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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Reminder! GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS Premiere is Friday, Nov. 30

GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS To Premiere November 30 2018!
By Elias Alias  –  November  9, 2018




James Jaeger is a happy camper, and rightly so. As loyal Oath Keepers know, James has been working hard to complete a very important film entitled “GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS: How An Armed Citizenry Deters Tyranny And Atrocities. Now it is time to announce the World Premiere so one and all can celebrate with James the fruits of more than a year’s dedicated work.
James Jaeger called me on the phone this week and offered me an opportunity to write the announcement of the premiere of his latest documentary movie, “Good Guys With Guns”. Because of my history with James Jaeger’s production company,Matrix Entertainment Corporation, and Oath Keepers, I am grateful and honored that he offered me the opportunity to visit with you about this exciting new movie. When I agreed to write this announcement, it also meant that I would be the first man to see the completed movie. I have seen it, twice, and I am pumped!
We will get into it, but first, for those who are on tight schedules, here is the “need to know” info —
The entire 132-minute documentary will premiere on the Home Video Network on Friday, 30 November 2018 from 8PM – 3AM Eastern time (5PM – 12 Midnight Pacific).
Here are the salient links:
ACCESS: To watch the Premiere go to


  1. re: c. johnson:

    "Registering" is moot.

    see bouviers 1856 "militia"

    2nd amendment, they are supposed to be "well regulated" (state training them)

    with < 1% state citizens/nationals, and no actual states (only "Federal citizens only" fake states/elections), and no actual specie-based treasury: noone is training them.

    if the "agents" dont run actual militia, then powers should devolve back to the principals, which ends up being common law county level waupentake. again, they should be training any "militia": WHO IS ACTUALLY DOING THIS?

    likewise, states are supposed to run state court martials for militia, as they are "military" when invoked ("rendezvous"), (and only "militia" when called up).

    "us citizen" can mean state OR federal, see www.supremelaw.og re: 14th. it is not bad on its own, just void for vagueness. see blacks law dictionary "federal citizen" as mentioned there.

    we should call a spade a spade: "Federal citizen"

    common law view is "property in rights and rights in property". rights ARE property. property comes first. else someone can just ask you to leave. property precedes ALL other rights, INCLUDING PRIVACY. "right to privacy" is a property. you have to be able to own property to say i HAVE a "right"

  2. i have pointed out previously, anna's proposed plan to tax everyone not militia for thought crime, is also disallowed on multiple grounds.

    the closest common law precedent is tax a whole county JOINTLY, AFTER THE FACT if there was inadequate "security"

    i have yet to see any actual militia, or any actual states, or any non-federal citizens, or any actual banks.

    color me unimpressed. i dont see any "militia" worth a damn anywhere.

  3. if you want "militia" bare minimum requirements are:

    1) trained people only
    2) state citizens and/or nationals only
    (federal citizens are not "we the people")
    3) someone has to run either state level court martials, or run county-level equivalent in the meantime until actual states are back up and functioning

    NOONE IS DOING THESE THINGS. the so-called "militias" are a sad joke. a "hoax."

  4. them's the breaks. if you want to be state-level "militia" ("military") you dont get civilian trials, you get state court martials if you act up, fail to rendezvous, etc. see bouviers 1856 "militia"



    we already have enough fake "cops" at multiple levels.

    do we really need more fake "militia" impersonators?

  5. see "heraldry" "2. emblems indicating the right to bear arms."

    we got rid of hereditary "knighthood", opened up the "militia" to all of "we the people", but

    1) they still have to be trained
    2) they still have to identify which "lord" they are protecting with appropriate emblem/ID
    3) someone has to run state or county-level court martials as they are NOT civilians.

  6. ironically, the "militia" is probably one of the few people that should either fly/wear emblem of federal horizontal stripes military flag, or a state level equiv. indicating they are not civilians.

    nowadays, football referees wear little patches. that is how far gone things are. number of people impersonating "militia" and "military" is infinite at this point.

  7. "registration" or not, "privacy" or not, it is century-old "law of nations" all people/vessels have to identify their state aka "port of entry"

    "militia" also have to identify themselves as such with appropriate emblem/patch/flag/helmet/boots/shield/tattoo on forehead/etc.

    it is a "war crime" even during "war" to impersonate other nations ("false flag"), or for military to impersonate civilians

    knights/militia have to wear an emblem, else they are "mercenaries" "pirates" "outlaws" etc.

