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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

From Old "Iron Fist" --- a Note to Satya About Continuance of Government

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have not judged you nor misrepresented you, Satya, but you have clearly and vehemently misrepresented me and my role and the Federation's role in all of this. 

This means that you have either never understood that critical part of our situation in this country, or you have willfully pursued a slander campaign and left other people as the victims of it. 

We are currently and for the past 24 years have been functioning under what are known as "Continuance of Governance Protocols".   

This means that when the Government, for whatever reasons, ceases to function normally, certain measures go into effect. 

In the case of our American Government it means that the States are called back into Session by whatever remaining Authority--- among several designated--- remains, and the assembling process is guided forward by the Summoning Authority until the Assemblies are fully functional and seated. 

As I have often enough explained there are three ways for our States of the Union to be called back into Session. 

Lets go over this AGAIN for you and all your little friends trying to paint me as some kind of dictator or overlord, simply because I have been doing my stated duty to restore our American Government --- and not remake it into something else. 

The first option to bring the States back into Session ---- nine (9) States of the Union call their Sister States back into Session.  This was not possible because only one (1) State of the Union remained functioning in 1998: Texas. 

The second option is that The President of The United States of America (Unincorporated) could call the States back into Session.  That was not possible because the States have to be in Session to conduct an election for President and the last President left office during the Civil War. 

So the third and final option, was for the Hereditary Head of State under whose flags and seal the Fleet sails and under whose sovereignty the Land Jurisdiction is established, may call the States into Session.  

My husband, much to his loathing, has risked his life and mine and our entire family, to try to give you back what you have thrown away in ignorance, a precious birthright that we have struggled to preserve for you.

Whoever and whatever you are, Satya, you are not an honest woman--- and after seeing your senseless rhetoric against me and your misrepresentation of the Federation per the infamous October 11, 2022 screed that you sent out to members of The California Assembly AFTER you left your position of Co-Coordinator, I can only say that you definitely made the right decision to step down from any leadership position, as it is clear that you never knew what we were doing or why in the first place, and therefore, were ill-chosen to teach anyone else anything about it. 


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