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Monday, May 27, 2019

One Brilliant Deceit Too Many

By Anna Von Reitz

Look at the 14th Amendment. Look at the crucial phrase, "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

Look at the Trading With the Enemy Act. Look at the crucial phrase, "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof".

What are they talking about? They are talking about "the" United States --- that is, the Municipal United States and its "Citizens of the United States". 
It is not, as so many people have assumed, talking about us. It's not even talking about the Territorial "United States Citizens", either.

None of that is our "United States". None of us are naturally subject to the jurisdiction of the Municipal United States. 

You will also hear that the British Parliament declared "war" on us in 1860, but if you look closely at that, you will see that it is an action against the Confederate States of States, as it had to be to prevent all of our Allies from declaring an actual war on Britain.

That this is true is underlined by the fact that the Russian Czar placed his Navy between us and the British at the end of the hostilities--- just to "remind" them of their obligations under actual international law and international treaties and service contracts and trust agreements that the rats owed us then and still owe us now.

So sharpen your wits and your eye-sight to catch the fine details and don't be misled. The actual Law is firmly on our side of the issues.


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  1. Anna ....start educating our judges, not us...!! Send them all these publications so they know they are doing wrong by mistake or are actual traitors to our "Rule of Law" have to start getting to the conscious of these traitorist judges....otherwise, they think they are doing their job properly...remember, ignorance of the law is no excuse....!! Let them toss ANF turn all night long as they sleep with a guilty conscious....!!

    1. James, this site is for the education of Americans. 98% are still asleep and need to be educated before dealing with so called "Judges" one on one. The Judges know they are pulling the wool over everyone.

      Paul is republishing Anna's articles for the benefit of the people. James if you feel it is your place to instruct Anna on what she should be doing according to your agenda, send her a letter directly. The people need this information. If you are so educated maybe you should be helping at a higher level on your own site instead of pointing out what you feel Anna isn't doing. Negativity is not productive.

    2. Thank you Annie, but I am not republishing anything. I OWN the domain name I was the only one to step up to the plate and start gathering Anna's writings to a website so they could be archived in one place and searched for by subject or chronology. That was almost 5 years ago and 1836 articles ago. That website is the first and official website for Anna's work as she has said herself. Everyone tries to second guess the process of publishing these articles. IT'S A FULL TIME JOB. I spend between 6 and 10 hours per day paying attention to this effort. Sometimes I can barely keep up with Anna, but usually manage to publish every article the same day she writes them. There isn't a professional webmaster out there that would pay that kind of attention to what I do, and certainly Anna could NOT do this herself. It's too complicated and it takes years of experience of doing it to get it right. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
      I have yet to ask Anna for a penny for this work, and I won't be asking her any time soon, if ever.
      James, you can climb down off your high horse now! Thanks Annie for defending me.

    3. Paul..i wasn't picking on you...i personally know how hard it is to run a site, especially when there's no money in it...profit...!! But this site has gone way beyond our history for the last 200 years...!!

      Once Anna choose to start giving advise on remedies for the people, then she also has the responsibility to answer questions like the rest of us do with each other.....!! If she wants to stay within teaching us about history....fine..!! But REMEDIES are a completely different animal....!! Every other patriot site gets straight answers from the "orator" himself....and that's not your responsibility Paul....!! If you don't believe me go to and watch how Jaro always triestried to answer people's comments....!! If this is supposed to be a "virtual class setting", than she is the virtual teacher, and all of us are in class as the "virtual students", which any good teacher would interact with if it were a real class....!!
      In fact, any normal teacher in a real classroom would encourage interaction with the teacher or his job would be boring as hell, both to him and his students...!!

      As much as you two do together, you aren't the only ones and all of them depend on donations too, because we represent a class of people that our govt thinks are terrorist....they will put up with anything except the "TRUTH"...!! That's like waving a cross in front of a vampire...!! I'm giving you good advice Anna...its a damn shame you take it negatively....!! Is it any reason why patriot 58 is pissed...!!

      Have you gotten that "American non- citizen National" passport yet Anna....and if not, why not...!! We should have a ton of people talking about that passport, if they encountered any resistance, and if they did get it, how has it helped them...!! Time is out for Californians....they are already pushing that "REAL ID" CARD, that will take the place of our DL....!! WE are about to be chipped and you still insist on "jural assembles", which will take years to implement and "PERFECT"...!!

    4. Consider this a man on a horse yelling to the people...."the red coats are coming, the red coats are coming....!! Grab your guns....or a "silver bullet" REMEDY....and quick, because they are almost upon us....!!
      This Paul Reverve gets "NO RESPECT" respect at all..!!
      I might as well be Rodney Dangerfield....!!!

  2. precisely my thoughts for the past few yrs james ! got to the CORE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM !

  3. Please listen very closely.
    Anna do this
    Anna do that.
    Do your private work.
    They will as they always do at some point in time find accusation against you of a code or statute porported infraction.
    peacibly present yourself in your corrected status and educate them by example. Do not deliberately pick a fight so to speak. Be honarable! educate yourself in the mean time to" give an answer". Do not get sucked into sabotuers amongst us!
    divide and conquer is the game being played here. So says I.
    Montana Mark.