  8. on the sea, others are ALLOWED to fire on vessels who dont identify themselves.

    "militia" had better identify themselves with an emblem.

    1. Xerces Yakir, you need to read my comment below. There will be no advocacy of initiating any violence here. It's a fine line, but advocating something violent is how they operate as agents provocateur and suck the patriots into their jail system.

      You are right when you say we don't need untrained people running around with guns, but who is going to decide if they are "unacceptable"? Read my comment below.

  9. You all need to read the works of Dr. Edwin Vieira Jr. on the militia of the several states and the meaning of the second amendment.

    You will be surprised about what this Constitutional scholar has to say about who the militia is and how it's supposed to be trained.

    Pay special attention to his little booklet called "Thirteen Words"

    You should also watch the upcoming movie on Friday as outlined above in this article based on that book.

    For an archive of all his work go here:

    For my attitude on this, read this article I wrote in January 2016 about patriots who have the warrior mindset.

    I will not allow the advocacy of violent confrontation on this blog. That is exactly how patriots get sucked in to doing something that will land them in jail and has landed many in jail. I do recommend you read the books and article and realize that we need a purely DEFENSIVE posture in regard to the Second Amendment, and we need to understand the true intent of that Amendment.

    And as far as the National Guard being the Militia spoken of in the Second Amendment, no not by a long shot. On the sign of their base north of Kalispell Montana, and as far as I know every other base it's always in all caps. So what does that say. The real Militia is UNORGANIZED, but read Dr. Vieira to find out what that really means. It's only called up for certain reasons. It's NOT a part of any standing Army. It is correct that the militia should be equipped and trained with state money, and can be called up by the Governor or President, but what we have now in the so called NATIONAL GUARD as they spell it is not the Militia spoken of in the Second Amendment.

  10. "Thou shall Not Kill" Period. "Honor thy Neighbor." Period. "Thou Shall Not Worship IDOLS" Period. "Though Shall Not "Covet" Any "Things" Period.
    So IT IS Written and Spoken into the Hu-Man (colorable "body") hearts and Inferior minds of Man, and yet the Actions IN VAIN Tell the True Dark Soul-Spiritless Story INdeed and In Fact On our World!!!!! Enough Dark hearted and Double Speaking, Imbalanced mental Insanity By the Weak and Vain in this New Day and Peaceful Living Age Now!!! No more man-made shallow, and weak False FEARS!!! Time to meet your True Master Protector and Peaceful Leader of your Soul-Spirit In the Living Flesh Now!! Truth Is the Only Weapon we Ever Need, or have ever needed. Get over your Physical Selfie body/mind and Grow your Spiritual "pair" Now!!! Its time we All fully, consciously Wake Up to all the double speak & Grow up in our True Hearts/minds Now!! We got this!!! Its time!!

    Much Gratitude, Unconditional Love, True Faith-filled Awareness and Eternal Peace Be For All Living Souls Now

  11. The Commandment does not say 'thou shalt not kill'' is ''thou shalt not Murder''. Big big difference between the two.

  12. kill [Anti-Christ Worldly Trained, IN VAIN Religious/limited "Fight or Flight" of the Flesh "Beast Mind" thoughts, behaviors and deeds "passively ACTING OUT" without Living Spirit consciousness-Pure Soul-Will within]

    cause the death of (a person, animal, or other living thing).
    "her father was killed in a car crash" · [more]
    murder · cause the death of · take/end the life of · do away with · [more]
    put an end to or cause the failure or defeat of (something).
    "the committee voted to kill the project"
    destroy · put an end to · bring to an end · be the end of · end · [more]
    overwhelm (someone) with an emotion.
    "the suspense is killing me"
    overwhelm · take someone's breath away · leave speechless · shake · [more]
    pass (time, or a specified amount of it), typically while waiting for a particular event.
    "when he reached the station he found he actually had an hour to kill"
    while away · use up · fill up · fill in · fill · occupy · beguile · pass · spend · [more]
    an act of killing, especially of one animal by another.
    "a lion has made a kill"
    death blow · killing · act of killing · dispatch · conclusion · ending · finish · end · climax · coup de grâce


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