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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Sports Fans and Video Gurus Needed!

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have a confession to make.  I am not a great sports fan.  I was born clumsy and shy and egg-headed, so team sports was never my oyster, nor sports in general.   

I have to be in a hospital bed with the Sports Channel and the National Weather Channel as the only viewing options before I will watch the Olympics or any other athletic competitions. So I missed the messages being sent out by the Cabal through the opening and half-time shows.

The first bit that did catch my attention -- through friends commenting about it afterward-- was the bizarre procession of hooded figures carrying candle lamps around the giant effigy of a dead baby in a coffin at the London Olympics.  Say what?  At the same time, they also sponsored what can only be described as a Floor Show with actors pretending to be nurses armed with hypodermic needles pushing gurneys around the field.... WTH? 

This was soon after I and others lifted the lid on the very real dead baby scam the British Territorial United States has tried to foist off on the world.  By tricking parents into registering their children the Vermin created millions of "infant decedent estates" they could feed off and administer to their heart's delight against the interests of the actual owners of those names and estates. 

So, oddly, the "Dead Baby" message was a Public Admission of what they had already done, and the Naughty Nurses on the playing field making jabs in the air and twirling their gurnies around was a Public Notice of sorts, telling people what they planned to do -- use their Licensed and  "Uniformed Officers" ---- to inject everyone with patented crap, so they could claim all of those injected as Genetically Modified Organisms: chattel properties owned under patent.  

Of course, they want everyone to be vaccinated --- and owned as chattel by these rogue governmental services corporations. 

In retrospect, it's a message that the criminal cognizenti can read well enough, and their opinion of other people is so low, they are using this form of "paint them a picture" messaging to serve as court admissions and public notices. 

Not being a big sports buff, I wasn't aware of the existence of the Commonwealth Games, or as they are now styling it, the Common Wealth Games.  And I was only incidentally aware of anything called the World Military Games which were broadcast for the first time, coming to us from..... Wuhan, China, in 2019. 

It turns out that at the end of July 2022 they broadcast another hours-long phantasm at the opening of the Common Wealth (notice -- not Commonwealth) Games with then-Prince Charles presiding for his Mother. 

This time they featured a giant 30-foot tall mechanical bull being dragged onto the field using chains slung over the shoulders of slave women wearing Roman-Style togas. At the same time via giant movie screens, they are "telling" the story of a star exploding and sending shards of glowing "light crystals" onto the Earth, and these vaguely penile-shaped crystal shards being found by young women all over the world.  This second group of women show up at the stadium and in the end, they all troupe up the stairs of a flaming Babylonian-style ziggurat, and then come and fall down in a circle, worshiping the mechanical bull and placing the flags of 71 nations before their idol. 

Just picture the Israelites and the Golden Calf. It's the story retold from the perspective of the cow worshipers. Cow worship is extremely ancient.  Note the worship of "Sacred Cows" in India to this day and the presence of the Goddess Hathor in the Egyptian pantheon. Witness the Babylonian-Assyrian bull god Molloch.  Observe the ancient cult of Mithras. 

Anyway, they are telling us that, according to their plan, the 71 most developed nations of the world, now including Israel, are going to fall down and worship their mechanical bull, and they are going to use the women of this world, the Daughters of Eve, and some kind of female aphrodisiac or female-specific drug to accomplish all this. They are going to present all this as a way of escaping slavery to the bull, and turn it right around into being enslaved by the bull again. 

As far as I am concerned, it's all bull. 

But you will note that they did form all these "dead baby estates" and feed off them.  And they did unleash the Plandemic and profit from that.  So some kind of addiction afflicting the female population is what we can expect next, along with the deliberate placement of women into key positions of power within the corporation "governments", so as to bring all the various national corporations to worship the bull. 

God, the actual one, doesn't like it when we worship the bull.  It's right there, front and center, Article 1 of our contract: "Thou shalt have no other gods before me." 

What happens if you worship the bull idol?  Your nation gets utterly destroyed. 

And now we hear that 71 nations are "decoupling" from the Federal Reserve "dollar". 

Hey, kids, you think that this is all coincidence?  Me, neither. 

So, I got curious --- did they send a message via the opening or half-time shows at the World Military Games in Wuhan, China, in 2019?  


Just the "United Nations" Floor Show was staggering.  They dropped the gong and told it all. 
The United Nations as a Fascist "Savior" in a policeman's uniform, giving a bent-armed Roman salute, followed by an adoration of the Black Sun in which the Black Sun sends out a shock wave of "Peace". 

Or death.  Death can be very peaceful.  I have noticed that many times in mortuaries and funeral chapels and churches where they have dead bodies --- "religious relics" on display.  

Please, could someone who is a sports fan and someone who is a videographer, combine and use your talents (or maybe one sports fan who happens to know how to capture and compile video clips) to surveil and gather together a sequential compendium of these messages?  

Scour through all the major athletic events and look at the opening shows and half time shows ---Olympics, Special Olympics, Common Wealth Games, World Military Games, any big sports events where various nations are represented and competing --- and capture all these weird going's on for people, so they can see it for themselves?  

I am asking for a slide show made of video clips from these events, demonstrating that yes, this is real, and yes, these people are crazy.  We are not imagining it.  We can call this little visual expose (hopefully with subtitles divulging where and when the events occurred) "Beyond Crop Circles".

After the people of the world have a chance to see what their purportedly sane and responsible leaders have been up to, I will send the entire world population a special invite to the elite Tin Hats and Nutters Club. It's the only sane place left to be. 


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