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Friday, November 30, 2018

Dear Mr. Trump: November 29, 2018

By Anna Von Reitz

By exactly what variation of madness is Kim Goguen being allowed to assert control over our assets?  We, the American States and People, doing business as The United States of America [Unincorporated] are owed over $190 Trillion Dollars by the IMF.  We own the Philippines land mass. And that is just the beginning of what we are owed. We are sick and tired of the tail attempting to wag the dog.

If you wish to honor your contract with the American People you will know that this debt and all Special Deposit Assets which belong to us and which have been wrongly conveyed into the "U.S. Trust" and/or otherwise claimed by Ms. Goguen and Ms. Hudes are due and payable to the actual States of the Union and their Federation, The United States of America.

We are presenting ourselves and asserting our interest in the Trust Assets and the Special Deposit Assets, whereupon those assets must be disgorged and returned to the rightful owners and trustees.


  1. "The Teacher never Speaks during a Test" Very Wise words InThought-Behavior-Wholly-InDeed!!

    Much Gratitude, Love, Awareness and Eternal Peace Be For All Now

  2. Does anyone know if Anna is OK?
    What's going on with the Earthquake in Alaska ? ......

  3. I am in contact live with Anna and she is OK. 7.2 right in Big Lake.

    Waiting to hear if there was any damage to their place.

    1. Stramer - thanks for this! We were just going to send concerns & good hopes she's ok. Looking very crumbly. Gheeze. Whew. Of course we wonder if its DEW or Real Mother Nature.

    2. Dear Father please keep Anna and her family safe from harm

    3. We also pray Anna and all her family & friends remain safe as time goes forward with after shocks, etc.

  4. Paul, thank you kindly, what a fast response!
    Thank you, please, let us know!

  5. Patriot58 - What an absolutely abhorrent & stupid thing for UCADIA to post on the internet. Is this a fraudulent use of UCADIA or is this a reflection of the "Foundation" & "confidential organization"? Wow. Helping folks with cognitive & spiritual disabilities? Wow. What could possibly go wrong with that?

    UCADIA: "assisting people in overcoming cognitive and spiritual disabilities"

    UCADIA ECCLESIA FOUNDATION Volunteer Opportunities ...
    Ucadia Ecclesia Foundation is a transparent, unincorporated, nonprofit, autocephalous Religious Society that is registered in the State of North Carolina. Ucadia Ecclesia Foundation conducts research, education and other activities relating to assisting people in overcoming cognitive and spiritual disabilities.


  6. The IRS is cracking down on giving out anymore 501c (3), tax exempt statuses.....even for churches...!! That should tell you how desperate they are...!! It is starting with "legal marijuana" licenses first...even though the states voted for the legalization of pot, the Federal govt did no such thing....but how many chances did they have to control that industry and collect taxes from all the dispensaries....WHY..!!
    THere can only be one reason....they need it to be a federal felony because they make way more money putting people in prison for it , plus the courts and attorneys, and law enforcement...!!

    And they get there cut anyway through clandestine deals with all the cartels around the world....!!

    1. UCADIA Ecclesia Foundation - Perhaps this org can be of assistance to your cognitive & spiritual disabilities: UCADIA. Check them out, they 'say' they're here to help humanity. Oh, wait, perhaps that doesn't pertain to the entity empowering the fiction posting here.
      If you think the FBI won't find your posts mental, hee hee, go ahead, report all you want. Your entity is expressing pangs of drowning in the swirl of the Big Flush. Buhbye.

    2. UCADIA Ecclesia Foundation - hum, something familiar here... you're pattern of escalation is very similar to an entity who was recently 'excused' from posting here... & who claimed to have a hive of attackers ready to avail stingers at his mere request.
      Humm, yep, same escalation pattern. I see a pattern, do you see a pattern? I see a pattern, do you see a pattern? I see a pattern, do you see a pattern?... ?

  7. Not to mention all the "civil forfeiture" laws which gives the State to just take anything they want , just by being charged with sales and trafficking across state lines....!! You say why do we need banks Anna..!!
    I say why do we need Courts or law enforcement....they are all corrupt anyway, with only the illusion of you really think that will change if we the people are given our funds back....!! Guess again...!!

  8. UCADIA just said everything that everyone needs to know about it. I'm guessing that some very bad things might be coming its way, very soon.

  9. Anna said she is OK. The house survived well due to some special construction techniques. They did lose some of the loose items from shelves, family stuff not replaceable. Many others south of them were not so fortunate.

    1. That's good news. But did the earthquake swallow up all the courts and traitorist judges too....!! We need a silver lining to this disaster...!!

  10. Meditated Love with Healing sent to all in Big lake area!

  11. UCADIA Ecclesia Foundation - Have not seen anyone here express anti-'sh*t' over a language long extinct. There are NO SEMITES, but imposters of their Pity-Party rhetoric upon that which has nothing to do with them. Hee hee you are quite the flushing-swirl.
    Typically of the jew to mouth off w such threatening, excessive verbosity, aka diarrhea of the mouth. Using a cannon when a pea-shooter will do?
    Again, no one can threatened a 'fiction' zombie. YOU began this dialogue expressing direct harm to a Living Being. Haven't you learned anything from Anna's articles? Keep posting, as the more you do, the more evidence of possible mental instability is expressed.
    Would the org you're possibly representing, or its patrons, be pleased w your posts? It could impede on your shekel-shaker, ya know.
    Are you sure you want to persist? Keep in mind, YOU are falling for OUR trap, cuz ya can't keep your trap shut, & we know you'll impale yourself upon the horns of self-concocted dilemma. Here, let me sweep the walk-way, step this way, see how clear the path, no stones to trip upon, yes.. right this way...

    It's a Trick, We Always Use It (calling people anti-Semitic) 1:26

  12. From James Pansini:

    UCADIA.....I don't subscribe to that venigular ..."soverign citizen" and never have....!!

    It's people like you who make up words as weapons to threaten, discredit, and do nothing but create an atmosphere of "FEAR"...!!

    But someone is coming for you to...and all your cohorts...!! He is watching and waiting with his crown of thorns that people like you put on him....the time is near..!!

    When will you repent..When will you see the TRUTH. When will you humble yourself in front of the only Real King..SOVERIGN of this world...!!??

    If I play victim, it's because you always claim KING" suppressing anything good, holy , and beneficial only to you and your ilk...!!

    You think you have won, and that is your delusion...all your lies and that of you who think they have the right to rule over the rest of humanity because of your inflated ego, acting as God's and looking at the masses as ignorant slaves that you have intentionally kept that why through typical brainwashing techniques , like our public school systems ,and our traitorist media and corrupt judges and court systems who you have used for your own ends....again , just to create FEAR and spread hate while unlawfully enriching yourselves at their expense....!!
    Enjoy this life, because the next one wont be so nice...and it's eternal...!! Remember, it was your choice...!!

    I live very meekly, and want nothing , except to live in peace, which none of your kind seems to understand....!!

    Maybe if your word was good to people, we won't find ourselves constantly fighting...!!

    Why do want so much, that you have to steal from everyone else to get it...ill never understand it...!! I'm not against an honest govt. I'm only against a govt that thinks everything has to be reduced to slaves in order to support your materialistic needs...!! May the "FATHER" have mercy on your soul...!!