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Tuesday, December 20, 2022

American Pravda: The JFK Assassination and the Covid Cover-Up


The Unz Review

December 20, 2022


  1. Clean house. No jubilee, no forgiveness, just impaled bastards on the National Mall

  2. American Government, as i sincerely see, has been set up on Foundation of TrueGod's Ten Commendments, and way far from any form of democracy, which is run on secrecy and division. JFK exposed this openly.

    DearTrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free and Healthy and the rest of the world will follow, m

  3. It's about time everyone knew and the truth is spread far and wide. May that family get some peace that what is true is finally going to be known by all. Bring the whole corrupt system of government agencies DOWN. Liquidate them...figuratively and possibly literally.

  4. Years ago while an independent journalist I came to the exact same conclusions as Tucker, just didn't have a national TV show to broadcast it. The L.J.West link is key to understanding both the JFK, Oswald and RFK assassination. No theory in any of this just research. While the CIA was involved in the assassination, so were the central bankers (the Fed) and top organized crime bosses. There were a lot of powerful folks who wanted to take JFK out, he was infringing on their pursuit of power, control and lots of illegal, immoral profits. Just saying


    Thats why 'The Who' was commissioned for this song

    It was flat out mockery of the masses

    They're All in it Together

    Screw the friggin JFK shit
    I used to love the man but as with everything else ever presented to the public through their pschopathic media
    This was by far their grandest false flag ever outside of their fake moon landings

    You want to talk military operations and psychological trauma inflicted on an entire populace
    Well hell lets just pretend to shoot the president in broad daylight and then later we'll pretend take out his brother and you just watch how the cattle walk in lock step and mourn the death of their idols
    While the real perps behind the camera's and curtains laugh all the way to the bank

  6. Can't post on other articles so posting this here

    Is it really doing business as or something else?
    Eliminate the corporations person status is part of the plan

    And RATzinger nor the other yobo POPEYE the sailor men are gonna do anything that is not part of the script that the scribes authorize

    Make note
    In reading this you will find what is known as the OMNIBUS SPENDING BILL

    World parliament is plastered with omnibus shit and OBUDSMEN

    WLA annagram it you get LAW

    1. Federation is it

      World Legislative Act #47
      International Integration, including United Nations Integration, and Integration of Federation Member Missions, Embassies and Consulates within the Earth Federation

      Short title: International Integration

      Whereas, contrary to popular portrayal, the Earth Federation and the Constitution for the Federation of Earth are not “against” the United Nations, but rather for global self-government and against abuses and corruptions that impede self-government;

      Whereas the Constitution for the Federation of Earth specifically provides for the integration of the United Nations viable agencies;

      Whereas embassies, consulates and respective staffs worldwide comprise a pool of skilled persons whose training and experience will be helpful for the implementation of the Earth Federation programs; These programs include Earth Federation embassies and consulates for serving to integrate the Earth Federation with world citizens (people) who live in countries not yet members of the Earth Federation. Additionally, often ambassadorial or consular officials and staff have additional needed skills that might be extremely valuable elsewhere in the Earth Federation Executive Branch, in the Integrative Complex or elsewhere in the Earth Federation agencies and programs.

      Whereas, the Missions of member nations to the United Nations in New York and other United Nations administrative centers are among those embassies where there are skilled officials and staff concerned to make a good difference in the world, and with the intention to help bring about self-government in the world;

      Under number 13 (go figure)
      The Earth Constitution is the document which has developed by the initiation of the people. The Earth Constitution is the document that creates self-government on Earth, by the people, of the people and for the people.

      They are running parallel scripts and the TRANCEFORMATION is being carried out by those being tricked on purpose in to serving the agenda
      Anyone not exposing this world parliament shit is in on the plan



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