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Friday, May 5, 2023

Understanding How Babylon Works

 By Anna Von Reitz

Go back to the Garden of Eden story, where it all started and where it is so eloquently explained.  

What does the Snake do?  

(1) He casts doubt on God and God's motives.  He bends Eve's ear, telling her that God is "holding out" on her and Adam, that God doesn't want them to eat the fruit and become a god like him. God's in it for himself.  He has a hidden motive for telling her not to eat that fruit. 

(2) Satan uses this doubt to separate Eve from God. She starts thinking in terms of her own selfish advantage. Self-concern creates separation; because suddenly, she focuses on herself as a separate being and starts thinking--- "What's good for Number One?" -- with herself cast in the role of "Number One".  God is no longer Number One, she is. And so, she separates herself from God, just like Satan does.   

(3) He also tells her, in effect, that God lied to her.  He tells her she can eat the fruit and she won't die.  This is only half true because, of course, she will die eventually.  He omits that part and leaves her to think that God is a liar who can't be trusted. 

(4) When she falls for it, and tells her husband all this, he also falls for it. They both eat the fruit.  Why? Because Adam doesn't want to be left out or apart from his wife -- he has social acceptance concerns.  The herd instinct kicks in. 

So, what are the hallmarks of Satan and his tools from Day One?

Lies, Doubts, Deceits, Half-truths, Omissions, Separation, Self-Interest, Social Acceptance Concerns and Gossip. 

These are still his weapons and we see their effects every day in every corner of our world.  We still see this same progression in action in our own lives and throughout the world.  

Someone says something about our husband being gone a lot.  Someone else says something about you and your husband and your best friend being such a "threesome". Pretty soon, you are resenting your friend for being around all the time, and checking your watch and asking your husband where he's been.  

Soon, your best friend stops coming around and chatting because she can sense your resentment, even if she doesn't understand the sudden change.  Soon, your husband bridles up because of your distrusting and controlling behavior.  They don't know what's going on with you. They meet downtown at a restaurant to discuss the situation over lunch.  

You can see how this happens and how it destroys relationships--- and not just romantic relationships.  It destroys all relationships and leaves you isolated, uncertain, unloved, and alone.  Just like Eve in the Garden. 

Now Old Scratch has the Mainstream Media doing his job for him,  neglecting to pass on the news that is of value (omission) and twisting and slanting the news (lies, deceits, half-truths) which causes us to be fearful (self-interest, separation, social acceptance concerns) and once we are hooked and believe in the lies, then we tell everyone else (gossip).  

And so, evil spreads. 

It's bad enough when this happens to individuals, but it happens to whole nations, too. 

This is how America gets blamed for "Public Policies" that originate in Rome.  

This is how Russia gets blamed for actions taken by NATO. 

There's one other major part of Satan's kit bag: ignorance, but that's not so much something he does directly.  It's more like a groundwork he depends upon. 

Eve doesn't know much of anything about these two fruits she's not supposed to eat beyond their tree names: the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. 

Nobody called it the Tree of Death, did they?  

Was this another omission, designed to obscure the facts and leave the unwary ignorant and vulnerable?  

Or is it possible that it isn't the knowledge that kills us, but rather what we do or fail to do with the knowledge?  That is, lack of true discernment and right action is what kills us, rather than the knowledge itself?  

We all know the corrosive effects of a guilty conscience and of the vain regrets  that haunt us with thoughts like ---- "I should have done...." or "I should have said..."

It is self-evidently part of the discipline of Satanism, the so-called "Left-hand Path", to kill your conscience and your compassion and the many regrets that all sane and decent people have. 

Satan's followers, who happen to be some of the wealthiest and longest-lived people on the planet, have ceremonies in which they "kill dull care" often personified as a young virgin or small child or baby--- by casting them into a fiery furnace, alive.  Or simply killing them and drinking their blood as an elixir to prolong their own nasty lives. 

Where have you heard about that practice before?  Throwing people into a fiery furnace was a favorite means of capital punishment among the Kings of Babylon.  Much more recently, queens in Eastern Europe took baths in virgin's blood to stave off wrinkles. 

In this way, by willfully immersing themselves in the worst kinds of sin imaginable, they become immune to such things as caring about others or having regrets.  

Their goal is to lie, cheat, steal, murder, deceive, rape, plunder or whatever else comes their way, and feel no regret, no compassion, no "caring" about their victims.  

