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Sunday, June 2, 2019

The Big Baloney -- QE II and Pope Francis -- My Humble Suggestion

By Anna Von Reitz

This morning I was treated to a parody news story from, announcing that Queen Elizabeth is claiming to be the 43rd great-granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed.  

She is, according to their story, trying to convince the Muslim world that she is their rightful ruler, as part of a bid to usher in global Crown Rule and perk up the oil business.  

It's bizarre enough to be true (not the claim to be the Prophet's progeny --  the news story) and it would neatly explain the proliferation of guillotines in America and the forced migration of Muslim people and the accompanying demands for Sharia Law. 

The actual truth is that Queen Elizabeth is a criminal -- a proven criminal, and she needs to be arrested.  If her own people won't do it, someone else will have to.  And that will mean another bloody, senseless World War. 

As a German by actual lineage, Elizabeth has about as much right to the  Throne of Great Britain as I do.  [I might have a little more claim than she does, because I have some Scottish Clan MacDonald blood flowing in my veins.]  

So there is strike one.  

She isn't a "Windsor" --- that's just an otherwise honorable name adopted because it slyly admits that she is the Prince of the Air's Purser.  She occupies the same basic position as the French Payseur Family---"Wind-sur" like "Pay-sur".  She's a military banker. 

So there's strike two--- lying about her name and actual function. 

And then there's the actual proof of criminality and Breach of Trust.  In 2011 she was convicted of: (1) not having been actually seated on the Throne and (2) breaking her Coronation Oath, by a British Jury.  

This is the John Anthony Hill [JAH] Case.  She was tried. She was convicted by a jury in a British Court.  Fair and square. 

There you have strike three. 

There can be no doubt that Queen Elizabeth II is in fact impersonating the Queen of Britain and has been doing so for many years. 

If you could do that, why not claim to be the 43rd great-granddaughter of the Prophet Mohammed? 

Interestingly, not only is Elizabeth impersonating the Queen of Great Britain, the substance of all her crimes against us and against many other people, is a form of impersonation, too. 

Enfranchisement is a form of impersonation.  You take a living man and you redefine him as a franchise corporation, a thing. 

When goaded to arrest her, the excuses and howling from Parliament and the Privy Council amount to, "But, but.... if we did that, all the laws bearing her signature would be invalid..... if we did that, there would be no lawful Succession (there isn't anyway, but so what?)....if we did that....."  And then there's, "But she is so old.....why not just let Nature take its course? Not cause any disruption of the government....."  

Given her family history, she could last another fifteen years and hope to convince us all that she's Mohammed's 43rd Great-Granddaughter. 

And go on signing invalid legislation affecting all her phony franchises the whole while.

It appears that the British Parliament is afflicted with the same mental illness and dearth of common sense that afflicts the "US" Congress.  

They know that no law or treaty she has ever signed has any validity.  They know that she is not actually the Queen and that any contract or covenant she had with the British People was severed within three days after her Coronation.  They've all known that for eight (8) years, full on, in their faces, undeniable. 

I guess they hope that the rest of us won't notice, but we have.  

If the Queen isn't the Queen, there is no valid power of enforcement behind the British Courts, including the British Territorial Courts.  Quite simply, they have no lawful or legal authority to say or do jack-diddly. 

They are all caught in a nasty double-bind.  If they go backward and re-instate the Land Law, which is what they should do, they will all be condemned to death under it.   Yet, there has to be some kind of law or society will devolve into chaos.  Enter Sharia.  But even an idiot knows that isn't going to wash.  

Every idiot, that is, but those in the British Parliament and Nancy Pelosi. 

And while we are on that topic....  the Queen isn't the Queen, and the Pope isn't the Pope, either. 

Francis is a Jesuit.  Jesuits take a lifetime vow to serve the Pope.  So it follows that a Jesuit can never be the Pope.  Even a Lutheran knows that.  So what is going on? 

Every Pope since the first Pope has worn two hats. 

He wears the Sacred Office of the Pope, and the Secular Office of the Roman Pontiff.  All this was inherited at the Council of Nicea from the Roman Emperor, Constantine, and consolidated in 800 A.D. under Charlemagne. 

So Benedict XVI, feeling himself too old to deal with the rigors of the Secular Office, turned to his loyal foot soldiers, the Jesuits, and chose one to take on the job of Roman Pontiff, while he, himself, openly retained the "ministerial office". 

