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Friday, December 24, 2021

Floyd Tarvin and Continued Ignorance About Oaths and Pledges

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have studied these matters for over forty years. "Floyd Tarvin", if that is his actual name, has studied them for maybe two years? And he wants to call me out? On Christmas Eve and make a big stink of some sort? Hahahahahah!
We, Americans, don't take "oaths" of any kind. Our land and soil law is based on the Bible, which forbids the taking of oaths, as I have often demonstrated. The taking of oaths is a pagan practice and is associated with the sea jurisdiction and its officers. It is foreign to us and to be avoided, because number one --- it's against God and the True Law (look up the definition of "legal" as opposed to "lawful") and second, because it is a practice of a foreign jurisdiction (that of the sea and specifically, Admiralty Jurisdiction) where no civilian belongs. This is why I have taught all the Assemblies to eschew "oaths of office" and to do "acceptances of office" and "affirmations" instead.
We don't do "pledges" either, for similar reasons. A pledge is an ancient practice by which a man is bound to serve a Monarch, thereby becoming Subject to a Monarch's demands. Our English brethren make "pledges" to their Queen and they try to make us make pledges to our own flag, which is ridiculous, but this is again a foreign practice having nothing to do with Americans standing on the land and soil jurisdiction.
Both oaths and pledges are foreign. Most of us encountered these practices and ideas in foreign courts and foreign public schools --- even though we assumed that these institutions were American at the time --- or, we encountered these practices upon induction into the foreign U.S. Territorial Military Services ---- and we simply didn't have the knowledge to know that these practices were foreign to America and Americans.
Now, we have that knowledge.
You can quickly settle these issues in your own mind by consulting a good Bible Concordance and seeing what the Bible says about "oaths" and "oath taking", and especially Jesus's advice regarding the practice of oath-taking. Knowing that our American Public Law is based on the Bible and not the Federal Code settles the point nicely in our favor.
No average American, no Christian, no Jew, and no Muslim, should ever be asked to take an oath of any kind, because it is a pagan practice forbidden by all three major western religions; technically, oath-taking violates the separation of church and state, because it is a pagan religious act being promoted by a subcontractor of our actual government. It is also a blasphemous disrespect of God.
Remember the observation of Jeremiah, the Prophet -- we can't determine our next footstep. How would we have the power to make promises (pledges) or take oaths?
Let your yes be yes and your no be no.
The foreign subcontractors have no exemption or contractual agreement allowing them to promote their religion, or demand practice of it, as a condition of employment.
You can also look up the meaning of "pledge" in any decent dictionary or encyclopedia and/or law dictionary and get a full run down on where the practice of pledging comes from--- and it will be abundantly clear that this is a practice of Feudalism and Monarchies unsuited to our government in all respects.
"Floyd" is clearly attached to these foreign practices as a result of both ignorance and early indoctrination and needs to be taught the truth. Much of what he and others now mistake as "American" traditions are in fact foreign practices and remnants of foreign religious practices.

Both oath-taking and pledge-making are considerably less American than Lasagna and Cricket. That's why you will see neither practice followed in any of our American State Assemblies.


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