to awaken and thrive. It will be quite a shock, so I must ask you to prepare yourselves to be fearless and see beyond any temporary discomforts. 

Let us begin. 

First, spend some time facing your worst fears and your worst traumas, including the traumas that so many of us suffered in the prior-life time of the American Civil War.  

If you do not have a specific memory, let the feelings associated with that time rise up, recognize them, and then let them flow away and dissolve into the past.  They are past, let them be past. Let them go. Let all the energy coagulated like blood around those thoughts and emotions connected to the Civil War and the Indian Uprisings go.  

In a similar way, let your soul present the pain and trauma of other places and times, let those spectres rise up, and then pass away.  

Remember the ghettos.  Remember the destruction of your homes, your gardens, your families. Remember the trenches of World War I and the smell of Verdun.  Remember the terror of Rome. 

Go as far back as you can and let all those feelings that come to the surface be recognized, and then, put them in their place, in the past. 

Do this with the history that you know and any time or place which speaks to you: say, "I summon you, Memories, to release you all."  And let the parade begin. 

While this historical review is happening you will also remember trauma from this life that is connected to prior traumas energetically; like a spider-web, all these energy frequencies in your experience are connected, with like frequencies attaching to like frequencies.  

The frequency of sadness felt now connects to all sadness your soul has ever felt. 

Shield yourself from these traumas by letting them fade as you set them aside, in their place, in the past. Imagine a color photo fading to black and white, fading away, lighter and lighter.  Imagine a smooth gentle stream of water flowing through and around you, carrying away all the detritus of sadness and fear and injury and loss.  Just let it go. 

This process may take a couple days or it may take a few weeks, depending on how damaged you are, but as you do this, a great weight will be removed from your soul. Be patient with you and don't try to rush. Just go through what you need to go through to clear the decks. You can always catch up. 

Think of this as deleting 3,348,157 useless and painful "messages" off your computer, leaving your brain capacity unencumbered and your emotional circuits sparkling like brand new. Now, your whole body can function better, too, set free of ancient injuries. 

Isn't that a good way to start the New Year?  Uplifted? Defragged? Light as a feather?  

This beats going on a diet anytime.

Let's spend the entire month of January 2023 on this process.  And when you can draw a breath ---and feel like you really drew a breath for the first time in a long while, you will know you are ready to join me.  

Our target date is February 1st, 2023. If you aren't all spiffy and ready to go by then, you just need to spend more time releasing the Big Uglies. You can always catch up and join us later. 

On that day, as many of us who are able, will begin.  

We will project our inner vision and assume a position high above the Earth, so high that we can look down and see the planet as a whole. We will sense the energy of the ley lines encircling the Earth and, also, sense where there are seals --- that is, dams and blockages --- that are influencing and impeding the natural flow of energy.  

Our will is to remove all the remaining seals.  All of them, large and small. We do this with the knowledge that this will cause a certain amount of upheaval, political, financial, and physical, but also knowing that this must be done, and envisioning the outcome: a new world without parasites and and lies, a world full of brotherly love and self-respect, a world of abundance and beauty and peace.

Imagine the parasites being gathered up like last fall's leaves and taken away -- and then, they are simply gone. Never to return. Feel the lies we've been told being washed away, until only the glorious truth remains.  Feel all injustice being swept away, too, as if it never existed. 

Healers are replacing doctors. Peacekeepers are replacing police. There's no need for politicians anymore, because we all determine how to invest our resources. There are no more corporations, because there is no redeeming social benefit involved in creating corporations. There's no bankruptcy, because there is no debt.  No mortgages, either. Bankers have been replaced by Bank Tellers, who dispense and transfer and receive money for any lawful purpose.

Everywhere you look in this new world, there is beauty and peace. The air and the water are pristine.  The soil teems with life and nutrients.  Our food is plentiful and delicious and we all have all that we need. Each family has their garden and their own piece of heaven, undisturbed by any threat.  Set free to think for ourselves we can finally see that we are part of the Universe, and not an accident.   

It's a beautiful world, and we are its caretakers. We are content with our role and unafraid of our destiny.   


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