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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Kingdom of the Dead

By Anna Von Reitz

My recent article about the Queen occupying The Chair of the Estates really hit a nerve, and apparently most people in the English-speaking world were totally unaware that the Queen has been occupying a different office other than the one required by The Coronation Oath all these years----though that has to be apparent in retrospect, with or without John Anthony Hill.   

I have examined the evidence, too, and it is incontrovertible.

The Queen took the Oath and three days later broke it, on the record. This had the effect of "killing" her role and rule as Christian Monarch and ended her obligation to fulfill the Public Law and her vows made in apparent Bad Faith to the people of the United Kingdom.

Instead of operating in the capacity of Elizabeth the Second, she has been operating in the "dead" corporate capacity of ELIZABETH II.  Her Consort, Prince Philip has similarly been operating in a dead corporate capacity for sixty years.

Her chosen Office since then has involved creating bogus claims of abandonment against the land jurisdiction owed to the States and People of the actual United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere, while her husband's role has been to profit from the creation of equally bogus Cestui Que Vie estate trusts, Public Transmitting Utilities, Wards of the State, and similar "derivatives" that yield among other benefits profit from insurance and bottomry bond scams such as "Life Force Value Annuities" that are in fact owed to us and to our ancestors.  

Every office and entity is dead or presumed to be dead in this entire matrix of falsehoods and illusions.  This is very convenient for the criminals involved in profiteering from this, as the dead cannot defend themselves, cannot be heard in court and cannot bring any claim or complaint against the perpetrators of these vile schemes. 

Also, in the case of "dead" corporations and all legal fictions, such as public and private corporate offices, there is no law against any of the most terrible offenses we conceive of.  You can murder a corporation and drink its blood, you can rape and strangle a corporation, you can draw and quarter a corporation, you can steal from a corporation and trespass upon it with impunity.  You can enslave a corporation and require it to perform in any way you wish. 

This, of course, gives the criminals motive to do what they have done to mischaracterize and impersonate and enfranchise billions of people, rendering them all subjects and legal fiction entities in their Kingdom of the Dead---all as an excuse to also pretend that we are not flesh and blood and are not the natural owners of our Trade Names and are in fact dead legal fiction entities subject to  criminal abuse and mistreatment at the hands of their henchmen and Priests of the Dead operating the Bar Associations. 

Time to break the spell, and become not only alive, but truly aware of the entrenched evil infesting high places. 

This evil has been ensconced in the Holy See and in Westminster and in Buckingham Palace where it has silently grown like a cancer for generations, in all the royal houses of Europe it has threaded its web, and those who would not succumb to it -- like Czar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm II and Prince Frederick and Princess Diana, they have murdered and warred upon. 

This is, in the end, a spiritual war, which must be won in the spirit and in the flesh. Only by steadfastly honoring the Truth and honoring each other can we win.  Only by establishing our eternal wisdom, strength, resolve, and determination to have, be, and do what is right, can we overcome. We must reach very deep in our souls and accept the burden of knowing how banal evil is, how mundane its methods, how insidious its creep. And we must oppose it with all our will and all our wit and all our vigilance.  

Who could imagine on June 5, 1953 that the radiant young Queen, crowned only three days before, would declaim her true crown and birthright?

Was she perhaps as clueless and misled and misinformed as everyone else? 

If these outrages should stand, and the Throne of the United Kingdom be thus dishonored and cast aside---what can it mean for her Successors? 

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  1. Our leader is DONALD J. TRUMP, the World's Greatest Negotiator.
    His story is great. History repeats without ratified treaties.

  2. Christian Monarch? Lizzie has NEVER been christian, is not now christian, and never will be christian. Christians dont deceive, pilfer, devise evil schemes, murder people at will. She and philip
    both burned their bridges to redemption long ago. This is not my hope nor just to see myself in print, but it is Truth.

    All that they have is ill-begotten. For those 3 generations which follow, they must be informed, and understand that if they accept such inheritance, they are as guilty as their dear ole grandma and pa. This would include the ''recent extremely liberal newlyweds'.

    For true Justice to be done at the Palace, they must be sued and have their entire fortunes removed from them, and the imaginary fake 'monarchy' dismantled. There is no ''royalty' there; its time to stop playing fantasy and giving any credence to such truly un- deserving people.

    1. It's to bad about Harry and Megan...they were so in love and I was so happy for them. But Harry doesn't even realize what was really going on either...But he may now...and it is already starting to ruin their marriage. Megan is a very liberal woman wanting equality for everyone...and that just isn't going to fly with the Royals...!! I hope she doesnt wind up like Dianna...!!

    2. Elisabeth was only 18 when she was coronated..!! How many of us at 18 knew anything about the world or about that position she holds...More than likely she was forced to comply or step down as Queen or maybe worse...!! Not to many people are truely evil at that age. Especially in 1953 when I was born...those we good times..the real fraud was just about to begin....sad really...!!

    3. james, I think we are all pretty nieve at age 18; but lizzy has no excuse, because as she grew up she surely came to realize the things going on were not ''right'' and could have at any time, changed course. Even now, she seems to be ingrained in corruption and criminal activity.
      Now she has the opportunity to make things right, but it does not appear that she wants to do that. Neither does Philip. So that pretty much sets things in stone for them.

      As for Harry, its high time he knew the truth.....all of it.

    4. There was something on utube that said Megan Markel was already placed under arrest by the Queen for something....probably the truth..!!So she isn't the princess she thought she was going to be, and Harry didn't know anything until just now...!! It doesn't look good for those two unless this whole thing becomes exposed...!! And quick..!!

  3. Looks like a reversion of Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall;All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put Humpty together again. Good thing, her dynasty days are numbered.

  4. Hang in the Abby and Anna and all. You are both 100 % right. Oh what an exciting time to be alive.

    First time in history that all three summits took place at the same time and the first time ever for a Vatican official to be at a Bilderberg meeting. Says in his opinion it was live streamed to all three locations. I guess you never ever underestimate the power of one. Must be something really big. A warning maybe.

  5. Do you serve to incite or serve to move? The time is now. Give those you profess to certain direction or don't give. For, to profess without certain direction (in my opinion), is a cause not worth pursuing....



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