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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Comment on "Natural Law" and "Indigenous" Claims

By Anna Von Reitz

The "Natural Law" is that we are all here NOW, and we are the current proprietors--- all of us, black, white, brown, copper, yellow, pink---- and it doesn't matter where our ancestors came from or how long ago they arrived on these shores. All these "indigenous claims" are just more bullshit and excuses for one group of people to claim a hammer over other groups of people and I am sick of it. 

We are ALL "indigenous" to this soil who were born here. Our Mothers all took up the nutrients and atoms to form our bodies from this same soil. How dare anyone pretend otherwise? 

So we are all "indigenous" to this soil and this country and we are all alive right now, having an equal standing and claim to be part of it all. Stop all this whining about what went on in the past. The past is past. Get your heads screwed on tight and make ready for the future which you all get a chance to help decide.

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. this is an example of: "Man's inhumanity to man." Until we can eradicate man's inhumanity to man, "war" will always be the final arbiter. So, how does our future look?

  3. When traveling on the sea and being asked where was from, often I would say I am a child to the Universe. That seemed work well as who is not such born here in the Universe? I wanted to avoid being labled anything that set me apart, especially at the time due to a lot of people from other countries do not like Americans. I found most people in all lands and harbors, islands friendly with apparently governments or those acting as such, contractors or conquerors at the root of people fighting, dividing people, turning them against each other, when most people seem rather inclined to get along, even have fun together, work and play. In a world that is in turmoil like a storm at sea an opportunity to cling to a vessel such as the States of America, is a true life saver. People must keep the vessel afloat being that all of us are the captains with no other captains, its us or pirates will divide up the booty.

  4. "Stop all this whining about what went on in the past."
    Wow! Now tell me that is not Hypocrisy?
    "Our Mothers all took up the nutrients and atoms to form our bodies from this same soil. How dare anyone pretend otherwise?"
    Because it is not true?
    This is another wild statement that can lead you astray. The sun worshipers and mother worshipers seem to be in full (galactic)battle mode.

  5. " So we are all "indigenous" to this soil and this country and we are all alive right now, having an equal standing and claim to be part of it all."

    So what does "having an equal standing and claim" look like? And how does gov. or even a new and improved man's gov. ensure this?
    Without Yahuahs Gov. within each of us man will not achieve such a heaven and earth realm.
    "Happily ever now."

  6. Well that was uncalled for.

    Now the term "useless eaters" comes into view.


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