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Thursday, November 29, 2018

False Gods

By Anna Von Reitz

I have told you that your bodies are "vessels" that can be inhabited by various kinds of energetic beings.  For example, the same kind of body can contain the soul of a man or of an angel. 

Your DNA somewhat limits and determines what kind of body you have and what kind of energetic being or soul can inhabit it. 

That's why these "bloodline" families cared about DNA and tried to preserve DNA that will produce bodies that can support the incarnation of more of their kind on Earth.

It's not that the DNA in itself is so special, but having the right kind of physical body that can support the incarnation of a particular energetic being, is. 

Imagine trying to fit a super-tanker into a canoe and you will have the gist of it.

The ET's call carbon-based bodies "meat bodies" because they are ephemeral and degrade so quickly ---but also because some ET's eat our bodies for food. 

These predatory ET's act as cannibals and vampires when they are incarnate, but in their minds, they are completely separate from the bodies they are both preying upon and inhabiting and they are --- again, in their minds --- doing no real harm, because the energetic body is immortal. 

Obviously, you can either exist in the incarnate form --- living inside a physical body --- or a discarnate form -- living outside a physical body.  So when they eat someone, they are "only" destroying a temporary physical form. 

This is what Jesus was referring to when He said not to fear those who can only destroy the physical body, but to fear Him who can destroy both the soul and the body and condemn them to Gehenna.

"Gehenna" is Aramaic for a sort of cosmic waste dump or non-space of discarnate scrap.

I have also told you about the warrior-priest-scientists of Sirius B, the super-soldiers of Orion called "Aryans" on this planet, and the merchant traders of the Pleiades--- and how they formed a caste system similar to the Hindu caste system that still exists today.

These extra-terrestrials were worshipped as "gods" by the people of Earth, but the group of Sirius B warrior-priests who came here were actually renegades and pirates set against the Order of the True God.

We know them as the Fallen Angels, and they are related to the Dracos, the Archons of the Draco Star System. Together, these two related groups of "the Fallen" combined to make up the Saturnine Brotherhood.
Their servants, the "Aryan" super-soldiers --- "Aryan" is a transliteration of  "Orion" --- need the energy of terror and death and its preserved residue known as the "engrams" of terror and death --- because that is what they feed upon. So, to a lesser, more ceremonial extent, do the Draco Archons. 

They staged wars to re-stock their larders. Horrific tales of vampires drinking the blood of dead soldiers are true, so are the stories of cannibalism, but the real pay-off was not the flesh and blood that they "harvested" but the engrams, the long-lasting energetic imprints of emotional terror and pain that these ETs could feed upon for years afterward. 

When you hear these terrible things about the "sacrificial cults" in Europe and in South America and in Meso-America---cutting out beating hearts from living chests with stone knives and "rivers" of blood flowing down gutters on either side of stairways leading to stone altars at the top of pyramids---- you will now understand better what they were doing:they were feeding their "gods". Literally.

When you hear about people being inhabited by "demons" you will better understand what that means, too. These "demons" are ET's of specific races that can inhabit and sometimes co-inhabit a human body. 

Some of them were so powerful that they could simply "walk in" to an occupied body and chase the original owner out.  In effect, the original being "died" but the body lived on under new ownership---with a profoundly different personality in charge.

Often, misguided but otherwise normal people, sought to attract the notice of these false gods by sacrificing young people---- similar to staking out a live animal or piece of meat as bait to attract a predator like a bear or mountain lion.  They would then ask these "gods" for rain or victory in war or whatever else they wanted, and if the "gods" were pleased by their sacrifices  --- they'd get what they wanted.  

But time has run its course.  The Doctrine of Destiny has expired as of November 18, 2018, which is why when they tried to ceremonially "open the gates of Hell" by sacrificing their High Priest on the 19th of November, nothing happened.

Nothing at all.

It won't be long now and the last of these false gods will be gone, all the residue of their long reign of terror swept away like dust, their "seals" clogging up the Earth's energy conduits flushed away like old leaves down a rain gutter.  All their so-called "magic" is fading away.

