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Tuesday, August 29, 2023

"Trust Me" -- "It Was Necessary"?????

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have been telling you that the U.S. Military was put in charge in 1863 and that it has been in charge ever since.  

It ran this country under the Lieber Code for decades and then, that morphed into the Hague Conventions and the U.S. Military has been running multiple countries under the Hague Conventions for more decades.  

I have been telling you that we have been under occupation by what appears to be our own military since 1863. 

Think of all that that implies for the military and for ourselves as well. 

I have also been telling you that this is not actually our honorable military, because the services have been working -- knowingly or unknowingly -- as cheap mercenaries for the past 160 years.  

This is how and why they have gradually drifted into more and more misdirection and ended up guarding poppy fields in Afghanistan. 

I have been telling you that they have also been in control of seventeen Western European nations and all the "former" Commonwealth nations since the Second World War. 

You don't believe me?  

Believe this: 

This man is telling you the God's Honest Truth as he knows and believes it to be. 

And he has admitted that just as the CIA and military cooperated to bring down dozens of governments in other countries, they are conspiring to do the same thing here in this country. 

If you do anything evil unto others, that same evil will be done unto you. 

Only in this case, it's an open question of whether bringing down the Biden Administration could be considered an "evil".  

Certainly, if you believe Biden was legitimately elected to be President of this country, it would be an evil, even if he is an incompetent crook and buffoon.  

We are not immune from suffering our own bad choices. 

On the other hand, if we know the election was stolen and that the Democratic Party has been up to its traditional bad tricks again, there is no loss, just good riddance to bad rubbish. 

But what if instead of the two scenarios noted above, we are obliged to face the fact that all our elections haven't been "our" elections since the 1860s?  

What if every such election has been controlled and commandeered and had a pre-chosen result regardless of the popular vote? 

And what if the military has determined the results all these years, up until the last round?  When Chinese hackers, German Fabians in the CIA, and Italian defense contractors conspired to beat the U.S. Military at their own game?  

Resulting in Joe Biden?  

Then we have a very different overall circumstance: a fraud within a fraud within a fraud.  

And that is what I firmly believe and have good cause to believe has happened. 

1. Foreign corporation elections for corporate offices, like "President" of the USA, Inc., and 
"Governor" of its State of Illinois, Inc., franchise, were substituted for our American Public Office Elections beginning in the 1850's.  

Thus Americans have been hoodwinked into voting in these "shareholder" elections and thinking that they were filling their own Public Offices, while in fact their own Public Offices have remained vacant. 

That's the First Fraud.  Put bluntly -- "President of what?" 

Certainly not our country. 

2. The Second Fraud is the deliberately encouraged assumption on the part of the Public that they have a voice in selecting the President and that their votes count.  

In fact, the President of this foreign for-profit corporation is always chosen by the Electoral College and nobody else. The Electoral College members are not obligated to honor any popular vote so it's all a charade and useless exercise for average Americans to vote for "the" President. 

And it always has been. 

3. Controlling the popular poll results and twisting them however they chose has never been any big whoop for the military and the CIA, and especially not since the advent of Voting Machines. 

The Voting Machines are easily hackable and that is obviously so that the military and CIA don't have to break wind to tweak election results. 

The people running the Division of Elections go along to get along, so that every major election in this country for the past 160-plus years has been conducted as a "show", as in a theatrical event. 

The General Public has been the target audience. 

All of this has been going on with the participation of the Generals and Admirals and the bureaucrats and politicians in Washington, DC, and it has all been a big joke in the Beltway. 

The clueless Americans have not realized that they have been under military occupation by what appears to be their own military, but which is in fact functioning as a mercenary force in the thrall of foreign interests.  

That's the Third Fraud in the fraud within a fraud within a fraud scheme.  

The pain is not lessened as we contemplate the fact that every former Commonwealth country and seventeen European nations, plus Japan, have all suffered the same outrages. 

Sooo..... now "our" military has decided to fold up the carnival sideshow and replace "our" government, and they expect that the millions of Americans who have been left in the dark and fed horse dung for six generations, will react badly to their military coup --- which is in fact just a return to the status quo, with the military being in control of everything including the political parties and the election results. 

