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Monday, October 30, 2023

"Poison" Package Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

We are facing a new round of another old fraud scheme famously (and illegally) used by the Department of Justice back in the 1930's, which I call the "Poison Package Fraud".  

If they wanted to target someone, they simply had one of their flunkies send the victim a package containing some federally regulated substance, like a box of smuggled Cuban Cigars or booze that wasn't shipped into the country "legally" and so on.  

Today, the targeting scheme has become more sophisticated and the poisons are typically things like cocaine or fentanyl seized at the border but never inventoried as contraband.  These controlled substances are then sent through the U.S. Mail -- which is a felony -- to your name and address, by dirty private law enforcement agents who pretend that they intercepted the poisoned package, when they are the ones who were paid to send it. 

This is a technique used in Third World countries for targeting political opponents, and now, thanks to J. Edgar Hoover and Associates, it has come to America.  

They use the fact that you are the intended recipient of the poisoned package as circumstantial evidence that you are conspiring to commit a crime with persons unknown.  

Therein lies the important word "conspiracy".  That is what they try to hang the heavy lifting on, the idea that the Sender is acting in collusion with you, to import controlled substances of some kind into this country. 

But you aren't in control of whatever any unknown person might send to you in the mail for nefarious purposes and the postal laws recognize this, even if the "federal" scumbags try to hang their scams around your neck. 

If you are contacted by anyone pretending to be a Border Patrol Agent or some other federal officer telling you that a package addressed to you has been intercepted blah, blah, blah --- take down their badge number, name, etc. 

Send a nasty note to the Postal Inspector General, the US Attorney General, and the local U.S. Congressional delegation and object to this breach of postal law and attempt to misaddress you under the auspices of a known form of mail fraud that has been outlawed since the 1930s. 

Where's Elliot Ness when you need him? 


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