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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Why the Navy and Marine Corps?

 By Anna Von Reitz

You may have noticed something funny--- not in the humorous sense, the odd sense. 

Our Saviors are the Navy and the Marine Corps, not the Army, not the Air Force. 

Common sense would seem to dictate that the Army, which Lincoln left in control, would step up and defend our borders and our people, but instead, they are all hunkered down and ready to let "the National Guard" --- an entity that can't  exist as a nationwide force under the Constitutions --- do their dirty work for them.  

While the Vermin were busy stealing everything else, they also stole our "well-regulated" state militias, renamed the State Militia "the National Guard", walked in, and started running things "for" us, under the guise of the State Trusts they also created "for" us. 

The fact is that the Army has been dirty since General Grant and General Sherman made it so. 
Most of the evil that has happened in the past 162 years lays on their shoulders, and they know it, so they are trying to avoid the blame and staying very quiet and doing whatever anyone tells them to do so long as there is a paycheck in it. 

Their leaders hope to use the illegally and unconstitutionally formed "agency" of the National Guard --- which isn't subject to the Constitutions ---- and not operating under the Constitutions--- but which instead exists as a private corporation's mercenary force, to assault and kill the innocent American people who have so loyally supported all of them, the Army and the National Guard, too. 

Unfortunately for the Head Cheeses responsible for this situation, the Navy still flies our flag and so does the Marine Corps and they have a grudge-match to settle over September 11. And once the word gets out, it isn't going to matter to our Army or our Air Force what the talking heads say about evil "Sovereign Citizens" ---- they are going to know in their souls that they are being stood down and misdirected.  And they are going to march.  And they are going to slaughter anyone who doesn't stand with them.  And Gideon's Army will go with them.  

That is what is becoming very, very clear to the sniveling white collar crooks who have glutted themselves at our expense, and they are afraid.  They are very afraid.  As they should be. Because when our guys get a load of how they have been used and abused and cheated and misdirected by all these Corporate Cheats, there will be Hell to pay, and right behind every loyal American soldier will stand ten more men, also Americans, who are veterans. 

Millions and millions and millions of veterans. All experienced. All very grim. And all very well armed. 

They persist in thinking that the "Space Force" will be their Ace-in-the-Hole, or some plague of germs, but I personally doubt it; and when the United Nations soldiers see their own home countries being assaulted by the same vicious criminals, like the Swedes finally realizing that they have been invaded by "refugees" under the banner of world peace, hey, guess what? 

And the Germans, French, and Italians all realizing that they are still under occupation?  To say nothing of the British People and the Danes and all of Scandinavia?  Hoo-hoo!  Watch out! Just imagine the Japanese, how hard they have been worked by these Vermin?  Imagine their response when they realize the deceits involved?  The Aussies?  The Canadians?  

Right now, the Government of Sweden knows who blew up the Nordstream Pipelines, and despite all the best efforts of treasonous little psychopaths, the word is getting out about Joe Biden and NATO and Is-Ra-El, to say nothing about Zelensky in Paris, going on extravagant shopping binges with his wife, while the people of Ukraine and most of the rest of Europe suffer needlessly.   

The CIA Big Wigs responsible for all of this deceit and the whole "culture of lies" that has infested Washington, DC,  think that they are immune from justice even as the polls clearly show that the people of this world are no longer listening to their Talking Heads, no longer care what the News Anchors intone, and don't trust this current corporate sideshow.  

The exhortation to "Turn the Knob" is taking hold as millions upon millions do exactly that and turn their attention to other activities --- like discovering for themselves what is important and what's going on. 

People all over the world have sense enough now to know that the Corporations masquerading as their governments, aren't their governments. They are seeing who is lined up in support of these corporations and who are all members of the so-called World Economic Forum?    

And just wait until they turn their gaze and take a good long look at the banks....


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