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Thursday, July 5, 2018

A Tragic "Misunderstanding" -- Number 2

By Anna Von Reitz

The second great error that we are heir to, is thinking that the United States Supreme Court is the Supreme Court for the Union States.  It's not.  It never has been. The Supreme Court of Pennsylvania holds that honor --- and notice that I said "Supreme Court of Pennsylvania" not "Supreme Court of the State of Pennsylvania".  

The United States Supreme Court is the Supreme Court for the Federal Government --- all three branches: Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.  It's job is to tell the President and the Congress when they have overstepped the limitations imposed by the constitutional agreements.  They are present to "interpret" the Constitutions and render their "opinion".  

It is important to realize that although these people are presumed to be highly skilled and experienced, at the end of the day, they give their opinions like anyone else.  There is nothing sacrosanct about the whole process nor its end result.  Supreme Court decisions have later been overturned by different Supreme Court opinions.

Whether or not the United States Supreme Court does its job and how well it performs is highly dependent on the temperament and dedication of the Justices as a group.  Some Supreme Court groups are wise and dedicated. Others are petty and incompetent or politically motivated to the point that they no longer serve reason nor justice. 

The retirement of Justice Kennedy has opened up a flurry of controversies and general excitement, as President Trump will have the opportunity to recommend another new Justice. 

We should all be concerned by the flaw in our process which allows a President to choose and a Congress to approve their own judges.  

We should also note that the power of the United States Supreme Court is a negative power.  It offers its opinion and guidance to stop (hopefully) abuses in contradiction to the constitutional agreements, but has no ability to mandate or provide good legislation or appropriate executive orders.  It can only say --- yes, this works or no, this doesn't work --- and here's why.   

Thus, all these rulings of the United States Supreme Court tell the President, the Congress, the Departments and the Agencies what they can and cannot get away with.  They provide direction and guidance for Federal employees in the accomplishment of their duties. 

That said, the United States Supreme Court --- especially when acting as the Territorial or Municipal Supreme Court --- is totally unable to tell us what to do when we are not acting in the capacity of a Federal employee, dependent, or corporation. 

So long as we properly declare ourselves and the capacity in which we are acting, our private lives remain private.  And so do the affairs of our republics and States.  

Notice again, I said "States" like Vermont ---- not "States of States" like the State of Wisconsin  or "STATES OF STATES" like the STATE OF OHIO.  

The States of States and STATES OF STATES are foreign Territorial or Municipal entities with respect to us and our States of the Union Federation, and they are subject to the rulings of the United States Supreme Court because they are operating as state franchises of the Territorial United States and Municipal United States, respectively.  

In this manner, the Territorial and Municipal levels of the Federal Government have contrived to extend their power and influence --- and the power and influence of United States Supreme Court decisions --- down into our daily lives and to secure control over local government via undisclosed proxy. 

This is why United States Supreme Court decisions seem to be so very important and to have such drastic impact --- for good or ill.  Rulings that should concern only the Federal Government have usurped into the daily lives of Americans who aren't even direct Parties to the constitutional agreements allowing the Federal Government to exist.  

Both the Territorial and Municipal levels of the Federal Government have gone into business for themselves and set up shop in our States of the Union and have used false advertising and similar names deceits to fool people --- passing off the "State of Hawaii" or the "STATE OF HAWAII" as Hawaii ---and subjecting Hawaiians (in this example) to laws and powers that are, and are meant to be, totally foreign to them.  

So, all those United States Supreme Court rulings are important, but they are supposed to be important to Federal Employees, Dependents, and Corporations --- not to Joe Average American, who is supposed to know and be operating his own court system.  

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  1. 14 ammendment subject to the jurisdiction of is a U..S. citizen .
    But we are not subject to jurisdiction either you know or your don't .

  2. There ought to be a judicial career path for those with good eyes.

  3. We can't all depend on the "Supreme Court" for our remedies. For that matter, we don't have the time or the money to even Appeal a case..We need local Courts to know the Law in the first place...It begins and ends right there...And if it has to be taken any higher than that, everyone involved in at the lower level of the courts that made a bad decision need to be fired on the spot and forever loses his right to be involved in the legal system..!! We cannot allow judges to remain as judges if they constantly have to be reminded of "Public Law" as opposed to "Public Policy"...!! And the doctrine of "silent judicial notice" has to be considered unlawful and "Criminal"..!! The "Nature" of the charges have to be made absolutely clear as well as the letter of the law...if not...NO CASE..!!!