They strive to feel nothing at all about anyone else or anyone else's suffering.  They keep all their focus and attention on themselves and whatever is good for them, exclusively.  

In other words, they train themselves to be psychopaths, still functioning mentally, but with a totally disconnected heart.  And these nutcases walk among us, seeming to be just as normal as you or I on the surface. 

They tell jokes.  They carry on intelligent, erudite conversations,  They can be very witty and charming and are often attractive; after all, they have nothing to do but lavish money on themselves, and lavish time and attention on their appearances. 

No wonder that these completely self-absorbed people tend to be quite solitary and anti-social, but that, too, can be covered up and serve to make them seem mysterious and elite and desirable.  

At their religious ceremonies and training sessions they do unspeakably evil things on a group basis, challenging each other to greater and greater heights of uncaring and "sealing" each other into the cult via a mutual blackmail.  

The "Burning of Dull Care" at the Bohemian Club each summer is small stuff, a merely symbolic business of throwing an effigy into a fire pit shaped like a giant owl --- that's just a token nod to the things that actually go on, like hunting children in a deer park. 

No wonder, either, that they focus so much on Mammon --- money and filthy lucre, stained with the blood and suffering of others.  

Money, as it currently exists, is the natural complement to their practices.  It gives them the kind of self-gratification they seek, and the destructive power over others that keeps them safe. 

We know where the "left-hand path" leads, both for individuals and nations--- they become insane and self-destruct.  

Their lies become their reality, but they are still lies, after all.  

Not only do Advanced Satanists lose all sense of right and wrong, they eventually forget what's true and not true. Some of them become very convincing liars, because they believe their own lies. 

No need to wonder what happens when Satanists take over top positions in our religious institutions and governments and start to play Crack-the-Whip.  You can observe the consequences right now. 

Things fall apart because the leadership is disconnected from reality, and because the leadership is unable to care about anything beyond their own narrowly-defined self-interest. 

Babylon always self-destructs.


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  1. Let's hope that it self-destructs sooner than later! This evil must leave us and take those who are believers with it!

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  2. Unfortunately, Satanists have also infiltrated our Assemblies and occupy positions that are causing destruction due to their self-interests. They purposely mislead others and cause division with a focus on the defacto courts and learning its law.

    Those who are fed-up with it, don't have the resources to fight back, so leave and wait on the side-lines for them to self-destruct -- but, then someone else just takes their place, and nothing changes and the wait continues.

    I fear the day those kind of people do get their own courts, because they will become full-blown tyrants, with all the credentials in place to effectively misrepresent our dejure government with impunity.

    1. Then you didn’t do your job. If there are evil, selfish tyrants in the assembly, get rid of them. Don’t complain , just do it. It’s your dam assembly.
      Always call evil evil to its face. Man up dammit.

    2. Anonymous @5:59PM
      Right on !

  3. Where are the "checks and balances" in the Assemblies?

  4. Evil banana self-destruct.

    1. Return to sender!

    2. Can only return to Originator:
      annagrambanana Originated.
      Returns to Banana.

  5. Anna is correct.
    But as my Dad said when he taught me how to bloot a stear, when I am 8, " There's a solution to every problem and it's up to you to figure it out". His ancestors lite two lanterns on top Old North Church for Paul Revere.
    They came by sea again.
    Thanks to Anna and team, all the research, we have that bull by the horns.
    Peg, Margaret Pullen

  6. well, let's just help them along by fearlessly continuing to stand for what's true.

  7. I like Anna, but she needs to stick with what she knows is fact and stay away from giving her 2 cents about scripture because once again she’s dead wrong about many things she stated here.
    According to Anna Yahushua/Hebrew name, Yeshua/Aramaic name said we only have to obey 2 Commandments, apparently she has forgotten or never read where scripture says to not add or take away from the Word and she did just that by claiming this nonsense about only 2 Commandments.
    Yahushua stated “IF you love me you’ll obey my Commandments” “Until Heaven & earth pass away, not 1 jot or tittle of the law will pass away” has Anna looked outside because heaven & earth haven’t passed away. Yah said “I Am the same yesterday, today & forever” yet Anna & millions of others think He changed His mind and now we only obey 2 Commandments per Anna or 10 per millions of others, many who worship their Trump-god & violate the First Commandment!
    Maybe Anna would like to explain to all why the Israelites followed all the Commandments and that Yahushuas followers who make it out of this life into eternity will be following ALL the Torah Commandments in the 1000 year reign of Yahushua…. But, but He did away with all but 2 Commandments right Anna? If He did do away with them He would’ve sinned and we all know He was without sin, Anna.

