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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Residency, Public, and Free

By Anna Von Reitz

I listen occasionally to conservative media, including some of the popular radio talk show hosts like Mark Levin and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh --- not often, but once in a while. I do so mainly to see if any of them ever figure out what actually happened in this country ---- HOW our freedoms and money and everything else has been parted from us and by whom.
So far, not.
But my curiosity exposes me to their callers, and I hear these men and women with voices choked up, almost in tears because they are in such distress over the mess this country is in, and I hear them say things that show how confused they are.
Today, there was a caller on one of the talk shows talking about "Public Service" and what that is supposed to mean.
Another was talking about this "free Nation".
And still another was talking about being a "resident".
Remember the Fence? Americans on one side (the land side) and U.S. Citizens on the other (the sea side)?
Okay, and you also remember that a "resident" is a temporary sojourner or "inhabitant"? If you are a "resident" or an "inhabitant" you are just passing through? Got that?
Now put it all together ---- when U.S. Citizens are on our turf, they are "residents", that is, temporary "inhabitants" of our land jurisdiction.
When we are at sea, we are "residing" in their watery jurisdiction and are temporary "inhabitants" of the Territorial States of States or Municipal STATES OF STATES.
So the meaning of the word "resident" depends on which side of the fence you are on. They are residents with respect to us and we are residents with respect to them.
To know what the word "resident" means in any given context, you have to pay attention to who is speaking.
Territorial Government Agents consider you a "resident" of their States of States. Municipal Government Agents consider you a "Non-Resident Alien". And you, if you are educated and thinking straight, consider all of them "residents" in your States, as well.
So when they call you a "Resident" or say that you have "residency" in their State of State, you want to object and take exception to that presumption, and say --- no, I am not resident in your State of State, you are resident in my State, instead.
For example, "No, I am not a resident of the State of Minnesota. I am a Minnesotan. I live here on the land and soil and this is my permanent homestead and domicile."
Since they are standing on your soil, it is suddenly pretty hard for them to bluff their way through and pretend that you are "residing" in their State of State instead.
Our States are populated (not inhabited), so that is one helpful way to cut through the verbal maze.
"No, Judge Whitaker, I am part of the population of Maine, not an inhabitant of the Territorial State of Maine."
The concept of a "free Nation" is similar. A "Nation" by definition can mean the People populating a specific geographically defined State, or it can mean a "dependent sovereignty" within a Nation or State.
American State Citizens live in Free States as Minnesotans, New Yorkers, Pennsylvanians, etc.
U.S Citizens live in a "dependent sovereignty" that they also call a "nation" --- but it is a nation of Legal Persons, not People.
Thus, American State Citizens live on the land and soil of their respective States and state republics.
U.S. Citizens live in Territorial democracies called "States of States" like "State of Iowa".
Citizens of the United States and US CITIZENS all live in Municipal oligarchies called "STATES OF STATES" like the "STATE OF FLORIDA".
So, again----which nation are you talking about, and is it a free nation, or a dependent sovereignty calling itself a "nation"?
The dependent nature of all the "state of state" entities is revealed by the fact that you can't have a "State of Minnesota" without first having (and maintaining) a "Minnesota".
Minnesotans are a Free Nation, but within Minnesota and living side by side with Minnesotans are various dependent "nations" that are not free at all.
The Persons inhabiting the State of Minnesota and their State of State Government are a dependent nation. Ditto ditto the PERSONS inhabiting the Municipal STATES OF STATES. These persons are not free. At best, they experience liberty --- which is what ship captains give their crews in port --- if and when they please.
Finally, some poor guy, a veteran almost in tears was talking about "the Public" and "Public Service" and "Public Servants".
Again --- which "Public" are you talking about?
If you consent to register as a Voter and vote in "State of Maine" elections, that's the "Public" you are promoting, and "service" to that "Public" means loyalty to the British Territorial State of State and the British Crown Commercial Corporation running the "State of Maine".
Not quite the "Public" our almost-to-tears caller means to invoke, is it?
In fact, their "Public" is our "Private", and our "Public" is their "Private" sector. It's like a mirror.
They have contrived and coerced and hoodwinked so many people into their word maze, and into unknowingly supporting their private commercial corporation enterprises doing business as "States of States", that our actual States and our Lawful Government and those enforcing the Public Law are few and far between.
We have to wake up, folks. We have to turn this around, because right now, it's upside down.
"Public Service" to a State of State organization literally means service to their own private benefit and the benefit of their commercial corporations. "Private Service" to a State of State organization means service to us, the actual Public.
So you can talk about the need for better "Public Service" to these people all day long, and to their ears, you are exhorting them to be more predatory, to steal more, to oppress more, to benefit themselves more. They hear this plea for Public Service in the same sense that a bull services a cow.
What you want is for them to attend to their "Private Service" instead ---- that is, their service owed to us.
What our tearful veteran needs is to come home and attend to our own Public Service, by expatriating from all presumed "US citizenship", by booting up his State Assembly, including his State Jural Assembly, and enforcing the actual Public Law owed to this country and its people.