  4. Justice Kennedy refused to grant a two month extension to file my writ of certiorari, as a result millions more will die ahead of their time unless President Trump's indictments allow victims families of the scheme by government and foreign powers, namely Pope Francis, British Monarchy and Bar Crown lawyers to pay for what they've done to us all and finally we'll have our cases heard under common law that will change the world just as the Nuremburg trials did to bring hope to the world and honor God's words back to choose life by finally putting a stop to euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide under color of death that's been peddled to the world by the devil as a good death. Please sign Gloria's petition, thanks bobby brown

  5. C,

    Only a few of us are willing to do the work, it appears the El-ites have most peoples number, sad!

  6. You all need to understand something...until someone starts laying out logical, step-by-step instructions on EACH AND EVERY SUBJECT which you want action on....there will only be cheering and encouragement....This web which has been woven, there are those who have enough understanding to act, and then there are the rest of us. It's not that we don't want to do something...we can read about how every i must be dotted and t crossed, and we know that were are not there.
    WE ARE NOT IDIOTS! and you are not very good teachers...until you learn how to write so as to be CLEARLY understood...we will not be pressing the issues we are unprepared to fight.

  7. C,

    I totally agree, begin with the first step, the ground already lay at our feet! Truth is just a word, experience is something beyond the word. S. Hall, when you realize what life is and who it really belongs to, the real value comes into view which mandates movement to line up with that realization. Freedom isn't free, it will take a classical education, that we must impart to ourselves and that is the hero's journey. Many are called, only few come. Are you aware, the use of illustrative text with descriptive text does not have any correspondence? 16th Chicago Styles Manual. "The teacher appears when the student is ready"

  8. Wow, nothing like OLD, worn OUT, IRRELEVANT WORLDLY SELF Righteous (holier than thou) RELIGIOUS Judgment,blaming and shaming and FALSE peer pressure to STUFF (recruit) living souls back into a top down "Organized GROUP THINK" Box ONCE again. No thanks C.
    Many, many living Souls Are Now Standing fully balanced and Consciously aware and are being called from within to Be and Do Differently Now. Freely choosing Free Will choices and decisions for our own sovereign thoughts, behaviors, deeds Now and ultimately In peaceful honor of all's freewill choices, without prejudice and Does NO one harm. The "National Assembly" organized GROUP "membership" in No way "represents" (tail wagging the dog?) the ONLY Choice to Stand and exercise our individual free Will choice, duties or obligations, Period.

    Ive personally Seen and Heard ENOUGH Now, to know that "BOX" Agenda/LEADERSHIP is not right for me, never has been, never Will Be. Nor Will it be for the majority Until the masses are fully informed and aware of their own standing, capacity and choice to choose. Bottom up Local awareness and strength to watch our own tail, guide our own ship of natural state IS happening Now naturally. A "National Assembly" membership "roll call" DOES NOT represent nor does have ANY capacity to dictate any agenda to the masses.

    Its time now to start recording true american natiinal electors non domestic mailing locations for mass awareness mailings in our private communities, and claim our private individual and collective private property rights back on the land, first and foremost. Bottom up awareness and action IS what will turn this big Ship of state around and directing its own course Now. Bottom up, NOT dictated from the Top down EVER again. No more being "led or herded by Firery cattle prodding" into any more limited, scarcity "think" worldly boxes of control. Enough IS enough.

    Much Gratitude, Love, creative "out of the box" Abundance, Joy, Peace and natural bliss within Be for All Now

    1. "We all stand upon the shoulders of giants"

    2. C. while I appreciate your consideration of my thoughts shared, I respectfully disagree with your assumption or determination that I am Alone and unsupported in my personal efforts in this united mission by choosing Not to participate In your freely chosen "Organization" of body politic.
      I am Truly grateful always for All efforts that are Now serving the highest good for All now, and IT IS not a "one size fits All" or else you're on your own temporal thinking and behavior mindset.

      Every one IS being called to Be and Do according to their own natural gifts and conscious abilities Now from within NOT from without. We know Now who we are and where we are needed and belong accordingly.
      I appreciate, and honor your freewill choice and calling and I would only ask that you and your "group" honor others the same.
      Thank you

    3. Thank you C.J. I appreciate and value you and your contibutions too. I understand completely where your heart is, and my heart is in one accord with you there, however I was disappointed by your choice of old world (temporal minded, ego dtiven) "bashing" and lumping ALL "non-paricipants" into one "box" along with complainers and UN-known shills and paid opposition trolls as your method to "attract" participation and "membership" into a highly questionable (with known Causes) "Organization" Dba: "National Assembly" and in your volunteer position as a state coordinator, "representing" your "organization."
      This IS the behavior and attitude mindset that many, many of us Actively "doing" and lawfully assembled peacefully ARE absolutely avoiding Now due to past betrayals of unbalanced, ego driven agendas/control and huge lessons learned by personal first hand experience in this cause.