In other words, Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus, is still the Pope.  Francis is serving him as a loyal Jesuit, doing what he is told to do --- which is basically to circle the wagons to protect the Church's interests and "act as Pope" while taking on the burden of the Secular Office. 

So he is impersonating the Pope just as Elizabeth is impersonating the Queen. 

We are dealing with Magicians, Con Men, and Bad Actors.  This is the Evil in High Places the Bible speaks of, and it is essentially the Sin of Moses coming home to roost.  

The True God gave us Ten Commandments, knowing that we are too stupid and undisciplined to obey even ten laws, but at least we could give it a good faith effort. 

Moses and his feckless brother, Aaron, gave the people over 600 additional "laws" --- the equivalent of statutory laws --- guaranteeing that all would be condemned. 

So, here we are, between the Rock and the Hard Place and here is my humble suggestion: 

1. Forget about trying to implement Sharia Law;
2. Set aside enforcement of all Statutory Laws; 
3.  Adopt the Law of the Kingdom of Heaven -- there are only three (3) laws in Heaven, and those allow everyone to save their skins; 
4. Turn over the purloined property assets to me; I am the Fiduciary. I will return the land and soil to the peoples of the Earth without further adieu;
5.  Agree to the establishment of a True Currency based on the value of all traded commodities and labor. 

A lot of lawyers will be out of work, but that is a small price to pay----- especially as this is the only way that everyone keeps breathing. 


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  1. Nothing is as it seems.... and you thought Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of OZ and THE MATRIX were only movies..... Look closer and Learn... Pay attention to what they do...NOT what they say. PRK

  2. Could it really be that Hitler was a half-brother of the father
    of Queen Elizabeth II ???

    By Alfred Lambremont Webre and Emily Elizabeth Windsor-Cragg,

    1. Or is it all hollywood magic and the media companies selling the stories

      How about the character that played Hitler also played the role of Walt Disney
      Just like Anna said yesterday in one of her articles they are now spinning that lizzy is the great great grandmother of Mohammad
      The media companies own all the sources - same families

      All being orchestrated from neutral Switzerland

      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. The Bush clan
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. More of the frauds
      Check out his investigation on the 'foundng fathers'
      They write all the books including the books they taught us with in their public schools
      The Bushs' getting access to largest fresh water aquifer in Brazil while Jeb Bushs' wife was 'acting' president and ceo
      Chelsea Clinton flew to Brazil and secured land deals that just so happened to sit on the worlds largest fresh water aquifer She went there under the guise of UNICEF all paid for with everyone elses' tax dollars
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    4. @ ShelbyJune 3, 2019 at 11:00 AM

      Alfred Lambremont Webre is not a No-Name.

    5. Yep I gather that from viewing the video
      Thank you for the information
      I believe in some ways they are doing all of this DNA stuff looking for true offspring?
      Just a thought?
      Read this blog - based on some of the information within it states that Merkle is actually Hitlers daughter? And so is Hillary? They are 1/2 sisters?
      I'm sorry that I do not know which link to send you to specifically but dig in to the links and the links within the links
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    6. Read this page all of it talks about the so called Queen and the entire fraud going on
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  3. There are no Kings, Queens, Presidents or any other Ruler!!! Just like what the movie A Knight's Tale makes known!!! The Strong Kill the Weak and Take CONTROLL!!! MAKE THEM SELF KING. THEIR ARE TWO FOR THE TRUE AND FOR THE CORRECT RULES: ~1 DO NOT HARM OTHER BEINGS: TWO DO NOT HARM THIS PLANET!!! WAKE UP!!! WE ARE MADE IN THE IMAGE OF THE CREATOR!!! DO TO OTHERS AS YOU DO TO SELF!!!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Yes! Pope Francis can't be pope he's a Jesuit (possibly a jew). Benedict stepped back, rather than down. Francis/Bergoglio (we ought to call him Bergoglio since he's not a true pope) is said to have been deeply involved in the Argentinian Dirty War - Horrors upon horrors - definitely worth knowing of. Then magically, it seems, he was sucked up the pipeline to the papacy, we think, for having done good 'Jewsuit' work w the bloody horrors of their Dirty War.

  6. Francis is NOT a true Pope. He is an anti-Pope.

    Benedict XVI was an anti-Pope also. NOT a valid Catholic Pope.