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Thursday, September 13, 2018


Watch preview clips of the new film Good Guys With Guns!
Click on the linked names for movie interview clips from some of the 17 experts in the film.
This documentary, in association with Oath Keepers, is funded by donations from patriotic American citizens. It will be online,  free to the public, when completed. We still need enough donations to make it down the final stretch.



12 AUGUST 2018

Now that the Summer and Labor Day are over I hope we can be more active about completing “post production” for GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS – How an Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny and Atrocities. And here’s why.
We announced the GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS movie project on 02 November 2017. Since that day there have been seven mass–shootings as follows:
05 Nov 2017 – First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, TX – 27 killed
01 Oct 2017 – Harvest Festival Concert, Las Vegas, NV – 59 killed
14 Mar 2018 – Marjory Stoneman High, Parkland, FL – 17 killed
18 May 2018 – Santa Fe High School, Santa Fe, TX – 5 killed
11 Jun 2018 – Westbrook Apts, Orlando, FL – 5 killed
28 Jun 2018 – Capital Gazette, Annapolis, MD – 5 killed
27 Jul 2018 – Retama Nursing Ctr, Robstown, TX – 5 killed
This is outrageous! We have ongoing mass-shootings at our churches, concerts, high schools, homes, places of business, and even nursing homes.
It’s so outrageous we felt we had to do something. At least try. Thus GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS was born, a film project designed to address and help remedy the mass-shooting epidemic.
Thankfully over 200 of you have stepped up and donated to help with the effort. Because of this we have not only completed principal photography, we completed it 3 months earlier than normal AND we have done 3 more interviews than originally planned. Both the narration and rough cut are currently in process.
One of the most interesting experts we interviewed was STEPHEN WILLEFORD – a consummate “good guy with a gun”.
Stephen shared his story about his intervention in the mass-shooting at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. If you watch the clip of his story at the GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS website, it should be clear why it is “necessary” for individual Americans to “keep and bear arms” especially in places like churches, schools, concerts and other public spaces. It should also be clear why citizens should be trained — as was Stephen Willeford, an NRA Member and former firearms instructor.
If you were unable to donate to help us with this interview and the other interviews, here’s another chance. We still need to get through about 3 months of editing, what’s known as “post production” in film lingo. This is where Stephen Willeford and the other 16 interviewees will combine with the narration, “B-roll” video, photographs, music, sound effects and titles.
Editing is where a documentary film is built. Editing is what makes or breaks the effort. If we do a good job, we will be able to bring fruition to the incredible words of wisdom our 17 experts have brought to the show on guns, the Second Amendment, the Militia System, mass-shootings, psych drugs, rogue states, and the U.S. Constitution.
Another of these interviewees is EDWIN VIEIRA whose book, Thirteen Words, inspired the movie, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. Dr. Vieira holds 4 degrees from Harvard and is one of the top Constitutional attorneys in the U.S.
Among his other books are The Sword and Sovereignty and By Tyranny Out Of Necessity. These two books inspired the movies MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE, and both were produced in association with OATH KEEPERS. MOLON LABE explains what the Militia System is and MIDNIGHT RIDE explains what could happen if we do not revitalize the Militia System. In essence, the Militia System acknowledged by the Founders is similar to GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. That’s why we are producing the current movie: to draw an analogy between a Constitutional Militia that addresses TYRANNY and individuals “keeping and bearing arms” who address ATROCITIES.
If you see merit to this rationale, please go to and donate what you can. Maybe you have decided to stop watching NFL games where players won’t stand for the National Anthem. Well, you could donate the ticket or pay-per-view savings to the production of GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS! Maybe you can skip one steak dinner out with your wife or girlfriend. Or even the price of one or two stops at Starbucks. Please make a donation to the budget of GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS and help us get this documentary finished and available to the public for free!
I know, Summer vacation has been long, expensive and exhaustive. You have kids and bill collectors, politicians and TV spots screaming at you for money and donations. But consider citizens like GERALD TUFTS, RICHARD GULLOTTI, LINDA & LESTER JOHNSON who have donated thousands of dollars towards the production budget of GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. Are they not an inspiration?
You want these mass-shootings to stop as much as they, or any American. You don’t want your kids at risk in the public schools. You want the “security of a free state” envisioned by the Framers. Once completed, GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS will be free online for the public to ensure that truth, facts, logic and genuine common sense will be available to anyone who watches it. This will help to counter the emotional, irrational, misguided appeals of those who would infringe on our rights.
You can be part of a film that addresses tyrannies and atrocities like these, a film that educates citizens about the first 13 words of the Second Amendment: “A well regulated Militia being necessary for the security of a free state… ”
So look at it this way. The Second Amendment is an insurance policy.You pay for car insurance every month or year. You also pay house and/or health insurance of as much or more. These insurance policies assure the security of your car, house and body. All very important possessions. But what assures the security of your freedom? Answer: the Militia System. It says it right there in the first 13 words.
Who are the militia? The founders mentioned the militia in both the Constitution and the Second Amendment. The militia was meant to be trained and armed adult men, but increasingly today, women are trained and armed as well. The least we can do today to insure our personal freedoms and safety is to support our founding documents and educate others about our natural right to self-defense and defense of others. This is necessary wherever we happen to be, not just in our homes.
Please donate and help us get through post production on GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. An investment in the security of your country is the best insurance policy money can buy.
Together we can spread the word about a proper interpretation of the Second Amendment and the Militia System. GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS makes a case for revitalizing a Constitutional Militia System like no other movie.
If we don’t get independent films like GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS out there, the “gun grabbers” will use mass-shootings to “justify” the further indoctrination of our kids and the erosion of our Second Amendment rights. Let’s not let that happen.

P.S. Please pass this Progress Report to your family, friends and associates. Then once the film is completed and released, please pass along the link to GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS as well.

Questions or comments? Please go to our website here:

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  1. You want these mass-shootings to stop as much as they, or any American. You don’t want your kids at risk in the public schools.
    i am in favor of the second amendment.
    Yet are they also (as so many are now doing), making promises nobody can keep?


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