      Many, many of us ARE assembled peacefully, and are actively being and doing what we are being called to do Now. We are fully mindful of our calling Now and we SEE easily through the traps being set by the nefarious ones playing their same old worn out, egotistical maniac imbalanced minded games of division, destroy. The Creator's of the problem, also illicit the pre-determined and programmed reaction to finalize their pre-planned, self interested agenda-solution. Always. They use the same methods and M.O. every single time, and the army field manual of 1956 spells it all out in black and white for ALL to SEE.
      Many, many groups are organized and facilitating great work and are making a huge difference for the benefit of All now. Its all good
      Staying mindful, balancedl and vigilant IS vital Now and in our moving forward in accomplishing our collective intended mission and purpose.
      Many, many blessings Be to you in your calling Now as well!

      Much Gratitude, Love, forgiveness and Peace Be Now

    4. Yes, we Are well aware and we pray for All as well connected in spirit in this collective cause.

      Our private, unincorpated names can be found signed/sealed by All 50 states/States (two witnesses as One) 27 member Grand Jurists on the proclaimation known as the "Unanimous Declaration of Independence for the united States of America" lawful republic served in 09/10, as claimed necessary for "Military support" and backing. We assembled peacefully with the "patriotic duty" and In "Good /obedient Christian Faith" to Be and Do on behalf of All americans and future generations to rightfully reclaim our chosen but vacated form of government, a republic and to fill our lawful vacant public offices to re-establish our Will and mind our own private trade and business.
      We were used and betrayed unfortunately right from the beginning, and unfortunately we were too blind to SEE how we were being manipulated for nefarious UN security council "actors/agenda" which ONLY served to create more division, dis-trust and false propaganda "labeling" to destroy our good names and credible, good hearted intentions.
      Our numbers were Large then in each state/State and they ARE Much Larger Now. Those still choosing to Stand are still Standing on and for the public/private record. Our original intentions and deeds have NOT changed. However our choice of non participation with "organized groups" claiming "military backing"in support of "re-dressing grievances" and lacking the proof in Writing for ALL americans to see IS just the same old M.O. different day, False manipulation of the innocent, once again, as many of us can Clearly see.

      We've learned from our errors, and we commit to stay mindful not to repeat them, which ONLY serves to Cause harm to our mission, and To the detriment of All.

      That Betrayal was A Huge blow to our hearts and minds C. We carried such a huge Burden of guilt and shame on our hearts for NOT seeing the enemy/agenda in plain sight that WE were allowing ourselves to be led to and to further support and voluntarily give our Authority away to UN Agents to carry out their nefarious agenda, to All of Americans detriment and further Demise. Can you imagine what that knowledge created/caused within us?It was devastating to know and cope with!

      We know who we are, we have learned from our past mistakes and We Now know honorably, respectfully and in balance of our own purposes for having gone through what we've been through and its personal and collective purposes to be able move forward stronger, wiser privately/collectively and courageously in Full balance in our hearts and mind Now. Everything happens for a reason, I accept that, and I hope you do too.

      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be Now

    5. Yes, I've lost much of All that I truly valued and that which drove my passion/compassion with that Blow. I completely lost all hope to my final breaking point which should have killed me, but thankfully i was saved and slowly, painfully recovered and ultimately healed once I finally decided to let go of all that anger, resentment, fear, blame and shame and pain I chose to hold onto and project onto others. I finally just forgave. I forgave myself, I forgave All and i completely surrenderd All that unwanted baggage of betrayals from my lifetime. I will never forget that day or that moment that began my true healing and life changing transformation. I experienced True Love from within ( for me unconditionally) for the first time in my 51 years. It was such a foreign undescribable experience but within me I was being shown unconditional Love was healing me within, and that I am not ever alone, and I will always have true guidance within to choose to seek and lead my way. I am eternally grateful. Since that day, I have become very sensitive to and aware of others energies and intentions, which at first was overwhelming for me, but I Now See why it is necessary.
      ALL Is Good Now. Everything Is Now and Is serving a greater purpose, whether we See it or not. All are serving. All are being prepared and we ALl are a beautiful work in progress.
      All that have served in the past have laid the groundwork, and those serving Now are growing and strengthening our rightful paths in this journey!
      Much Gratitude, Love, forgiveness and Peace be for All Now
      We are so unconditionally Loved and so worthy!!!

