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Friday, July 6, 2018

For All Attorneys Through Larry Becraft

By Anna Von Reitz

Larry-- the Law of these United States is the American Common Law.  As of 1954 the courts that we now deal with stopped accepting Common Law pleas and started accepting only statutory pleas. There is no more sure or binding proof of the nature and jurisdiction of these courts than the nature of the pleas being heard by them. So we may conclude with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that: (1) these are not the courts the people of this country ordained and are owed and (2) that these are Maritime Courts. 

From these  facts then we can conclude that every "Plaintiff" and "Defendant" being addressed by these courts is not a living "Person" and that our most basic identity as one of the living people has been unlawfully and unconscionably converted to that of a business. We have been "impersonated"-- literally.  And when we face charges  in these courts we are suffering barratry because of these false presumptions.  

Both the Territorial United States and the Municipal United States are foreign entities with respect to us and both have created "franchises" for themselves named after us.  These franchises created by infringing upon our Common Law copyright to our own given names are what are being addressed as Defendants and represented as Plaintiffs in these various courts. 

The more typical cases are being addressed to franchises of the Municipal United States. These PERSONS are slaves as defined in the 14th Amendment to the Municipal Constitution and they are guilty and liable for the Public Debt by definition--- so Eazy Pickens for the COURTS and their OFFICERS who put on a show and an appearance of justice when in fact they are only deciding how much the poor bugger will be fined and how long he will be jailed. 

This is the reality and this is the shameful, deceitful, deplorable estate to which your profession has sunk in this country: institutionalized crimes of knowing impersonation and barratry based on equally purposeful and malicious falsification of public records. 

I call down the wrath of Heaven on the worshipers of Ba-El who have done this.  I expose them as the frauds and charlatans they have been and have willfully become.

That includes you, Larry, because you have cause to know all these things and yet you are dishonest about them and try to obfuscate the facts. 

It's perfectly true that Admiralty Law is the creature of the High Seas jurisdiction.  It is perfectly true that it only applies on the "High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" in this country. 

But it is also true that since 1933 we have all been "presumed" to be "inhabiting" that watery jurisdiction and to be "missing, lost at sea", so that, conveniently, all that remains are ESTATES and Public Trusts named after us, which the members of the Bar Associations seize upon and "administer" for "salvage" purposes. 

Larry, you need to have a fire hose of truth applied up your ass and if you keep raising your head around me or in reference to what I am telling people, that is what you are going to get each and every time you open your mouth.  So if you really want to protect the trade secrets of the Bar Association I suggest you be quiet and not give me such an obvious platform for exposing everything you say and do. 

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  1. Makes complete sense and answers where 'THEY' are getting their authority from, because in actual fact, 'THEY' have none over a living fellow man. Man is a 'who' every other description is a 'what'.

  2. Remember the goat and sheep analogies? How did this water cover the land, through the sewer which means-GOAT- and who controls the source of that flow? Treasury through the coast guard. A canal zone is not a sewer, wow.

    1. What is GOAT, GOTE?

      In old English law. A contrivance or structure for draining waters outof the land Into the sea. Callis describes goats as “usual engines erected and built withportcullises and doors of timber and stone or brick, invented first in Lower Germany.”Callis, Sewers, (91,) 112, 113. Cowell defines “gote,” a ditch, sewer, or gutter.

  3. A letter is a offer through statement/proclamation and a mailbox is a court. People are looking for disclosure, does opening a statement pro-claim the content and have you been informed? Trickery, lets start with your opening statement!

    What is LETTER?