They will no longer be able to incarnate "in the form of" men and women and no longer exist as "hue-men" -- that is, "colored as men", having the appearance of mankind, but not actually being men or women. 

And that will bring peace to the Earth. Selah. So I have said it, and so it shall be. 

Likewise all their crazy sex cults will die off.  They used sex as a means of enslaving and controlling and black-mailing and then ultimately used the resulting unwanted off-spring who were aborted or otherwise sacrificed-- as more food. 

If you stop a moment and open up your senses you can feel the lifting of the weight and the opening of the atmosphere.

The False Gods are leaving. They have no choice. And they cannot return.


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  1. alanedward says;

    "As the sea is an accumulation of all the tears throughout the ages over the struggle by the gods to manipulate the soul."

  2. Well anna has lost her natural mind and is beyond help. The earth is just as full of havoc as it has ever been, more now that ever. It is so far from Peace that it is gonna blow yer mind the rest of the way, when you see it with your own eyes, the great tribulation that is in the not too distant future.
    Im convinced that Delusion is the worst disease this world/country has ever been contageoned with, and for which there is no cure.

    1. If delusion is an illness, you're terminally ill!

  3. The same principle applies to families with healing gifts, and their allies in the Spirit World. The Inquisitions broke up many family lines and the plagues and famines took their toll. Desperation can easily become greed when fortune takes an upturn and many were seduced into arrogance and selfishness. Still, values based in integrity and respect have deep roots and throwbacks do crop up as anomalies in their birth families. Many of these end up looking to other cultures for paradigm support and/or training. Unfortunately, other cultures have beasties in their closets too! Some peoples even have ways of acknowledging the buggers without invoking them so's not to get caught with your head in the sand...or sand in your head. Drugs, alcohol and trauma can all open doorways for unwanted visitors. Heartful prayer and fasting can encourage helpful ones. Gratitude for Life in the face of Death, Courage in the face of Fear, a large Hope for me, you, us and Mama Earth; in Faith, one day at a time..let's be charitable with ourselves. To quote and old friend of mine "every day above ground is a good day."

    1. Yes, yes, Yes Mae Dawson!!! Beautifull, In-Sight-fully expressed for All Now, thank you!!! So Grateful to Still Be Alive to be experiencing and witnessing these Awe-mazing inner revelations, tribulations and final judgment/original Order Being Restored Now!!!

      Thank you Anna for this enlightened writing!!

      Much Gratitude, unconditional Love, true Awareness, and Eternal Peace Be For All Now

  4. "The False Gods are leaving. They have no choice. And they cannot return."

    i see no evidence of this.

    "what goes around comes around" -- "judge" cavanaugh. the ends justifies the means, to these people.

    see every comment "BUT BUT THE THE DEMOCRATS DID IT FIRST"

    abby is right. 99% of people are "wicked" "twisted".

    "at the top of pyramids"

    check your federal reserve notes. "Satan" still runs all the "finances" etc. he is still "god of this world"

    if there is some "final showdown" i see no signs it is over.

    "satan" is a "deadbeat" anna. that is who still 99% of people worship. i dont see any big "change"

    this world is still 99% satanic i see no signs of that letting up. "people are no damn good"

    1. same old hegelian mind#$%@.

      that's how "Satan" Works anna, he tries to get all "Sides"

      the "new" game is trap everyone with "holy spirit" (spiritus sanctus, instead of spiritum sanctum) on both "sides." then noone gets holy ghost. then all sacraments are invalid. then there is no "body" of believers.

      "atheism and christianity conquered at the same time" in masonic speak. they just baptize them in lucifer. two doves with one stone.

      (see "the rite" movie, see also "the people versus larry flynt" for 2 examples of fake baptisms by "trinity" "churches")

      no signs this has reversed course.

      satan on the "left", satan on the "right". same old.

      you can be "protestant" or "catholic", "satan" still runs all the modern "churches"

      pick a satan, any satan.

      “To the Mason, God is our Father in Heaven …He is our Father; and we are all brethren.” - Morals and Dogma, page 227

    2. "even the elect shall be deceived, if such a thing be possible"

    3. thats why "lucifer" "Baphomet" has female and male parts. he always tries to take both "Sides". maximum deception is the goal.

