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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Mandates in Democracies, Refusals of Commercial Contract Offers

By Anna Von Reitz

These incorporated entities posing as the Canadian Government and the United States Government both loudly proclaim themselves to be "democracies".

Democracies require a 51% majority mandate of eligible voters to do anything, otherwise it is not majority rule and they cannot presume consent.

Since when have they ever had a real mandate to do anything? 

Instead, they have functioned by a process of contractual acquiescence. They hold an election, ten percent of the eligible voters turn out, and we've been allowing them to contract with us based on "assumed contract by acquiescence". 

What needs to happen is that we need to stop agreeing with all this nonsense by our silence and non-participation in it.

Beginning a few years ago, we have periodically published our polite refusals of service from Jacob Rothschild, Bank of France, FRANCE, Bank of England, etc. and others seeking to secure an implied "Successor Contract" to provide us with "essential government services". 

Instead, we've insisted on a 30-day month-by-month quid pro quo and refused to contract otherwise.

Once the actual States assemble and convene a Continental Congress a great backlog of work can be addressed.  Front and center issues will be enrolling the Western States as actual states in the Union, inclusion of women and minorities in the government, and then, since we are no longer under any obligation to England or France or the United Nations thanks to their own incompetence, we are finally free to direct our own course and conduct all our own business without the insecurity and nuisance of delegating away any of our natural empowerment to dishonest Third Parties.

People must think of government in terms of business.  We are paying for and contracting to receive services, just as you might contract with a property management company to haul your trash and mow your lawn.  Do you sign the paperwork and walk away and never check back to make sure that the job is getting done and done the way you want it done? 

Granted, we've been "away" for a long time, through no fault of our own, but now that we are back home on the land and soil of our nativity, we find that our servants have been whooping it up, stealing our assets and hypothecating debt against our assets like drunken sailors.  Not only that, but they've gone bankrupt and allowed our assets to be endangered and exposed to their secondary creditors. 

How would it be if you came home from a lengthy vacation in Thailand and found out all this had gone on in your absence?

That's the situation we are all in right now.

And it needs to be addressed with criminal complaints and commercial claims and demands for good faith service going forward and far more savvy and responsible means of conducting our public business affairs.

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