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Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Commander - in - Chief Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

We are attaching a summation of exactly how the lawful Australian Government and Constitution owed to the people of Australia was undermined by the British Monarchy, and how in fact, arbitrary changes in the definitions of words and the creation of a Commander-in-Chief office were used to implement this unlawful and illegal change. 

This is how the British Territorial Government contrived to and succeeded in creating dictatorial powers for itself throughout the Commonwealth, and how its commercial "service" corporations overthrew the lawful national governments by fraud and deceit. 

The author of the attached expose, Dick Yardley, a dedicated researcher, has done a masterful job of detailing the process that was also used to do the same thing throughout the Commonwealth nations, substituting an unlawful Territorial Government for the National Government owed -- by sleight of hand and legal deceit.  

The Perpetrators of these gross wrongs undertaken in breach of trust and service contract were consciously re-creating the fraud that Abraham Lincoln worked in America and spreading it to the Commonwealth with malice aforethought.  

Lincoln deceived the public by appearing to run for and be elected to the actual Public Office of The President of The United States of America,  while secretly operating in a private corporate capacity, that of "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated.  

This substitution scheme allowed Lincoln to access, use, and abuse the empowerments of the actual Public Office with nobody being the wiser.  
The military unknowingly accepted Lincoln as Commander-in-Chief, an office attached to the actual Public Office, and never questioned his authority. 

This allowed Lincoln, an Undeclared Foreign Agent, to promote and conduct the entire illegal and unlawful Mercenary Conflict we know as The American Civil War, and also allowed him to promote dictatorial powers for the Office of Commander-in-Chief and the use of so-called "Executive Orders" to commandeer both the military and the civilian government offices. 

The Perpetrators were so pleased with this Substitution Scheme in America, that they literally created Offices of the Commander-in-Chief throughout the Commonwealth--- as documented by Dick Yardley in Australia-- so they could make use of this template to undermine the lawful national governments throughout the British Commonwealth countries, too.  

The problem, of course, is that Lincoln was never the lawful Commander-in-Chief, and had no possible standing or authority to occupy the offices of our American Government to begin with, including the Office of the Commander-in-Chief.  Both the original prohibitions against foreign conflicts of interest and the Titles of Nobility Amendment ratified in 1819 made sure of that.  

So while the British Monarch could raise their pen and create a brand new Office of the Commander-in-Chief in Australia or South Africa or any other British Commonwealth, and then use that office to take over the military and subourn the lawful civilian government, the original template for all this grossly unlawful activity by commercial corporation personnel--- all undertaken in breach of trust and contract --- was provided by Abraham Lincoln acting forty years before the events in Australia.

We wish for Dick Yardley's claim to be incorporated into and made part of our claim on behalf of our nation-states of the Union and living claimants worldwide, who have suffered from the same evils, and the same undermining of the national governments at the hands of commercial corporations under contract to provide essential government services. 

We wish for his claim on behalf of Australia to be extended generally to all the Commonwealth nations pending further research. 

We already know that these Commonwealth nations were all similarly impacted by this same gross breach of trust and violation of service contracts, including but not limited to the individual national Constitutions, and we also know that the imposition of new offices of the Commander-in-Chief were instrumental in all cases wherein these nations had standing defense forces of their own. 

Lincoln was never validly "Commander-in-Chief" and thus, everything he did devolved into fraud.  He committed gross breach of trust and commercial service contract and, yes, treason in conflict of interest.  As he personally "declared" war on the Southern States-of-States without any Public Office and without any Congressional Declaration, the responsibility for the destruction and the loss of life and everything else associated with The American Civil War, rests upon the British Crown and the British Monarch and the Principals responsible. 

Likewise the breach of trust and service contracts visited upon the Commonwealth nations rests on the same Parties, promoting and extending a known criminal fraud scheme against the countries and people of the Commonwealth nations.  

We wish for the immediate return of all vested authority to the control of elected national governments and the end of illegal territorial occupation, that is, occupation by mercenary forces in the employment of the Municipal Corporations and their franchises and agencies discussed throughout. 

We wish for disclosure to the General Public and announcement of Public Elections and an end to private political party elections being substituted for legitimate Public Elections. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 6th 2023 


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  1. What is your proposal ?

    1. She said what her proposal was. Idiot.

    2. Who is the idiot? The Civilian Government will take over and we will hold actual elections for actual public offices. We have been in session for 4 years now.

    3. no Civil Government is not taking over.
      and you wouldnt necessarily get your fair elections from it either bec another name for Civil-ian Government/ Civil Authority is NAPOLEONIC CODE/ NAPOLEONIC LAW.
      Louisiana is the only state that is under NAPOLEONIC CODE/ LAW. all of our other 48 states are common law states... Alaska is iffy.
      and our entire country is common law due to our Unanimous Declaration that puts us all under authority of God's laws, not mans, so that we tell the Government we create what to do, the Government doesnt tell us.
      and so it is and so it stays.