    4. im still waiting for "the pope" to make corrections, as anna said would happen years ago.

      there is zero evidence any "corrections" ever occurred. looks like anna has lost faith in him too, she is back to trashing the fake "vatican" again.

      we're all still waiting.

    5. summary of fake "baptism" in "holy spirit" "they are spinosists"

      link's yard sale, selling the trinity (triforce) to ganondorf (ganon == satan spirit, -dorf == incarnated fleshly form).

      "is this (trinity) for sale? i found it in your foyer"

      "what? no. stay out of my house"

    6. Xerces, the unseen is the true 'reality' from which all life and 'being' arises.
      Abby (and you) are incorrect..."99% of people are [NOT]"wicked" or"twisted"."
      Although the behavior(s) of some may be 'wicked or twisted', BEHAVIOR IS NOT THE MAN! People are NOT their behavior, which only represents their individual level of understanding of WHO/WHAT they actually are.
      Within each of us is a Living Soul tempered and directed by the 'Energy, Wisdom, and Love' of the One and Only Creator.
      We and our Creator are truly ONE!!
      If you have not yet found this to be true for you, dig deeper! Your 'higher self' is where Truth resides...
      If you 'see yourself' as "wicked" & "twisted", then you are most certainly thinking with your 'ego' or lower self. Ego is the lie and the source of all "wicked" & "twisted"
      If you are sitting in judgment of other people and see "wicked" & "twisted", then you MUST come to recognize that you CANNOT SEE IN OTHERS WHAT IS NOT ALREADY WITHIN YOU.

  5. More Aryan bashing from what book does this come from?
    The Astec. Indian were giving sacrifice to thair god's .
    In no book have I found reference of Sirius or orion or grays from zadia.reticili.
    The military have tall whites that live near broom lake and visit Las Vagas to unwind .
    I want sources not more SPLC lies.
    dollar to a donut the banks skate with thair haul and it will be up to the few patriots to clean up the mess .

  6. i disagree with much of what you 'proclaim.' And i do this not because of hatred, not because of envy.
    i do not believe certain ' DNA' will block nor necessarily enable certain spirits to enter your body. i believe that good or evil can exist in any body they are invited into, many open themselves unknowingly to the spirits of evil. They speak of I, me, myself, and have delusions of grandeur. There are patterns that can be seen, if you have this gift(from above.)Joan of Arc syndrome may be attributed to this delusion?
    We (the True Church) can pray for them. Pray for them to be humbled etc.

  7. Thank you Anna for all the work you do. There are a lot of non-believers out there that will have a difficult time with the transition that we are in but the truth will set us free. Hopefully all of us. For those that are ready to face the truth follow this website. It talks in great detail what really has happened to humanity and our planet. It also talks about the Event, what it is and how we will experience it. 'Cobra' stands for 'compression breakthrough' it is also the name that is used to address the person that created this website, since he still remains anonymous. He is the intermediary between the Pleadians and Humanity. You will learn about the Archons, Chimera, Dracos and Reptilians and the energy grid that they have set up to keep Earth in quarantine. Read all the post going all the way back to 2012, when this site was created. Ignore the short coded messages on there, they are not meant for us to be understood.This was just posted today.

    1. Excellent summation Anna. Keep up your good works.

  8. I've read all the comments; such deep thinkers you are all. Blessings on all of you.

    I too am a deep thinker and have seen the face of evil many times, both as a prison guard in a maximum security penitentiary and as a soldier who has traveled to many a third world country. I have seen some of the inhumanity that man can do to man.

    Anna mentioned the Archons from the Nag Hammadi Texts and I believe they do exists. My greatest question to you all Is: If God created the earth and I do believe he did. Why did he allow Satan to be the god of this earth?

    When Jesus said the one of the Pharisees, "you are of your father the devil". I think he meant that literally. Any comments?