  4. So this guy here states that we are all one of the people because we were born here
    As Anna stated in this article suject to jurisdiction - we as one of the people born here are not subject to their jurisdiction
    Common law trumps all law and we have to exercise that fact as one of the people when we are confronted from their jurisdiction
    Seems that this man has had great success and has fun when he is informing judges and so forth as to the real law
    Worth listening
    As we all move forward we must help each other because these snakes do not have good intentions towards anyone, I'm talking the higher level snakes, these judges and courts really have no clue what they are participating in, it is part of the beast system they have set up to entrap
    Just like people working in the health care (more like sick care) sector have no clue about vaccines they just believe what they have been indoctrinated and administer 2 vaccines to a perfectly healthy baby within hours of it's birth, oh they will tell you what they have been told and taught and why they do it but do they know what's in the vaccines to begin with?
    Rockefeller medicine, Rockefeller schools and colleges
    Philanthropy at work just like good ole Bill Gates giving third world country woman sterilizing vaccines for the world cause
    Can't use their vast wealth to help the world it's all about destroying it and the people while taking over their land and resources for their progeny
    Anyway just some thoughts
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    1. In the same video by this guy he says that the governors are the representatives of the people within the state
      So we now have NGA Global who works with the governors to govern their state and the people thereof
      The public private partnerships
      One by one city by city they are taking over where the people should be objecting based on common law
      So basically what they are doing is they have set up the companies that will prosper as a result of the public private relationships at the expense of the people and their rights under God and under common law
      And now you have a global covenant of mayors working in the same manor
      Climate change and the Climate Stock Exchanges and how they relate to UN agenda 21 and the green new deal
      Just some additional information fro those interested
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. A good watch for everyone
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  6. How come no one from Iceland is immigrating into this country of milk and honey....!! Because they got together and handled things the "old fashion way", by unifying on just one foreclosers...!! And how did that work this day they remain the undisputed champs at forcing their "public servants" to do their job and arrest all the central bankers (at least 23), while the rest got off the Island before they were caught, with their lives think they will try it there again.....Only if the US helps the BANKS again by using our military....!! Iceland reminds me of a young America....!! Now it's more like China ...!! And if it wasn't for Trump, it would be China. ..!!

    1. James didn't you post a link for this passport
      Can you send that again please
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  7. Shelby....not only did I post it, I posted it at least a dozen basically gives you enough info to fill out that DS-11 FORM properly....they tell you not to send an affidavit with the form or it will be denied....but that's ok because someone on another site said all he did was send in a short letter about why you are asking for it...something like I was mischaracterized in the hospital without my knowledge and just correcting it for protection here and abroad. .!!

    1. James check out this article I read today about passports, tell me what you think
      Thanks for the link
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    2. The link you left takes me to their still site, do you have the other link?
      Read the article I left above tell me what you think
      Do you have this passport?
      Does it have your nation state on it or does it say United States or something to that effect?
      Hell most Americans have probably never left the country and felt they ever needed a passport either, I know I never have
      Anyway based on what I'm reading in the article this whole identity theft shit seems to going to blown wide open and soon?
      All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

    3. Shelby...they changed my phone again, so I can't just copy and paste a link properly unless I download clipboard....!!

      So just go to the STILL site and on the left hand side in blue print, it list a number of things....!! Go to the bottom of the list and the 4th one from the bottom should read....BEAT THE LAW/DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY PASSPORTS....and tap it...that will show you the site...!!

      And you might want to invest in a still, because alcohol will be very valuable when the SHTF....LOL.

      Yes, I love that site "Fourwinds 10"....Ive gotten a lot of info from that site...!!

      You should google....FOURWINDS 10/PRESENTMENTS.....!! It's a very complete article on how our legal system works with psychology thrown in to know how they use brainwashing and fear in courts and how to counteract their attempts to contract with you....!!

    4. No Shelby I don't have an extra $300 to get this cost more because you need the ID CARD with it and you have to pay extra for "expidited" return so they don't drag their feet for 5 months giving it too you...!! I'm taking donations if anyone can help me, so I can get it and tell everyone about it and how it works for me...unlike everyone else here, I will definitely report back to this site and tell everyone what happened when applying for it, and tell you if it really does what it says it does....but because it comes straight from the State Dept, people working in govt positions that ask for identification will know this passport when they run it, because otherwise it all looks identical to a U.S. PASSPORT, with one exception....this one will have anywhere from 1-5 stars on it....!! And govt employees have appearently been trained to recoginize that it is different than a U.S. PASSPORT, like the PSA at the airports...!!

  8. Is this who one of the royals really is?
    Tell lie vision, tel aviv zion BRAINWASHNG THE MASSES while they rip us off blind and strip us and the earth of everything for their own gain
    All of these orders comes out of Switzerland, Geneva, 'G' like in the middle of the free mason compass and square
    The Swiss Beast, Home of the Devil
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved