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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Gig Line Time -- Late Report Doozie!

By Anna Von Reitz

I'm a Big Girl when it comes to the crap the governments of the world pull.  But I have to admit, this report from Abel Danger addressed to General Kelly is flat out the most fully detailed abstract report of the Great Muck that I have ever seen come across my desk.  

Abel Danger hit it all.  From all directions. 

If you were waiting for Something Big on the Fourth of July --- here it is, enough to bring down the whole Dog Pile, and finally, the goods on N. M. Rothschild and the US Patent Office is oozing out all over the pavement, like evidence of a giant squashed bug. 

Read on, Campers!  Spread the word.  I am so excited, and to quote the Pointer Sisters, I think I like it.  I'm ready.  Let's go, go, go!


  1. Reposted on Ben Fulford latest report & latest updated report.

    ThankZ Anna for ALL u do☇

  2. I'm so glad to hear that the pope was arrested by an international "common law" court for crimes against humanity on June 21, 2018 during a summit meeting of all churches in Switzerland by 2 Sherriffs with a warrent...but it wasn't as easy as one of us being arrested...!! The Vatican guards beat the sherriffs to a pulp, and had to come back with reinforcements this time to actually arrest him....this is the last pope for sure...!! And even though the lay public doesn't know about it yet, the word of his arrest is spreading quickly throughout the seedy pedophile child trafficking and sacrificial blood sacrifices of babies crowd....!! All of a sudden there are even more people stepping down from high positions of authority, like Anthony Kennedy, a U.S. Supreme Court Justice, and the Director of the EPA..These people are resigning for a reason. They want to leave with there pensions intact..!!! But Trump should eventually catch up to them and arrest them all and take away all their I'll gotten gains....!! Do you think we could commit crimes like these people and not be in prison for life...!! If they have been exposed to this degree, then hopefully we won t need any paperwork, because as you said judge Anna, they used the U.S. PATENT office to accomplish all this fraud..!! That office is going to be heavily investigated and hopefully demolished for good, just like all the county recorders office....No more paper wars..!! Or attorneys with BAR CARDS..!!Enough is enough...!!And if we don't make all drugs legal, our agencies and the CIA and FBI will never go away and simply make cartels so powerful they will rule the world..!!The drug laws are in place purposely to keep us under terrorism and in fear, and it's main purpose is to misdirect all the truely heinous crimes against humanity to go unnoticed..!!!

  3. A congressman recently commented on a bill that was passed in to a "law" that was totally ignored due to the media not liking it and refusing to "spread the word" Really a lot like "They Live" where some people are in a trance induced by false TV and news. Scribes I read once wrote only what they saw, no twists or persuasion tactics, just reporting and recording what happened. Rothchilds purchased control of Reuters long long ago and as well others. Life just published something on Robert Kennedy, just to remind people what happens to those who do not play the game, more fear psyops. In the Army, leaflets were issued to pass out if deployed to Iraq telling people who was troops to cooperate with the troops who where there to help of course. Media and more media, narrow is the path and only a few will find it. Godspeed to those who are on that path.

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