  9. Great Quest-I-on Gary!!! This In-sight-ful explanation expressed gets to the Substance and True Natural Order of the matter here:


    Much Gratitude, Love, True Awareness and Eternal Peace Be For All Now

    1. Gary, our 5 senses (touch,taste, smell, sight, and sound) are liars!
      They do not open the gates of our mind to know how this world actually is. They tell us of the "APPEARANCES" of things, not the true nature of all that is... they promote the 'ILLUSIONS' of this world, not showing us the Energy and Life and Love WITHIN those appearances.
      When man thinks with his 'little mind' (ego), he believes the lies of his senses, and he acts as if the illusion is 'real'. (the source of 'bad behavior')
      That makes him a liar as well!!
      The devil was given authority over the illusion world, and when someone is acting as if the illusions and lies are actually real, he is following the devil.
      Jesus was simply pointing this out when he said to the Pharisees, "you are of your father the devil".
      BTW, to be "of your father the devil" is NOT a permanent condition.
      As a man opens his spiritual eyes, begins to 'awaken' to the Truth, he may be set free of falsehood and lies, and if he persists, he will know God.

  10. Ladies and Gentlement of planet earth beware the doctrines of demons!! The new world order, order out of chaos will just be a more advance chaos and dogma such as this new age doctrines escavated from under a rock in the dark halls of Egypt.

    “This is what Jesus was referring to when He said not to fear those who can only destroy the physical body, but to fear Him who can destroy both the soul and the body and condemn them to Gehenna.”

    No we do not FEAR Satan for he has no power over the righeous and if you resist he will fleed from you. He has no choice. Satan CANNOT destroy the soul but God can. This verse mean to fear God who has power over all. Satan IS NOT TO BE FEARED! Those who can destroy the physical body are not to be feared. But here is a little wisdom for you:

    Proverbs 9:10 The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

    Because you do not fear, meaning reverence towards the Most High God you do not understand.

    "Gehenna" is Aramaic for a sort of cosmic waste dump or non-space of discarnate scrap.”
    Really, seriously where are your references, from a Course In Miracles??


    ExamplesWord Origin
    1. the valley of Hinnom, near Jerusalem, where propitiatory sacrifices were made to Moloch. II Kings 23:10.
    Ge Hinnom "the Valley of Hinnom," southwest of Jerusalem.

    Lucifer is not a noun, a name, place or a thing. Look it up. It is the bioluminecense chemical in fireflys from luciferase!!.
    luciferase (n.)
    enzyme found in fireflies and other glowing creatures, 1888, from French lucif√©rase; see Lucifer. Related: Luciferin.
    Anybody awake out there? What is wrong with you folks?
    Gary great question, you my friend are thinking outside the box.
    Job 26:13  By his spirit he hath garnished the heavens; his hand hath formed the crooked serpent. (Satan)

    Thats right it was God who created the crooked serpeant, the devil, and for a very good reason.

    Rev 2:7  He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the midst of the paradise of God. 

    Overcome what? To stand in the balance between good and evil. Man eating from the tree of good and evil, he has become like God for he is a gods. God is a title like a King. You cannot be a King and not have a self governing mind but are toasted to and fro by every sway of doctrines.

    Psalm 82:6 King James Version (KJV)
    6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High.
    But our Father will not give us this power until we overcome and learn to use the most effective weapon in the universe. Anybody knows what it is ??

    L O V E

  11. Thank you Anna for this information and I would like to hear more. It adds another level of understanding to " You know something is wrong' Thanks again, God bless

  12. Who did they try to sacrifice on the 19th of November? Who was their High Priest? Was there something in the news I missed? We struggle against spiritual wickedness in high places, right? Who is their high placed priest? Thank you for your response.

