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Saturday, December 31, 2022

Ray Epps Confesses Under Oath, to Organizing Jan. 6...

BREAKING: Ray Epps Admits He Orchestrated Jan. 6 In Court Documents


  1. Milley should have resigned. Why would anyone consider him stepping down a threat? Pickles have more value than that worthless piece of $#!*

  2. i:woman believe true that:
    in their FICTION-EL CystStem wrong-doing to another man is called Crime and Crime is Fiction-el and is ac-counted As If it was a Debt. that is why they "Charge" the Strawman with Crimes... example for "its Debt to Society".
    its All Fiction: man-made; none of it is found anywhere in nature, so its FICTION.

    2. Debt Fictions cannot actually be *paid* because they dont exist except in their FICTION-EL CystStem, so all that can be done to get rid of a Crime/Debt Fiction is to Dis-Charge the Charge. (but they have been NOT discharging the Fake, man-made Debts they make up against us and have used this CystStem to rob and otherwise harm us.)

    3. i believe its more likely than not that all of these "Confessions" and "WhistleBlowers" who have said nothing before are nothing more than wrongdoers who are bringing their "DebtsFictions" into their own Society's Fiction-el Court CystStem for the purpose of having their Debts Dis-Charged.

    They think they're free now of the harms theyve done to other men, women, sons, daughters and the earth but theyre not.
    they are all responsible in common law, under authority of the laws of nature and nature's creator for harm to man on each and every land they cause harm to man on.
    NONE of that is Dis-Charged, nor can it be. none of the Privileges and Immunities they Operated under in their man-made Fiction-el CystStem applies in common law.
    God's law.


    1. and further, its sheer stupidity on their part if they start trying to tell the American people that "Your Debts are Forgiven".
      what Debts? we dont have Debts. They do. Those are Credits for us, and PrePaid, right??

      first it looks like they stole our gifts from God, under violence.
      then secretively "converted" the gifts into the "Contents" of a "Trust" they made up, as Pre-Paid "Credit", that they control our access to.
      second, theyve been using those gifts for their own benefit.
      and third, in order to access the gifts they stole from us, we have to create what They call a Debt/Debit.
      now it looks like they may try to hide what theyve done to us and pass that off as Them "Forgiving our Debts"???... when all we were doing is accessing what they stole from us and are unlawfully controlling.

    2. here's a secret:
      when we know what they are doing, they have to change it.

    3. why?
      because they can only operate in the dark. thats their sphere. theyre not authorized to operate in the light.
      light belongs to God, hes the one who said "light be".