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Wednesday, September 5, 2018


By Anna Von Reitz

I’ll just call him “Daniel”.
We met forty years ago.  I was a college girl candy-striper at the VA Hospital.  He was already a Captain in the Army with a chest-full of medals, recovering from his latest “misadventure” --- the Vietnam War.
Daniel was small and lightly built, five foot six inches tall and 145 pounds.  His face that first afternoon was lean and tanned, with a stubborn chin, thin lips, a narrow, beaky nose and two of the largest, most observant grey eyes I have ever seen before or since.  He was recovering from multiple reconstructive surgeries for a shattered shin bone and injuries including severe burns to both hands, but he was chipper and alert and had his bed propped up like a recliner.
“Is it you?” he asked abruptly.
I stopped, wondering which “you” I might be.
“My new correspondence secretary?” he then asked. He nodded his head toward the ream of paper on his bedside table.  “I have to get on with my Daily Dispatches.”
And dispatches they were, too.  He was running half a dozen projects from his hospital bed.
He kept me writing all afternoon, and at the end of the day, he critiqued my penmanship and grammar.
Daniel was so naturally observant and analytical that he became an expert in many fields and many subjects both practical and arcane. Soap, for example.  Daniel was a soap expert.
It was Daniel who taught me to pack lightly.
It was Daniel who said, “That’s a terrible idea.  When do we start?”
In a different world we might have been lovers and carefree adventurers.  As it was, we were cadre of the back-to-back sort.  
After Vietnam there was Thailand and then Western Australia and Somalia. Wherever he went, Daniel took me with him and shared his life, irritations, heartbreaks, and all.  After Somalia, he lived in England with some cousins in Suffolk, and worked for the NATO strategic command.
When he embraced his highest self, I soared with him; when he was bitter and cynical, we fought. And we were always the best of friends, no matter what.
Two days ago, he slipped and fell, and because of the fall, he drowned.  It was an odd circumstance and odd terrain. None of the rest of his team could get to him in time and the cold water took him.
Hypothermia, I am told, is a gentle death.  No doubt Daniel will give me a full and excruciatingly detailed report when I reach the Other Side.
At age 77, he was engaged in the worldwide manhunt for Lucifer, still scrabbling up slimy, moss-covered rock walls when he should have been retired, but such men never retire.  Intellectually, logically, I know it was a fitting end to a long career and yes, the way Daniel wanted it to be. No long, lingering hospital drama for him.
Still, I’ve wept until I can’t squeeze another tear.


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  1. I am so sorry for your loss Anna, I know with now doubt that Daniel is in a much better place than this HELL HOLE created by this Global Cabal here in the uS operated and run by All FED GOV Agencies: IRS, FBI, CDC, FDIC, FDA, CIA, SEC et al., pretending to be PUBLIC SERVANTS are all ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATES.

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss Anna. My thoughts and prayers are with you. May he Rest In Peace! God bless you!


  3. My Lord, this is so sad...and I too ask...where are the rest of the Daniels of today?

  4. You can find a true Daniel every day if YOU seek and you shall find.I did. His name is Bishop: Richard Patterson. Upper state.N.Y. He is the
    BEST ever. You can trust him with all of your heart. I meet him on or about 5years now,and not once has he lied about anything.
    Bishop: Alvin Roy Langley. " ENJOY THIS DAY. COMPLIMENTS OF GOD "

  5. Numbers 6:24-26 to all the Daniel's and his/her family and friends.

    May His Passion and Death be our

    robert: carr

  6. Seems like a wake behind a boat full of problems spreading out behind the cabalists, the destroyers, Hyksos, the fruits of that reveal the core and heart of such horrors and violating actions against others. I hope there are Daniels at this very moment working on such problems we all need to work on to clean up the mess.

  7. I am so sorry for your loss Anna. You had exposure to a hero, and modeled yourself accordingly. He sounds like a wonderful friend, mentor, example and mover/shaker! I am glad you could count yourself among his friends! They are hard to find and harder to keep. God Bless you!

  8. People are blessed in many ways, and you Anna have many. that alone says much about you. God Bless

  9. The good fight goes on...I'm sure Daniel would want it that way. Blessings and peace, Anna.

  10. Sorry for your loss Anna. These stories leave me speechless. We must carry the torch onward. May warm memories fill your heart.

  11. So sorry for your loss Anna! Very touching story of enduring friendship! I would like to have known him... By faith and hope in Christ, one day beyond this river of life, maybe we will all meet with joy and happiness to share life experiences and everlasting friendships. You be of good cheer knowing this life is but temporary and will soon pass. Those that look to the life Giver will meet again.

  12. Rejoice , Daniel has all the answers he was seeking, he has no pain, he has only happiness, he is with The Lord waiting for everyone he loves that are not done here.
    Celebrate his life and what you learned and how you benefitted and how you got to affect all of us with your brief heartfelt story .

  13. Anna, I know what it is like to cry yourself silly. And, ironically it is like steam coming out of a pressure cooker--both good and bad. I love your eulogy. If you liked him, he is a reflection of the you you are.


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