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Wednesday, June 13, 2018


See if this makes sense to you.  Please comment below.

By Carl F. Worden,

Based on the fact Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has once again defied a demand from Representative Devin Nunes to produce documents related to spying on the Trump Campaign, it now appears obvious where the power base of the, "Deep State", resides.  Clearly, a picture is emerging that the secret, sub-government that has been interfering with presidents and Congress ever since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, is in the Department of Justice, and its enforcement arm is the highest echelon of the FBI, which answers to the Department of Justice.

As I have written before, Jeff Sessions joined the Trump Campaign as an active, "supporter", just two weeks after Trump announced his run for the White House.  As will be revealed, Jeff Sessions was part of the, "Insurance Policy", tweeted about by disgraced, but still employed FBI Counter-Intelligence Supervising Agent Peter Strzok to his lover, FBI attorney Lisa Page.  In return for his, "loyal", support of Trump, Sessions was appointed and confirmed to be Attorney General.  But immediately after taking his position, Sessions recused himself from the Trump/Russia probe, and that allowed Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint rabid anti-Trumper Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate the non-existent Trump/Russian Collusion matter.

Clearly, the Mueller probe's sole purpose has been to frame President Trump for obstruction of justice in the firing of FBI Director James Comey, and a federal judge has flatly accused the Mueller probe of prosecuting people like Paul Manifort and retired General Michael Flynn in order to force them to make up falsehoods about Trump.

Mueller's investigators are all rabid, anti-Trump Democrats, but remember this:  Robert Mueller had been FBI Director under Obama, and he reapplied for the same job after Comey was fired.  Instead, Trump appointed Christopher Wray as FBI Director, but it is now obvious Wray is also a Deep State operative.  Whoever recommended Trump appoint Wray to that position is also a Deep State operative Trump should never trust again.

This whole scenario reminds me of a carefully planned military operation, complete with several layers of redundancy to allow for, "casualties", and there were several back-up plans in place in case the first, second and third plans of operation were thwarted in the, "fog of battle", in order to ensure Deep State survival.

As I wrote in a previous article, the only way Trump is going to destroy the Deep State and successfully, "Drain The Swamp", is to have Federal Marshals raid both the Justice Department and the FBI, relieve Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray of their positions, Place them under house arrest, clear out both agencies of supervisors down to the fourth level and take all the evidence the congressional oversight committees have been requesting for forensic analysis.

However, what I strongly suspect is that Sessions, Rosenstein and Wray have been meticulously scrubbing and destroying all of the evidence against them during this long delay.  I have come to believe they've done a, "Hillary", to that evidence, which is why they are refusing to produce it, because they don't have it anymore.

We'll see.

Carl F. Worden

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  1. Qanon reveals a different pattern going on here than this above article's premise.

    I also highly, highly recommend daily reading of NeonRevolt (a Christian, too, which Neon & I disagree


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