    1. One of the arbitrary marks or characters constituting the alphabet, and used in written language as the representatives of sounds or articulations of the human organs of speech. Several of the letters of the English alphabet have a special significance in jurisprudence, as abbreviations and otherwise, or are employed as numerals. 2. A dispatch or epistle; a written or printed message; a communication in writing from one person to another at a distance. II. S. v. Iluggett (C. C.) 40 Fed. 040; tT. S. v. Denicke (C. C.) 35 Fed. 409. 3. In the imperial law of Rome, “letter” or “epistle” was the name of the answer re turned by the emperor to a question of law submitted to him by the magistrates. 4. A commission, patent, or written Instrument containing or attesting the grant of some power, authority, or right. The word appears in this generic sense in many compound phrases known to commercial law and jurisprudence; e. g., letter of at- torney, letter missive, letter of credit, letters patent. The plural is frequently used. 5. Metaphorically, the verbal expression; the strict literal meaning. The letter of a statute, as distinguished from its spirit, means the strict and exact forec of the language employed, as distinguished from the general purpose and policy of the law. 6. lie who, being the owner of a thing, lets it out to another for hire or compensa- tion. Story, Railm.


  4. What is PROCLAMATION?

    action of proceedings against him and to compel his appearance, in either civil or criminal cases. See State v. Gnilbert. 50 Ohio St. 575, 47 N. E. 551, 3S L. R. A. 519. GO Am. St. Rep. 75G; In re Smith (D. C.) 132 Fed. 303.

  5. Are you ready?

    Record of live birth:


    A government assigns title or rights to a private entity through this legal instrument.

  6. What is ASSIGNS?

    Assignees; those to whom property shall have been transferred. Now seldom used except in the phrase, in deeds, “heirs, administrators, and assigns.” Grant v. Carpenter, 8 R. I. 36; Baily v. De Cres- pigny, 10 Best. & S. 12.
    The State is holding this estate in trust for the people, look at the words, administrators and heirs.


    These are words found in an habendum clause in a deed that says exactly what the heirs will receive.

  8. What is ASSIGN?

    When a receiver and giver have the same rights and responsibilities.

  9. C,

    I get it! I think we should say too, that there is more than one way to let these crooks know you do not consent to being treated as a dead ledger. BUT- your actions will be the tell. I can use the word crooks because I know when someone is trying to lie to me or cheat me. I have yet to find an honest man or women in the role of a gatekeeper. Just my experience.

  10. C,
    Look at this link,

    and yes I did this some time ago with a different twist. The legal name/ID/alter ego is incorporated grammatically. A given name is one name with one or more words. A family name is the-FIRST- name existing before the given, being its origin. When a given name and a family name are conjoined and accepted by use, it becomes the presumption of fact there has been a merger/business of the two names created by the State. With that said, a legal name belongs to the State, letters patent, but with a power of appointment from the State, we as attorney in fact control the issue/decedent. When the name acts, it is the State that acts, not the man.
    I can share some of this with you privately if you have an email.

  11. When filling out an application, by putting the given name first, are we accepting position of surety for all that comes after? There are other considerations as well that are hidden from most.

  12. Yes, it is true, however, there is more going on here. There must be subject and matter/mother to hold jurisdiction. When the court goes on discovery, what are they attempting to un-earth? Do you know what CRS does for every court dig? All records concerning infants are held at the Library of Congress. What is an impression/imprint of your foot called, a (LAST) and what is the Library of Congress known as? The house of-LAST- Resort. The State holds the record but needs a body attachment which they get when one claimed to be the name of war. One does not have to know the details to break free of presumption, I surely wanted to know!

  13. Capitis Deminutio Maxima,

    This is the highest loss of status due to being transported to an island, meaning a territory lost at sea/see.
    Novation is the result.


    The removal of goods or persons from one place to another, by a carrier. See Railroad Co. v. Pratt, 22 Wall. 133, 22 L. Ed. 827; Interstate Commerce Coin’n v. Brimson, 154 U. S. 4 17. 14 Sup. Ct. 1125, 38 L. Ed. .1047; Gloucester Ferry Co. v. Pennsylvania, 114 U. S. 100, 5 Sup. Ct. S26, 29 L. Ed. 158. In criminal law. A species of punishment consisting in removing the criminal from his own country to another, (usually a penal colony.) there to remain in exile for a prescribed period. Fong Yue Ting v. U. S., 149 U. S. 698, 13 Sup. Ct. 1016, 37 L. Ed. 005

    1. C,

      Connections! All in-form-at-ion is one subject evidencing one half zygote or the other half maternal tissue, which will it be?