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  1. Average people retain 15% of information to memory and every review / study of that info gains an additional 15% so, in order to have 100% of the information in memory one must study and review the material 7 times. I know this to be true for me as I read out loud and audio record data I wish to retain to my memory. Then I listen to my voice many times so it is available to me when I speak to other students of Truth. How many times did you sit in math class in school? We learn by repetition, once or twice is NOT enough... You use it or you lose it. Thanks Anna and Paul... P.S. Look into Crowd Funding for financing. HeartLightLove~PRK

  2. Thomas you are so spot on i read Annas stuff many times then i wright it down word for word and pay CLOSE attention to the SPELLING .I read my hand written copies many times over and then go back to the post and do it again .Every time i do this i add a lot more to my memory.To be fluent with this its a must for me .When or IF i have to enter the VIPERS den i want the staff that will devour their serpents .My pen is my sword and i had to trade my cloak to get it .My 21 grandchildrens lives and their future is at stake so my sword is getting sharper every day

  3. Thanks Thomas for this very true statement. Repetition is of utmost importance for what we are learning here......

  4. It would also help if you had lesson 1 lesson 2..and so on and so forth. One lesson building on another. Where the info is solid and complete. Following this is like grabbing pieces of 20,000 piece puzzle. Many just don't have the time and energy. Most of us don't live in the states we were born does that effect stuff? And once on land jurisdiction... Then what? What's the picture? Is thier a file I can open up and get to the info.. or a hundred emails must be opened and read that are scattered in subjects... And most of all... A warning... Don't practice until in the right jurisdiction... That seems to be key in staying out of

    1. Here, let me help you. Step 1 Order your long form Live Birth Certificate from the state in which you were born. Step 2. Go to and look for post 928. Print out the forms, insert your information. Follow the instructions.
      Step 3. Get a tissue to wipe away the tears.
      Chances are if it was a car, a song, an album or whatever your flavour of the day is, you would spend hours on the net looking for it. So you have the steps, go do it.
      Much love, from your Canadian great-grampa!

    2. Just to clairfy, if you now live in a different state, re-convey your info to the state you live in now.

    3. Your sarcastic response does nothing but prove you are just another egostisegot ahole that can't fully read the statement.

    4. to unknown...
      First off stop hiding behind the "unknown" handle it makes everyone think you are a troll.
      Second it was difficult a few years ago comprehending all of this. Anna has done a wonderful job offering us (for free) the best "silver bullet" to all of these deceitful unconscionable contracts. Now we are having a flood of "unknown trolls" asking for a "silver spoon" now!? You and you alone need to educate yourself, learn how to "swim" to "land" or drown in the deceit.

      God bless you Anna

  5. Joel said...

    Many courses on any given subject begin by providing a vocabulary pertinent to the subject, including definitions, variations, exceptions, etc.

    A student of Anna's articles can pull out the word of concern on their study notes, and make sure the spelling and capitalization is in agreement with the word in Anna's article, and then add the definition provided within the article. In the case of these "mirror" entities like "State", "State of State", and "STATE OF STATE" the defined terms could also include the terms from the opposing entity on a separate list. This listing of the subjects vocabulary would be of great aid to students speeding the learning process. Once the defined words are learned and known to the student, confusion will flee and any encounter with the Territorial or Municipal government service providers will be much easier to deal with inside the knowledge comfort zone. That familiarity will help the American State National to keep any foreign residents who are irresponsibly inhabiting or traversing our State Soil and Land - restricted to places where their jurisdiction may actually apply, like inside of State of State owned buildings, within dockyards, at munitions magazines, inside military bases, inside customs houses, and at actual international borders.

    February 21, 2019 at 10:00 PM

  6. Incorrect about "inhabitant" being temporary. Check any dictionary you like, they all say an "inhabitant" has a permanent abode.



    What is INHABITANT?

    One who resides actually and permanently In a given place, and has his domicile there. Ex parte Shaw, 145 U. S. 444, 12 Sup. Ct. 935, 36 L. Ed. 768; The Pizarro, 2 Wheat. 245, 4 L. Ed. 226. “The words ‘inhabitant,’ ‘citizen,’ and ‘resident,’ as employed in different constitutions to define the qualifications of electors, mean substantially the same thing; and one is an inhabitant. resident, or citizen at the place where he has his domicile or home.” Cooley, Const. Dim. *600. But the terms “resident” and “inhabitant” have also been held not synonymous, the latter implying a more fixed and permanent abode than the former, and importing privileges and duties to which a mere resident would not be subject. Tazewell County v. Davenport, 40 111. 197.

  8. Kinda like District of Columbia and United States and Person are all the same too by the legislation.