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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Progress Update for April and May 2018

By Paul Stramer

Here is an update for April and May 2018.

In May we sent $515 to Anna via PayPal which was generated by Mint Builder commissions for April and donations in May.

In June so far we have sent $300 with over half the month left to go for donations.  Some of this was also from Mint Builder commissions for May.

Our mailing list as of today is 4930 total email addresses we are sending out, with 4223 on Anna's list alone.

Our prospecting list is now up to 65680 email addresses we are sending ads to for Anna's website, the Mint Builder websites and our products listed on Anna's website, with about 1120 new people average, coming into that list every week.

We continue to send out flash drives and DVDs with Anna's website every week, and we are shipping out dozens of US Civil Flags all around the country.

Anna's website and the blog continue to perform better than expected. Anna's website has received well over 1 Million page loads to date, with an average daily page views of 864 and an average daily first time visits from new people of 384.

The LCW blog is receiving an average of 1600 page views per day, and 544 of them are brand new first time visitors.  The blog has received over 1.2 million visits to date total.

In April we spent $483.07 on advertising. This was generated by donations and Mint Builder commissions.

In May we spent $239.00 on Advertising. Also generated by donations and Mint Builder. We can only spend what we have each month.  Thanks for all your donations.

This continues to be a full time challenge for me. I am spending about 10 hours per day, five days per week on this project. With Anna writing just over 100 articles per month our total number of articles is now 1079 on

We are also receiving lots more comments on the blog than we used to.  Some articles generate enough interest to get up to 60 comments on that article. Others maybe 6 or 7. If I had to guess I would say the average is about 35 comments per article.

I just did a search on my old XP machine for Anna's name.  It came up with 557,000 results in 0.39 seconds. I looked at those results and I see dozens if not hundreds of websites have picked up Anna's articles and continue to publish them to their extensive mailing lists.

The word is getting out and the snowball is rolling down hill now, and gathering speed every day.
Now is not the time to quit advertising this if we want to reach our goal of restoration of freedom in America.

If you want to help:

Look at Mint Builder here:

or if you don't want your own mint, you could just donate by hitting the PayPal button on this site.

You can also donate using the various cryptocurrency addresses listed in the column to the right.

Here is my contact info:

Paul Stramer   406 889 3183   or

PO Box 116  Eureka  MT 59917


  1. Thank you Paul for all you do.

  2. People, Step up to the plate! Annas mailing list is 4,223. If everyone just pitched in $1.00! I have made my donation (more than $!.00). I am not a wealthy person. I'm 66 years old and still working fulltime as a registered nurse. Come on everyone. Anna and her team are working their butts off on our behalf. At least you can pitch in a dollar! Gloria

  3. I am not as knowledgeable or as studied in law and history as Judge Anna is, and I admit that I don't have as deep and insightful understanding as she does, but from what I do understand I am extremely impressed by the scope of her knowledge and her ability to cut through and untangle all of the deceits and lies promoted by those who are jealous of her.

    But I am very confused about something. As I understand it, Judge Anna has filed and perfected (is that the right word) a lien worth billions, if not trillions, of dollars. I also understand that the lien is not just perfected but that there is a court order making the lien legal and that the lied is secured (??) by collateral (please explain to me if I am understanding this wrongly).

    If so, how can the banksters and those opposing Judge Anna (the Vatican, Queen Elizabeth, Goldman Sachs, the Rothchilds, Soros and the rest of them) stop Judge Anna from collecting on that lien?

    How are these puppet masters stopping Judge Anna from simply taking the collateral and selling it and then using the money to help Judge Anna in her fight and giving any extra money to the rightful owners of the real united states, the people?

    Thank you very much and keep up the good work.

    1. Well it's a well-known fact, sonny, that there's a secret society of the 5 wealthiest people in the world, known as The Pentavirate, who run everything in the world including the newspapers, and meet tri-annually in a secret country mansion in Colorado known as The Meadows. So who's in this Pentavirate? The Queen, the Vatican, the Gettys, the Rothschilds...and Colonel Sanders before he went tits up! Ooh I hated the Colonel, with his wee beady eyes and that smug look on his face! Ohh you're gonna buy my chicken!

  4. Thanks Paul for helping this most important cause.

  5. Thank u Paul for ALL that u do to make your website for Anna daily so uplifting.

  6. Thank's everyone envolved in this reconstruction of America, all the hard work for no paycheck. Paul I would love to see all your's & Anna's hard work go viral,


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