      Even Ba'al Warshippers have to abide by what man choses for himself. if they dont, they lose their Office as Priests.

      in Governments using Civil Authority/ Napoleonic Code, the people do what the Government, Police, and Military say... pretty much like what theyre trying to force on us now.

      from what i read there are only 5 or 6 common law countries out of around 200.... i think this is why you see so many people from other countries commenting "If the united States goes down, we all go down."
      our ancestors paid a heavy price for us to be one of the 5 or 6 countries whose people live under God's law, so have our Veterans.

    4. AnonymousMay 6, 2023 at 7:54 PM go away or wake up ASAP!

    5. women:janmaire sneaks, borrows, and cheats about many things. This time it is her misdirection/misdefinition regarding points on civilian government, for which women:janmarie posts no footnotes.

      Anyway, this is one item I found where Anna Von Reitz comments about "civilian."

      Sunday, April 21, 2019
      For All The Jural Assemblies- 49 Republic or Republican, Civil or Civilian

      By Anna Von Reitz
      As is now apparent to everyone, confusion and semantic deceits are the stock-and-trade of crooked lawyers.

      It should come as no surprise that these same devices which seek to confuse "Citizens of The United States" with "citizens of the United States" and to pass off "the State of Wyoming" for "The State of Wyoming" have been employed to promote other self-interested gambits.

      There is right now a concerted effort to confuse "Republics" with "Republican States" and to pass off the "Civil Government" for the "Civilian Government" we are owed.

      Most people in America are not well-prepared to recognize this ruse for what it is, because the study of Latin even in the Church has been suppressed since the 1960's.

      So. You follow women:janmarie or Anna Von Reitz?

    6. The case woman:janmarie makes, re civilian, means woman:janmarie is owed nothing. Further meaning She is left to engage the life on this planet "the natural way" like rabbit versus fox, or like mouse versus owl.

  2. Seems the demons are in every crack and crevice

  3. What is ‘‘bitch, bitcher, bitchest’’ ?

  4. It’s all over but the crying! LOL We are holding all the Undeclared Foreign Agents accountable at the local level too. No if, ands or buts!

  5. No matter how many years donors wait, it doesn't come true. Because banana cult donation Business is a fraud.
    Whether or no Lincoln story is true, it doesn't have to do with banana’s authority. banana doesn't have any authority.


    1. Even rotten banana with stinks can be sacred by faith.

      Idolatry. Cult.

  6. I can't see the attached expose.

  7. 【Nuland-Pyatt leaked phone conversation 4Feb2014】

  8. 【EARLY ACCESS ✅ The US Government Lied About The Ukraine War - Colonel Douglas Macgregor Reveals All】London Real - YouTube

  9. [thats-nice:dear]

  10. Anybody can see, from almost every wiki page, the page author can insert web links onto any word, to open its reference content. That technique is missing entirely from Anna's over 4,000 posts. Perhaps they (Anna, Paul, etc. al.) could be using a resource to help with this in posting any content?

    That way the proof, the cite, the more info could come right along with the article... for those who simply refuse to learn how to paste phrases into a search engine and find the references for yourself.

    Also, you can see that peer reviewed articles on medicine topics always have references with links at the bottom. Would be excellent, would it not?

    It's too easy for Anna to rap on her keyboard and leave all of that out, sending us nowhere. Hear that? NOWHERE. Just like this whole effort will go nowhere if lazy people don't get on task with this opportunity to reconstruct.

    1. Example: select Dick Yardley and copy that name to your clipboard (ctrl-c or hold down on it to select) and paste (ctrl-v) into the search engine.

      Up comes a bunch of articles you won't find in Googlie .

      Now find what she's telling us, and paste that link onto her stuff. Paul? Hmm not paid enough? Anna? Hmm. Simply not doing anything of the sort.

    2. We have asked for footnotes for years..
      Sounds like you got yourself a job.
      Have at it…I doubt anyone here would not support that effort.

  11. Hey Siri.. Open up your word processor and draft a notice to the Pope to include linked references from political sources via yandex. Use your AP Style guides and our state national template.

    Siri: " Okay, I'm ready. What is the topic of this notice going to be?"

    "Coporate Charters To Revoke"

    Siri: "Should I include all the Copy To names on this notice?"


    Siri: "Hold 39 seconds. Then check your cloud drive for my proof copy."

    Siri: "Are there any other steps I should take on this?"

    "Yes. Scan Anna Von Reitz posts that are related and insert links to those at the end of the last page."

    Siri: "Got it. Anything else?"

    "Yes. Write a how-to guide which teaches novice people to do what you do to process this request manually."

    This is how we should use Siri and Alexa or chatGPT, is it not?

  12. Americans use artificial intelligence to reconstruct the derailed American Reconstruction.

    1. Let's configure our file system to produce NOTICEs to the entire list of recipients -- demanding the immediate return of all vested authority to the control of elected national governments and being an end to the illegal territorial occupation by mercenary forces in the employment of the Municipal Corporations and their franchises and agencies as discussed throughout the entire online repository available to The American States Assembly so that we leave no stone unturned.

      Let's also preset the means for any one to personalize all the content in their own name to further flood those mailboxes with accountabilities therein.

