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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Pathetically Wrong Assumption

By Anna Von Reitz

A Pathetically Wrong Assumption
The reason that the Queen is being so contrite and offering to give land back -- or to be exact -- "misappropriated" title to land back to the actual people it belongs to, is because she and her co-conspirators in Westminster were caught red-handed operating an absolutely massive fraud, piracy, and racketeering scheme.
No other reason.
There is not only reason to believe -- there is proof -- that these same vermin intended to go merrily onward with more of the same old fraud and enslavement scheme, and also proof that they intended to start a mercenary "war" in America for the express purpose of murdering their Priority Creditors.
Oh, and then, also collecting the Life Insurance Policies and the so-called "Life Force Value Annuities" and claiming the private property of all those murdered as "abandoned assets".
So now we have "Native Leaders" all over the world getting the title to their purloined land assets returned to them. And they are all puffed up and proud of themselves, even though they did absolutely nothing to secure this result.
Instead of patting yourselves on the back for doing things you didn't do --- thank God and bend your knees. It wasn't your hand that delivered you from these evils.


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  1. Yea but instead they have aerosol sprayed our nation with Aluminum Oxide and other highly flammable substances laying them down for the last 40 years so these fires can burn hotter than ever, faster than ever and be extremely difficult to put out.

    Now the entire WEST is ON FIRE and old game used in ancient times to burn out the native inhabitants. So were now stuck with the FED.GOV Criminal Crime Syndicate at the municipal and state level to put the fires out with limited resources because they STOLE ALL OUR MONEYS FOR THEMSELVES and left pittance to take care of these "Energy Beam Weapon Fires" they call "Wild Fires" my ass...

    Like all of you here on Paul's blog I pray that the asleep American Sheeple wake the F up in time to STOP THIS MADDENS of these tyrant Caligula's or again this FED.GOV Crime Syndicate spread throughout our nation.

    There is a special place in HELL waiting for all of you FED.GOV criminals once your body expire and your bodies will, mark my words, one way or another, just like Johnny McCarp's body when he expired his conciseness/if he had a Soul, I doubt, it got immediately carted off to the Abyss Universe and now he is enjoying what he did to all the people he killed, all the children he abused, drank their blood etc., all these Satanic horrors he perpetrated on others.

    This is where all of you evil scum twisted power controllers whom have played any part in this FED.GOV Criminal Syndicate from the very, very top to the very very bottom municipal level bottom feeders Attorneys Esquires, Judges, all criminals acting as Pubic Servants under THE COLOR OF LAW... YOU ALL WILL suffer for eternities over and over and over again the pain & unnecessary suffering you have caused here on Earth to all of her 4 Earthly Kingdoms. This is the fate you have sealed by your actions that is awaiting you all!!!

    Karma is a Bitch and it's coming for all of you... your destinies are sealed. So it is 3x3x3...

    1. Too many sheeple are frightened to even entertain the thought of Geo-Engineering AKA Solar Radiation Management.
      This thought forces them to realize their entire belief system is based on lies. My mother voices her knowledge often of these crimes, she has awakened. My father (mechanical engineer) knows better than most how a jet engine operates should know contrails do not grow into ugly, wispy yellow clouds.
      He is in total denial based on the very fact he cannot come to a place where the government he has trusted all his life is committing these types of crimes against this planet. FEAR...
      The proof is everywhere, we are all in possession of this evidence. Every automobile air filter on the planet can reveal these toxic metals. The smoking gun is the company who creates this toxic soup,

      American Elements- Look up under Atmosphere Aerosols.

      I believe at one point the gloves should come off for any corporate entity involved in this.
      After all we are justified for the very reason of self defense.

      BTW. What you wrote is quite accurate;)

    2. You do realize that "No-Name" McCain was executed for his crimes, right? The current administration was convinced that if they allowed this information to become public, the vast majority of the sheeple wouldn't be able to handle it and would attribute the blame to the current administration, even though he is "draining the swamp" as he promised. They didn't feel they could adequately continue with their efforts if they were also having to contend with a civil war. Thus they allowed the slime his "hero's funeral". It will all come out at a later time, when more sheeple have their eyes open.

  2. Thank you, Anna and your Crew for all you have done/Is doing for America !!!

  3. ''now native leaders are getting title to THEIR assets''? Why should we give a damn about 'leaders' getting anything back? Aren't they the only ones who have been reaping all along, already?

    IMO, seeing is believing and so far I see absolutely nothing; not from the President's efforts, and not from here.

    1. Abby, what is it you're waiting for? What do you need to 'see' in order to chose a side. Please

    2. quest, I am simply saying I have seen NO results from anything. Lots of talk, lots of words, but I have not seen any literal results. And here, we see Anna telling us that 'the queen is returning stuff'......have you had anything returned to you?

      Last year we were told that the pope relinquished his strangle hold and took a back seat -- - but did you gain any results from that? I didnt. So as far as I can see, that was pretty much a worthless bit of words, too.

      That is the kind of stuff I'm talking about. But why do you think I am not already on a side? Unless you have not seen many of my comments heretofore. But if you must know I am on the Right Side of everything.

      IF there is anyone who has received ANY personal gain and improvements in their personal life, as a result of Trump's actions or from Anna's work, then where are the reports or testimonies of such? (Not you 1Freeman, we already heard your stuff)

  4. For those of you who are concerned about nanites and heavy metals from chemtrails. For anywhere from 28 to 68 dollars you can get Zeolite that is supposed to eliminate these effects. Liquid three drops three times aday.

  5. South Africa is a hell hole right now and I pray that doesn't happen here.


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