      What is INFORMATION?

      In practice. An accusation exhibited against a person for some criminal offense, without an indictment. 4 Bl. Comm. 308. An accusation in the nature of an indictment, from which it differs only in being pre- sented by a competent public officer on his oath of office, instead of a grand jury on their oath. 1 Bish. Crin. Proc

    2. C,

      That would be interesting in-deed. Lets plan on it at some point. I started to look at how Congress writes differently in accord with delegation of power or mere/mother of all contracts and majority issue we face. Anyone will see it the moment the search begins. IRS will be grammatically correct where law is concerned, in other words, descriptive text without co-mingling. Corporations use illustrative text with descriptive text which means no-thing. Ever heard of the presumption of law? People think they can read, CAT IN THE HAT, presumption, no we can't because there is a stop after every sign, CAT. IN. etc.... Chicago Manual of Styles, 16th Edition explains the rules and there is no one to one correspondence between any two languages!! Yes, my documents use certain rules pertaining to law. There is no fraud if you are sent statements that only we presume say anything, right. Presumption of law. No accountability when documents say no-thing.

    3. What is DOG-LATIN?

      The Latin of illiterate persons; Latin words put together on the English grammatical system.

    4. For those who do not know, look at the outside of the Vatican building and read the proper Latin, THE-CAT-IN THE-HAT. Sign language. Now, get online and look at the writing on the inside of the building/tomb, THE CAT IN THE HAT, in plain sight, why? One living, one dead?

    5. C,

      Yes, Rom is excellent, watch all his videos. He is missing a couple things, but, he has nailed that end of it. The misconstruct is the conjoining of illustrative text and descriptive text which is called glossa. Words and signs are different languages and if one thinks they can read it, that is the presumption of law. THE-UNITED-STATES-OF-AMERICA, is Latin. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, is dog Latin. The United States of America is english. They are putting this right out in the open and then claim people are stupid sheep and need to be ruled! The fraud is so deep that when we discover it, the State says we need a sych test. People love their rulers, wow.

    6. "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge" Knowledge is information and the lack of of it is ignorance that is no excuse. I have never met anyone who knew they were being deceived!

    7. cube, by now we ALL know the whole apple is rotten. We don't need to keep on dissecting it to find our how MANY diseases it has which made it rotten. We know! We know!

      You see how many people have 'left the arena' because its always about more Rot, but never any CURES? You guys get that yet?

    8. Abby,

      We must know what makes us sick before we can cure it. You realize I post for whoever can profit from it. If that happens not to be you, just stop reading my posts, problem solved.

    9. Yes, Thank you Cube!! Awareness IS Life changing and your posts have been a timely and valuable contribution for deeper consideration for All who choose a deeper understanding !!
      Much Gratitude, Love and Peace Be

    10. Kelli,

      Lovely thing to say, I know that the more serious we are about finding what ails us, the better off we all will be. This picture can be really toxic, I get it, not all are ready for it and understandably so. Anna brings her thoughts forward, you bring yours, C brings another as well as others which multiplies our power to know those things we did not know. I do not know how anyone with good intentions could find fault with that, and I suspect there is more to meet the eye with those that do. Compassion is missing today because it's being bred out of man, and I for one am grateful to all those who work to bring us up together. We should be able to reconcile different points of view when the intent is clear. People express themselves in unique ways, sometimes breaking the old ways that bind us and discovering something totally new! Let us continue to light our own way and in that process perhaps, others can catch a glimpse that light belongs to no one and everyone awaiting only recognition of it.

