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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Are You Aware - This is crucial for Ammon Bundy

This letter was sent late this afternoon to Ammon Bundy's attorney.  I believe Mike Arnold is a well-intentioned man, but like most American Lawyers, he probably hasn't ever been taught these facts.  So I told him and left the door open for him to ask more and to do the right thing in securing the release of all those who were attacked by the FBI  in Oregon for lack of jurisdiction.

To Mike at the Arnold Lawfirm

From Judge Anna Maria Riezinger,

Most lawyers trained in American law schools in the past fifty years have NOT been trained about land jurisdiction, nor have they been properly trained about the jurisdiction of the air, either.  

But prior to that time, those who are now late 70's, 80's, and 90's knew the Federal System and knew it well. 

Ammon Bundy is being mischaracterized as a "Domestic Terrorist"--- "Domestic" that is, with respect to the Federal United States, but he is not now and never was a Federal United States Citizen.  He is a native of the Continental United States. The false presumption otherwise was created by fraud against him and his parents when he was just a baby to enrich the British Crown Corporation and pump up the war effort during WWII. After WWII they just continued press-ganging Americans into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea.  That fraud is about to come down on top of the perpetrators 

You would do well to avoid any implication in their misdeeds.

Ammon Bundy has never knowingly or willingly operated as a "person" in his life.  He has never operated a merchant marine vessel in any capacity whatsoever. He never knowingly volunteered to be a franchisee or sought any benefit of incorporation. Any action taken against him on the basis of these absurd and self-interested presumptions is an act of personage and those bringing these charges against him are actively involved----whether they know it or not--- in barratry.

He is a plain old American Rancher and his Constitutional guarantees are being violated.  Now that you know these facts it is up to you to bring it to the attention of your brethren in the court and to stop this travesty in its tracks.

As you will see if you look at Amendment VII of the Constitution of the United States (which says verbatim the same as the actual Constitution through Amendment 12) you will see that living people are owed Common Law and Ammon Bundy is owed Common Law and a trial by jury of his peers--- meaning men and women like him who are aware of their guarantees and their position as "free sovereign and independent people of the United States" ---- not British Subject "inhabitants" here to provide essential governmental services.  

Ammon and his co-defendants are not subject to the jurisdiction of the sea nor to any "Special Admiralty" court venue.  They are non-Domestic, non-resident aliens with respect to you and your entire Court System and you have been duly advised. We require actual justice, not just an appearance thereof.

You've agreed to be his attorney, but you can't be his attorney because you are a Bar Member. At best you can be a faithful Counselor, but I doubt that the Court will pay your share of the performance bonds if you do.  

I know you don't want to hear this, but it is true. Your United States Grand Jury is welcome to bring an indictment against the Bundy family and our Federal Grand Jury is welcome to bring an indictment against all the foreign agents masquerading as "FBI" and "BLM" and also against those members of the "US District" Court System who are pretending to be operating within their charter. 

I will leave it to you to figure out whether the tail really wags the dog or not.  We are here to answer any questions you might have.

Judge Anna Maria Riezinger


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  1. Judge Anna...
    We need someone just like you down here in Australia
    I love reading your stuff.
    Prayers to Ammon and his fellow political prisoners.
    Al Braye

  2. Thank you Judge Anna
    The travesty goes well beyond the Bundy charges.
    Thank you for helping America wake up to them.

  3. Thank You Anna for your wisdom which brings us knowledge. The bundys are in our prayers for True justice.

  4. The hammer has hit the nail squarely on it's head. Jurisdiction, jurisdiction, jurisdiction,...or the lack the real issue. I know a guy who beat these minions of Satan using this defense, and he did it on his own, because he KNEW that the mere act of hiring an attorney, who "APPEARED" on his behalf, gave the court jurisdiction from the onset. Mr. Bundy should, if he's smart, dismiss this attorney and stand as himself...not pro se or pro per either, but as the man created by God and use Article I, section 8, clause 17 of the constitution exclusively. They'll try to get him to argue other subject matter, but don't let them...stick to the lack of jurisdiction only. There are over 800 cases that I know of that won with this argument, usually at the supreme court level, sometimes by habeas corpus, when it was shown that the so called "crime" didn't occur on land over which congress had authority to legislate. Add that to what Anna teaches regarding the bankruptcies of the corporations and all of that, and it carry the day,...but then things are more corrupt now than ever and Mr. Bundy has a long road to hoe. Prayer is needed now for all things of the world, which there seems to be little of.


  5. Thank you Anna for your help on this planet - it's a psycho ward. We need more angels like you!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    - Pleiadian Ninja

  6. anna your stuff is a little toooooo far out there at this stage for him to grasp. he has lived his entire life as surety for the "person" and has no evidence to the contrary. unfortunately i think he will be in more trouble than he knows what to do with. better for him to do 3 things for now:

    1. FRCP 12 standing. there is no injured party hence no standing for anyone against him in court.
    2. trinsey v pagliaro evidence. since there is nobody in that fake court with firsthand knowledge, it is all hearsay. better to object everytime an attorney opens his mouth to speak against you.
    3. trowbridge v US jurisdiction. obviously the court does not have the constitutional authority nor capacity to enter pleas or judgments for debt collection for the district of columbia municipal government.

    i would start there and then appeal after sticking them with those issues in the kangaroo courts. im afraid although you are right, he has not proven the contrary to the presumption and assumptions of his surety ship and worse has shown quite the opposite. imho ;o)

    1. Penny...the second point is the best advice..."object every time the prosecutor opens her
      But sometimes you have to do thinks there way so they understand it the way they were taught..!!