    6. Yes, I know you do! During that period of Major transformation I became acutely aware of and extremely sensitive to my own energy and Egoic temperament. Wow what an eye opener that IS to meet and face our own Egoic Beast and be shown how we allowed this worldly temporal part of ourselves to get so large and IN Charge to cause so much division and destruction over our lives and true spirit selves.
      I literally would get a major stabbing pain in my Eye (representing a plank) when my Egoic Beast would become impatient and start judging others unfairly!! I got the internal message loud and clear, and there was No denying WHY I was being shown my own weaknesses. Looking back now, it was my own David and Goliath experience. Awe-mazing revelations and I am eternally grateful for each and every one I've been Now blessed to SEE and know thyself fully Now!! I am absolutely a work in progress, and I am grateful for those messages within and messenger's without that are helping to keep me, and each other mindful and IN balance, as it IS Now our responsibility to overcome this battle both within and to truly Be the change we See in our world Now.

      Be mindful and Enjoy your Journey!

      p.s. No, I've never heard of the group you mentioned.

    7. Beautiful and thoughtful of you, Thank you Much!

      Ps even when those "annoying flies" of this world are buzzing in our faces, and all around us causing distraction, spewing their nasty vomit, as this IS what they do so well.....I remember that they too are serving a deeper purpose and fulfilling a vital role as a reminder of how mindless and far separated from our True spirit we once were and had allowed ourselves to become. :) Shoo Fly, don't bother me IS right, lol

  9. "So above, so below" An accord is a agreement which is inherently conflicted, divided by two opposing pressure conditions and its yield is destruction. Look at the world of men! To be called to do or be something sets up the pressure condition attributed to the instability of dynamite where the opposition of those elements leads to the flashpoint.(BOOM)
    I am not for or against a body politic, it's obvious this a choice based on a pattern of belief and how free one is to act, not react. If man unites for a specific purpose, that one body multiplies its power in the measure of the focus. Man is always manifesting in some direction regardless of what he says. Look at the unified focus of the elite when in doubt of this fact. Every form is preceded by its source and therefore one and the same. Man and woman are two halves of the One idea of man. They have different natures of expression, one half closing to multiply density, the other half opening to divide density toward space. Rain falling to Earth becomes spherical falling closer to mass, evaporation is a division and that water becomes crystallic in space.
    "Woman gives life to create power, man takes life to acquire power"

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hmmm, well now Trump is going to visit the Queen(hope she reveals her reptilian face to him like she did to Putin)Trump claim they are indespensible to us, He doesn't get it! And if you disagree with the Queen being a Draco reptilian, I could care less about why she isn't.

  12. America. Ok, lets just take a look and see what is going on with America today. We look over the past couple of years and what do we see: We have seen the truth about many people who are in positions of leadership. We have seen the truth exposed about the games people have been playing with us, and......

    that has pissed off the snakes that we 'rolled the rocks off of' and the light shined on them. So they showed their true colors; their foul vulgar mouths, their ugly hatred for anything that is Good.
    The result has been that we find we are not living in the America we all thought we lived in. Instead we find we are living among communists and a high number of illegal criminals. And lo and behold we find it has been growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis, all behind our backs!

    And since the curtain has been pulled back and they cannot keep secrets very well any more, the commies and mentally deranged are out in broad daylight with their attempt to destroy anyone who is for Good-ness and improvement of our once (long lost) sane Country.

    Now, as their most recent no-holds-barred antics, they are out in full force to destroy anyone who works in the trump administration, no matter what lie they have to tell, or no matter what it takes to send a ''kill message' if their Evil is not allowed to go forth.

    These tactics may seem menial to some, but when you grasp the magnitude of it all, we can see they are now going in 'for the kill'.
    It may seem like mere pranks to some of you, when these folks are being harassed while eating in public, but they mean to be violent in these tactics. When they have no consideration for the young children of these parents, then you know they have become animals; heartless and of seared consciences. They are just beginning and will not stop.
    They mean to destroy America and they will use any means necessary and go as far as necessary to accomplish their goal. And there are far more of ''them'' than there are of ''us''.

    P.S. Anyone find it strange that so many 'final destruction of america' movies are now suddenly coming out? Are 'they' trying to tell us something? To add to all the violent weather disasters, volcanos, EQ's, etc.


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