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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

What "Earth Alliance"?

 By Anna Von Reitz

Oh, so now the so-called "Galactic Federation" is making its excuses for not taking down the DEW satellites that struck Paradise, California, and now, Maui, Hawaii, and also doing nothing to prevent the biowarfare planned for us? 

And their excuse is that it is beyond their imaginary sphere of influence and mandated by their respect for Universal Law of Freewill and treaties with the non-existent "Earth Alliance"?  

All the people of Earth have to suffer regardless of their own individual choices against these things? Point of Fact: The Universal Law of Freewill is individualized, such that no being should be held to account for choices imposed upon them.  

And yet, we are being "misrepresented" by interlopers, usurpers, and phonies seeking our destruction, because, apparently, despite their superior powers of perception, these yahoos from the Galactic Federation can't tell when they are being lied to by persons who, self-evidently, have no right to exist on this planet? 


How about this for a reinterpretation? 

Certain members of the Galactic Federation are just as corrupt and cowardly as the members of the World Economic Forum and World Health Organization.  

And while they are bending over backwards and sideways to excuse their inexcusable lack of action out of respect for our legitimate freewill -- they fail to recognize our will to be free of these crazy warmongers who came here 32,000 years ago and who have caused trouble ever since. 

It is our freewill choice to be free of these troublemakers, warmongers, and egotists. 

Is that clear enough, Galactic Federation? 

We want them removed from this planet--together with all the bioweapons and pollution and other disruptive and unpleasant aspects of their stay-- which we never intended and never asked for and do not want. 

Our peaceful traditional governments desire coexistence so long as it does not entail any aspect of slavery or subjugation, peonage or blood-letting "sacrifices" or creation of energy seals.   

This whole problem is the fault of the Galactic Federation's failure to remove these criminals from our midst a long, long time ago.  

And while we understand that they were difficult to deal with in the Heavens, they are even worse to deal with here, on Earth.  

It is not our role or destiny to serve as a prison planet for the Galactic Federation. 

So do your duty without further delay and take them out of here--every single one of them and you know who they are.  

Otherwise, we will call upon our Allies and the Cosmic Forces including the Pashats to remove them ---and yes, we will "violate" Galactic Federation time-space to do it.  

It's time you all honored what you preach or get out of the way. 


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