Toward the end of his video, the overwrought Bourne-again Marine speaks longingly of a civilian government that is badly needed; but, just like his many predecessors, he seems unaware of the fact that his civilian government has always been here. 

It is indeed ironic that Abraham Lincoln, the man most responsible for mothballing our lawful government and cashiering our sovereign states, should have been the one to most lastingly define our government as a government "of, for, and by the people".  

All that has been in dispute, is which people? And how are they organized? 

We have answered according to history and custom and tradition that the civilian government we are owed is operated on the land and soil by those who rightly stand in that jurisdiction. 

We have therefore declared, recorded, and published our birthright political status and entered upon our nearly vacated government, and repopulated our land and soil, brought our State Assemblies into Session, and operated our Federation of States in international and global jurisdictions.   

Only to have the military stand there like dumb oxen, slowly blinking in the light, as they plan yet another military coup followed by yet another military occupation in disrespect of the people of this country, who have awakened from their long slumber, who have correctly assessed the situation, and who have taken action to raise the correct flag and fulfill their own government of, for, and by the people. 

So we call upon the military to do what is only right and proper, that they answer to us and to our State Assemblies, and that they take immediate action to close our Southern Border and arrest the criminals in Washington, DC, and elsewhere, who have impersonated our government and engaged in mercenary war for profit for over a hundred and fifty years --- in our names, abusing our flag, and using our sons and daughters for cheap mercenaries the entire time. 

All this and more has been done under color of law and in gross breach of trust.  

It is not "necessary" to stage a(nother) military coup and put the nature and validity of this country's government in further doubt, nor to visit upon our people any such confusion or distress.  

Admit the truth. Recognize our lawful civilian government which is now organized and which has been in Session since 2019.  Recognize that none of these foreign corporations have any granted authority to act "for" us under their own "Executive Orders" or otherwise presume any "war powers" or "emergency powers".  

Recognize the lawful Civil Judgment and Due Process served upon these Bad Actors, issued in April of 2014---- cured, done, almost ten (10) years ago.  

We don't need any more drama or obfuscation or excuses or confusion.  We don't need any more "shows" or spectacles to entertain us.  

We need enforcement against the criminals who have usurped and misdirected our American government, who have unlawfully converted our honorable military services into private mercenary services, who have impersonated and mischaracterized our people as foreign citizens, and who have undermined and usurped our lawful government while taking their paychecks and pensions from our pockets. 

There isn't a single person that we know of in the entirety of Washington, DC, who has an Oath of Office on record allowing them to occupy a Public Office of our government.   

Not one of them is a United States Citizen within the meaning of United States Statutes at Large 2, Revised Statute 2561. 

Whereupon the responsibility for the conduct of international and global business reverts to the unincorporated Federation of States operating as The United States of America since September of 1776 and to the People of our States of the Union by Operation of Law. 

Not one Officer representing himself as any part of our military has any reason to object to our civilian government, which has acted honorably, peaceably, and with provenance and fully recorded and published declaration of our individual and collective political status, to restore order and to reconstruct all functions of our government. 

We are reversing the unlawful conversion perpetuated under conditions of deceit and fraud and are imposing a lawful conversion, instead. 

Nobody has any right or reason to object, and the military, while contemplating a CIA-led coup against the Biden Administration, has no reason to act in a lawless manner or further promote more military occupation of this country or any other.  

You have a lawful civilian government embodied in the sovereign States of the Union, and in the unincorporated Federation of States operating in international and global jurisdiction, all operated by, of, and for the people of this country.

The lawful civilian government has already given the military services their marching orders.  

Clean up the mess at our Southern Border.  Arrest the imposters in Washington, DC.  Clear the decks for public disclosure -- and not some Hollywood version, the truth.  

Preparation for actual Public Elections and restoration of the Public Offices operating under Public Oaths/Affirmations, is in order, as is a massive and unsparingly truthful education effort. 

This is not a political issue.  These are issues of crime, in particular, crimes of state by commercial and municipal service providers.  If the military has any legitimate purpose at all, it is to arrest those responsible for these crimes and hold them pending trial in a court of general jurisdiction.  

We can and will provide the court of general jurisdiction. 


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