    11. Yes, Yes agreed whole heartedly and so beautifully, and uniquely expressed cube!! Love, Love, Love to and For All Now!!
      All Is Now

      Much Gratitude, Love, Peace and Joy Be

  14. All of this crap just goes to prove what I've said all along; what a tangled up mess they have made out of everything, and almost NObody is going to bother with untangling it. Just proves why they are all going to get ''armageddoned' as they so justly deserve; then the few of us left can celebrate, woo woo, good riddance to all the garbage....forever and ever. It will be the final end to all these 'word games'.

  15. Disclosure 101. i am up to about page 70 and nearly every line i am reading twice. This is so good with history and factual occurrences. Don't know what i was doing without it.

  16. Amazing, just look at how many have been suckered in to playing their silly word game. They just walked right into that, eyes wide open, and took the bait.

    1. CJ, listen up. If you wanna waste your time constantly 'fighting the system' then you go right ahead. Good ''luck' with that. But I choose to actually LIVE my life which has been on a great extension BY God himself (which you know nothing about)
      Just because I refuse to jump on your Train does not mean I am in ''the dark'. In fact its BECAUSE I am in such LIGHT that I can see the futility of anyone spending their 24/7 on the One Track you are on.

      CJ, you are hilarious. Trying to tell other folks they are 'in the dark' when You dont even know it was David who fought with Goliath, LOL. Goes to show just how mixed up you are.

      So keep on trying to show the world you are the "bestest, and the smartest", know-it-all on the planet Lol. Thats all you are about anyhow; full of YourSelf. But in reality, it shows your personal insecurities.
      The only 'Light' you know about, is that lightswitch on the wall when nighttime comes.

  17. GREAT EXPLANATION by Anna of course, Cube, C. Johnson, Jill...Big Thank You.

  18. Just to add perspective, abby has got a point about 'the silly word game' every single one of us had no definitive knowledge about DOG-LATIN, not being part of the English language, until the fact of the matter was proven. It is the same with the actual meaning/definition of a lot of words. For instance, 'suffer, suffering, suffered' basically means.............allow, go along with, agree.

  19. Jill,

    A silly word game it is, with tragic consequences.

    All words are defined by context. When one looks at the written record, we ask, is the result in line with the word? If not, somebody is telling one side of their story.

  20. Here we have full grown adults who have sat up all night full of a mentality of trickery and deceit, who dreamed up all this stupid childish Word Game. Now if y'all can't see the absolutely Silliness in all that, then you need to rethink it all.

    If you don't want to call it silly, then call it devilish trickery.....which is what it is. And it is devilish people you are so willing to participate with, and 'play your part' THEY have set forth for YOU.

    Instead of spending all this time, Years, trying to 'figure it all to win against all odds these idiots have set forth for YOU".........I say it is best to annihilate ''them''.

    It was initially thought by many, that when Anna set out to file all those Filings she was doing, tons of them, that THAT was aimed at ''annihilating'' them......removing them, lawfully......or ''whatever it takes'.

    But now people are beginning to realize, perhaps, that that is not being successful. But in NO case do thinking sane people go and fight big guns with a wet noodle.

    As a few of us have already tried to tell y'all, this Rabbit Hole is much much deeper than you all want to wake up and fully realize.
    So if there is no actual working Plan to remove them from their fraudulent power thrones, then you are forever fighting a housefire with glasses of water.
    I am not one who ''needs to wake up'. It is those who continue to think you can change your world by filing papers and presenting them TO the very devils who remain IN power and still hold power over The People.
    Yet, not one of you has ever asked Anna where progress stands on getting rid of the BAR and other such nefarious culprits. About 9 months ago she Noticed the BAR to remove themselves from the court houses BY Jan. 1, 2018. Yet, they are still THERE. What does that tell you? And you think 'playing their word game' is going to give people Remedy? Now that is really silly. You are plucking feathers off chickens in hopes of getting rid of them; I'm for just cutting off their heads. But as long as they are still ruling the Roost, your word games will be never ending.
    DUH !


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