  13. Anna said Lucifer was sacrificed. A statement out of a rabbit hat

    1. DEdesign have I not seen any proof from any religion~

  14. Kinda scary! I had such a being living in me! Seriously finally I was on my knees crying to the great spirit, sorry for my part in the whole affair but was forgiven immediately on asking. I felt the rise of spirit in me, and recall writing out a page of what I felt after the old thing was gone. Mostly about love, and wish I had saved that paper. Next few days were really wonderful, more uplifting, release from the evil stuff, no more, just want to help and love people now. Before when the thing was in me I planned to rob a bank or perhaps some other bad thing, maybe rustle a cow, anything that seemed bad I wanted to do and I hated Christians for trying to help me. It came apparently due my boozing and weakening and somehow got in to me. Since then I have not taken anymore booze and lived in peace with God helping me all along, guiding my path. Too bad others cannot experience this but I would wish on no one the indescribable horror, pain, anguish, shame, degradation and other evil things that it took to shake me up enough to accept God's help, the only help that finally worked and is still working.

  15. Although this third dimensional world appears to be physical, it still operates under the spiritual laws of the creator. Our thoughts create, so think love and light to create heaven on earth.

  16. I apologize in advance if this has been explained elsewhere, particularly in the comments here on this post or in a previous post that deals with this type of information, but quite honestly, many of the comments are, at best, not well thought out, my own not necessarily excluded thought I try to think through them, and many of them are obviously not generated by a heart of love for fellow man, regardless of state, status, creed, ethnicity, or even in the way their brains are "wired," but are rather obviously born out of the division and the distrust and the anger and fear that creeps into even the most holy and noble lives. Given that, I am often very discouraged, and at times outright disgusted to see the types of thoughts that seem to accompany a larger than I would prefer segment of the followers of Anna's material. Many of you are racists, ideologues, and just not very good people at heart. Many of you seem to be a bit "ethereal" and even maybe out of touch with a more common and practical view of reality, which often leads to remarks that are heretical, or borderline heretical. So, enough of my rant concerning how difficult it often is to sort through the various bullshit I find here, which is my explaination for my own, call it laziness, but I find it more akin to streamlining my research and reading efforts, for not finding the answer to my question on my own. . .but my question here is, "What are the source(s) of these ideas concerning the warrior-priest-scientists of Sirius B, the super-soldiers of Orion called "Aryans" on this planet, and the merchant traders of the Pleiades--- and how they formed a caste system similar to the Hindu caste system that still exists today." ?

  17. When I heard about the earth quake I thought BINGO Anna Von Rite. She is hitting them on target. But hey you mess with the beast system and you should expect retaliation at some point Bill Cooper, Kennedy, Arthur Koestler etc come to mind.
    Interestingly enough they are able with pin point accuracy to hit a desire target (Anna’s aboard) but did not. Uummm?

    Great testimony Aircarving. Good for everyone and Anna to meditate on. God used an evil spirit to obtain His desired intent, to drag you to Him.

    In 2 Corinthians 12:7-9, Paul says, “And lest I should be exalted above measure through the abundance of the revelations, there was given to me a thorn in the flesh, the messenger of Satan to buffet me, lest I should be exalted above measure. ...

    So here God used an evil spirit to keep Paul in check till the day he died. To keep him in check from what? From exalting himself like the King of Babylon. When we believe we have powers within us we are exalting ourselves to be God himself. “You shall be as God” said that willy serpent and the whole world has believed it. Having to go to the potty should be enough to humble us.

    Something to think about. Have we gotten the plank out of our eyes so we can see clearly.

    That’s right Earthdweller this is all a spiritual experience.

    Christianity and all religions teach we are spiritual eternal beings going thru a physical experience. (the lie sold to Adam and Eve) This, like all other doctrines of the churches, are nothing but square circle. When you come to see and hear we are physical ephemeral beings going thru a SPIRITUAL experience all will start to make sense.

    But if you all think concentrating your energies of love will bring peace on earth think twice, we have no such power. We ARE NOT whom we been waiting for!!! Did not Anna direct all to focus their energies on this year storms to redirect the storm and what happened? BANG came Maria did a number never seem before.

    P.S. There is no way to prove to anyone the spiritual things of life, not even puny me. You must come to know who you really are. A man full of vanity and needing to be rescue from your own self centerness. I believe in the Scriptures, the hidden secrets in them are for those who fear the Lord, for fearing of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

    Man means both male and female, God having both attributes so God is both but neither.


  18. It is good to see many quality comments here.