    Please Anna, stick with your mission and leave scripture to people who study the word, keep your own false interpretations to yourself instead of writing them out for all to see and causing your brothers & sisters to fall or stumble because you do Not want to be judged by adding or taking away from His Word.

    PS Adam had zero thoughts or feelings like you described here, you want to know why? Because evil had not come into the garden yet, Adam had zero knowledge of the BS you put on him here. Ask yourself why Cain killed Abel, they had the same Mom, not the same dad. Read the birthing process of both boys, Adam is mentioned conceiving Abel, not Cain and why did Yah not accept Cains offering? Because Cain was not created like Abel was, Cain was a half breed.

  8. Social acceptance concerns lol,

  9. If "The Apple" was sex with the Serpent, Eve gave it to Adam and he did eat too so are you saying Adam had sex with the Snake too?
    That's not in Scripture.
    Jesus said there are only 2 Commandments, he fulfilled the rest.

    1. No, Yahushua did Not do away with all the other Commandments, that’s a lie from the pit of hell.
      Yahushua said “I did Not come to abolish the law but to fulfill” what did He fulfill? What the first testament prophets all spoke of. What part of this do you & Anna don’t get? What part of “until Heaven & earth pass away not 1 jot or tittle of the law shall pass away”? What part of “IF you love me you’ll obey my Commandments” do you & Anna don’t get?

      I believe James said to “don’t be just hearers of the Word but doers of the Word” now ask yourself what WORD was he talking about because the second testament wasn’t written yet?! He was talking about the Torah Commandments, you know the Commandments Yah, our Creator wrote with His finger and told Moshe what to write down.

      You delusional Qristians crack me up, you’ll completely ignore the very words of Yahushua because you’ll be dammed to admit you’re wrong and so are all the Government run churches, pastors, priests & the rest of the pedophile clergy who think Yah had rules for only the Israelites even tho He clearly states it also includes those who are Grafted In and He said it’s for generations to come.

      Telling people Yah changed His mind, (that’s exactly what you & Anna are spewing) is not only adding to the Word but you’re saying Yahushua fulfilled the rest when He clearly states He Did Not Come To Abolish The Laws and what dictionary are you using that says fulfill and abolish mean the same thing?? Maybe you should look up words before using them?

      Lastly, answer me this oh wise biblical scholar LOL 😹😹😹 why are His people following the Torah commandments when He returns as King in the 1000 year reign? If people listen to you & Anna they’ll think both Yah & Yahushua are scatter brains who can’t make up their minds, you are doing so much damage by repeating the Qristian lies. Apparently you & Anna have forgotten all what Yahushua taught & spoke and have decided that He was just kidding when He said “Watch out for the scribes, Pharisees, scholars, translators etc who have removed, changed, hidden His Word”.

    2. Lucifer disguised as a serpent deceived Eve, mixing some truth with deception, a favorite tactic seen everywhere today in the world he controls. . Eve desired to know good from evil like the gods, ie godly or godlike beings, those who know and follow the God. She had some knowledge or sense that knowledge is desirable to progress from the world of conflicts and free agency. Without natural challenges and conflict in the world of a fallen nature she understood that world would bring her one step forward out of innocence and into growing knowledge and eventual empowerment by learning the lessons of the natural or telestial world, a world darkened as compared to the fullness of light of the celestial beings visiting Adam and when out of the perfect garden. She acted in faith in taking the fruit realizing progress requires conflict and testing and discipline to follow truth in order to progress.

      Adam when told of Eve’s transgression
      by her admission to him realized that without her he could not multiply and replenish the earth and keep Gods commandment without Eve and without progeny, so he knowingly partook also., acting in his desire to remain faithful obedient to Gods commandment.

      Their banishment meant they were severed from Gods presence, but angels were sent to continue to minister to Adam and Eve in the dark and dreary world, and they both continued to endure the worlds harsh lessons in Faith and obedience to the commandments sent them by God through ministering angels. Thus they fulfilled their mortal missions victorious over Satan. They taught their children to follow Gods laws, and they both now stand as glorified beings at the head of the creation’s first man and woman, co creators with God. They have become like gods.

    3. The foregoing comment is by Joel