      So the very first thing that should have been filed is FRCP17 (a)....Who is the "Real Party of Interest" in this case...!! And it can't be the STATE...!! Then along with it file a motion to dismiss for "failure to state a claim for which REMEDY cannot be given"(FRCP(12)b(6)...!!!

      But this is not something the attorney will do, and he isn t prepared enough to go "pro se"...!! He may know law, but very few of us know procedure...!!

  7. Too many have been bewitched beguiled and deceived and sold out for the filthy lucre and do not want to give up their counterfeit power that can only kill steal and destroy them sooner now than later. Judge Anna puts forth truthful content. No one will listen. The courts will ignore it. - A nation of sissy sellouts too afraid and too full of fear and intimidation to 'shoot' back.

    Let God be your Hitman. Repent and forsake your sins and change your evil ways. No other choice. No time left.

    1. You are right wmral. Until America gets on it's knees like the people of Ninive and repents and does penance there will be no turnaround.
      Prayer without ceasing and amendment of life are the keys.

  8. This will be the very first all important step in righting a terrible injustice to all sovereign persons of this planet. There are only one of two ways this case can go, let's pray it sets precedence for future generations.


    1. It can go only one way the way the pedophile judge a d lawyers want it to go under Admiralty law where they can do as they please.

      Jurisdiction has very little to do with as in an Admiralty court it can be over ruled and ignored.

      The only way to win this case is to quote the Constitution continually as if you do so it will over ride the admiralty law that must be challenged every step of the way by quoting Constitutionl law. Since all lawyers are Freemason Satan worshiper pedophiles they will not do this however they took an oath to the Constitution and must do so however if their is no one to challenge all of this all the way through which there is not Admiralty law will prevail and all of them will be locked up for 200 years for contempt of the illegal court and a number of trumpt up charges that will come about. This will play out just like the Pastor Kent Hovind court case. All of it is online. You can read it for yourself. Americans are dumbed down sissy sellouts and fearful and will not 'shoot' back.

    2. Agreed on the quoting of the constitution continually, that's why jurisdiction of USA and it's courts is challenged pursuant to article I, section 2, clause 17, which clearly defines the territorial jurisdiction of the United States. WE know about the bankruptcies, and that there is no lawful government since 1860 and the like, but I doubt that even now they will admit that in open court. My friend beat them using lack of legislative jurisdiction, and even had a portion of title 18 declared unconstitutional. The prosecutor tried to get him to argue other subject matter, but he didn't and stuck to the issue. They even tried to get him to submit a brief on interstate commerce and how that would or would not be impacted, and he refused, sticking to lack of jurisdiction. finally USA ran 0ut of bullets and they had to let my friend go, and they did, much to their chagrin. for this to work, all of this should be done before arraignment. After that, jurisdiction is given and it's more difficult. Same with hiring an attorney. My friend did on his own and throughout his pleadings, stated he was in want of counsel. The supreme court has ruled that if a defendant doesn't have counsel when charged, no prison. They try to appoint one for you, but in that case, you have to put in an affidavit rejecting the court appointed attorney, and he won't conduct a defense in accordance with your beliefs? Agreed, the Hammond's are either going to become educated real fast, or will pay a huge price for their lack of knowledge. Someone who is close to them should do their paperwork as a 'next friend' and use material related to legislative jurisdictional issues.


    3. described my brother perfectly...!! But everyone else I know also...!!

  9. Americans have a choice.

    What court to support? 5
    What court do you support by agreeing to its jurisdiction? It's a free country.
    1. A common law, continental US, land jurisdiction, grand jury court?
    2. A maritime and Roman civil law, British admiralty, sea jurisdiction, look-alike court?

    What constitution? 5
    What constitution do you support by agreeing to its jurisdiction? It's a free country.
    1. The original US continental constitution, "The Constitution for the united States", signed wet-ink by George Washington?
    2. A British corporate plagiarized constitution "the Constitution of the United States"

    Two capitalization's and changing "for" to "of" constitutes two different documents, two different constitutions, one original, and one plagiarized.

    What court to support? 5
    It's a free country. 5
    Land jurisdiction? 5
    Sea jurisdiction? 5

    What constitution? 5
    It's a free country. 5
    George Washington signed? 5
    Plagiarized version? 5

    1. It is 'not' a free country. 'Wet' ink - wet law - your loyalty is in question and under suspicion - it's all a play on words that means nothing and the American public buy it and are easily impressed by the used car salesman meaningless rhetoric. Notice I avoided saying salesman-ship.

  10. It is definitely not a "free country", but the "illusion" is...!! And it's a very strong delusion, just like the bible said it would be...!!

  11. I read Anna's writings regularly but avoid commenting as most of the people who share their views and opinions here are much more knowledgeable on these subjects than I. However, I would like to comment on the subject of jurisdiction. I believe it is akin to unalienable rights in such that it can't be given up and can't be taken away. If you don't have jurisdiction at the start you can't gain it by some mistake or by someone saying some magic words of art. That would amount to nothing more than a trespass on your proper jurisdiction. It happens every day but only because we let it happen. The courts have ruled that the exercise of jurisdiction where it does not exist is tantamount to treason. I believe that is why at any point during a trial or evening after the sentencing or judgement is passed a man may still challenge jurisdiction. I do agree however, that the best time to challenge jurisdiction is at the start of a trial and also at every point throughout the trial...Bob

  12. natives seeking to do no harm require no government.

    god made man in his own corporate image.
    man- a servant, or an attendant to the male sex.
    woman- female servant belonging to man or mankind.
    men- are apt to forget the benefactor, (mother earth), and riot over the benefit.

    almost all natives have been enslaved by words. to stop them cold, with a smile, native on native soil. natives are president for their estate.

    capital letter use puts one in the evil corporate roman death cult.


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