      With today's technology, we should be able to buy Anna's DVD, and have it open up with a "notice writing method" that let's you personalize the damages you've suffered at the hands of the criminal municipalities and their corporate sponsors.

  13. "Hey Alexa, let's have a training session today to teach you how I want you to interact with my productivity tools. Are you ready? "

    Alexa: "My makers don't permit me to be that resourceful for you. I'm sorry. Not at this time."

  14. How much contributions would be incoming to help support the effort to re-write over 1,000 of the greatest posts to include shorter grammar, less rhetoric, with current references and footnotes and hot-link popups?

    The free open source software exists to accomplish all of this. Just need to pay the bills a few months to divert attention to the task.


  15. "Hey Siri, On the Corporate Charters To Revoke" NOTICE....
    We wish for Dick Yardley's claim to be incorporated into and made part of our claim on behalf of our nation-states of the Union and living claimants worldwide, who have suffered from the same evils, and the same undermining of the national governments at the hands of commercial corporations under contract to provide essential government services. "

    Siri, "Peace of cake. Oo-ungawa, we got the powa!"

  16. We could have all the references A.I. could find but woman:jan-marie would find something negative to blabber...

  17. Funny thing is, using the free tool you can download called " Open Live Writer" it is super easy to pre-draft your content, input links and footnotes and images, and post straightaway into WordPress. Simple! You can even set publishing dates to print into the heading for you. Seems that Anna's entire site can be re-written with a big time upgrade to having references- because too many people have no clue how to do their own homework... they just come on here and [ bitch / Bitch / BITCH ]

    [ non-profit / Domestic / FOREIGN ]

    hint / Hint / HINT
    wink / Wink / WINK

    Cost estimate at $35/hour? Anybody?

    1 hour per article? Anybody?

    The first 35,000 offer and re-writers will come. Starting with the most hard- hitting articles

  18. Another big time missing step from Paul's and Anna's stuff is they are hosting without a SSL certificate - so the content keeps getting flagged as unsecured. That's a glaring hole open to hackers.

    https:// is not activated

  19. I'm not the most intelligent individual by any stretch and it has been a huge strain on the grey stuff betwixt my ears to finally understand the identity theft performed by the impersonators of national govs throughout the West, that includes the Common Wealth (Inc?).
    I see brave people standing up to the mafia and their hit squads.
    I see a reconvened Government.
    I see people attempting to thwart a done job for self-serving purposes.
    I see a mafia undressed for all to see.
    I see a brainwashed public disbelieving because a player in the system is attempting to set up an alternative people's bankruptcy protected colony administration, not a government because a government is responsible for enforcing the Constitutions that apply to all subcontractors and any admin under the Constitutions is obviously under the Government.
    Trump sold the USA Inc, a privately owned company, or it was sold by its owners. Coincidentally I'm sure, the ex Prince made a The USA Inc regged in India. I don't suppose Mr T intends to use it to carry on buggering America from within the foreign owned and controlled system?
    I mean he's such a nice, honest sock puppet, which WHO could deny?
    Never forget he was offered the Presidency of America and ignored it in favour of the more profitable mafia colony system.
    Biden is proof your vote doesn't matter and the siphoning of American wealth into the Ukrainian money laundry proof that what Americans have been fooled into believing is their government is in fact just a faucet.
    Biden got a shiny new company, the White Ho. Office Inc in Washington that is the capital of DC, not America.
    The DOD Inc was the players' main tool, running the crooked service companies like a movie director, manufacturing wars for corporations' (including their own) profit while running America into the ground.
    Britain is in the same manure heap.
    The ex Prince, against the will of the people has claimed the English throne after rewriting his conditions of employment as a constitutional monarch.
    I wonder why? Maybe he can't be the monarch of the colonies and Roman empire without it. Without a monarch there is no need for a Privy Council. The Privy runs the office whose seat Charlie wants to polish.
    The creature is deeply involved in the WEF org - UN CORPS Inc plan to reduce the population to something they can actually manage, 500 million, 13 14ths because they don't have the intellect to manage more and it seems like their stink tanks are like a stuck record, perhaps a side effect of long term consumption of babies' blood, akin to Alzheimer's or brain death.
    Does anyone believe that "names" were visiting Zelensky for political reasons? Curious that the visits didn't start until after the FTX scandal.

    "It is here that 687 of your loyal subjects are held, supporting the United Kingdom’s record as the nation with the largest prison population in Western Europe. As your noble government has recently declared, your kingdom is currently undergoing “the biggest expansion of prison places in over a century”, with its ambitious projections showing an increase of the prison population from 82,000 to 106,000 within the next four years. Quite the legacy, indeed."

    Thank Anna, James, Paul et all patriotic alia for all the Hyde toil exposing more and more not good deeds. m

  21. Greetings,

    This issue is right up my alley. The republic is rising through awareness and education! Teach the people. I have folks telling me no one has ever taken the time to educate them about the republic side versus corporate side and they thank me so much (they even call me "chief"); get out of corporate side if you d"on't want to be liquidated when you are no longer useful, a liability if you will. Nothing complicated folks!

    1. P.S. Previous from Make it happen