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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Deliberate "Misunderstanding" About The Articles of Confederation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Use your heads. 

Pay attention to the American Government that is intact and functioning -- not the portions of it that were blown away back in 1860. 

The actual progression of the development of our government reads like this: 

July 1776 --- The United Colonies create the United States
September 1776 -- the United States adopts a Federation: The United States of America
January 1777 -- Discussion begins concerning a Confederation
November 1777 -- Articles of Confederation sent to the States for ratification
February 1781 -- Articles of Confederation are ratified
March 1, 1781 -- Articles of Confederation take effect

As everyone can see, the Union doing business as the United States and the Federation of States both pre-date the Confederation by almost five years, and after the Articles were ratified, what happened?  

Both the Union doing business as the United States and the Federation of States doing business as The United States of America continued to do business.  

The only thing that changed is that a new entity called the States of America, the Confederation, began doing business, specifically in Maritime jurisdiction.  

So the United States didn't go away and neither did The United States of America --- they were not "replaced" by the Confederation; instead, the Confederation was another, second, instrumentality of the United States.  

You have a Federation and you have a Confederation. Both.  Both of these instrumentalities were formed by the United States which was formed by the United Colonies, and the expressed purpose on the part of the United States was to provide itself with non-competitive representation in foreign jurisdictions. 

This is because the United States (after 1851, The United States) holds the National Soil Jurisdiction, which the Founders deliberately isolated from foreign interference. 

The United States of America handled all international and global business for the United States from 1776 to 1781.  

After the States of America, otherwise known as the Confederation was ratified, the global (Maritime Commerce) business was split off from the duties of The United States of America and became the responsibility of the States of America.  

The States of the Union are the Members of the Federation: Ohio, Maine, New York, Florida, etc. 

The States of States (business organizations serving the States) are the members of the Confederation: The State of Ohio, The State of Maine, The State of New York, The State of Florida, and so on. 

And so it remained until 1787, when the Confederation spawned its own instrumentality, known as the Federal Republic, which operated under the Federal Constitution known as The Constitution for the united States of America.  

Notice that the name of the Confederation -- "States of America" is identical to the nomenclature in "The Constitution for the united States of America".  

The States agreed to have the States-of-States and their Confederation  manage the day-to-day business affairs of the Federal Republic, which was made responsible for exercising  the 18 enumerated delegated "Powers" on behalf of the States..  

But Notice the Chain of Delegation of Power: all the Powers flow from the States to the United States (after 1851, The United States), then to The United States of America, then to the States of America, and finally, to the Federal Republic.  

Notice that the States are the only true sovereign entities. The Union dba United States, the Federation dba The United States of America and the Confederation dba States of America all perform work for and are empowered by the Several States. 

Everything worked fine from 1787 until 1860 when the Southern States-of-States -- members of the original Confederation walked out, and left the Confederation without the quorum necessary to conduct business.  

As a result, the Confederation could no longer operate and neither could the Federal Republic which was overseen and funded by the Confederation.  

The Constitution for the united States of America went dormant along with the Confederation and the Federal Republic, awaiting a Reconstruction that never happened. 

Meantime, what happened to the United States and its Federation of States doing business as The United States of America?  

Neither one was ever involved in the American Civil War which was fought entirely by the ex-Members of the original, broken Confederation and the other (foreign British and Papal) Federal Subcontractors.  

The Northern States-of-States and the British Territorial Federal Subcontractors working under The Constitution of the United States of America formed "the Union" while the Southern States-of-States that broke off from the Confederation joined with the Municipal United States (Holy See) working under The Constitution of the United States to form the Confederate States of America. 

We all know how that turned out. 

All that remains of the original American Government are the States, the Union of States doing business as The United States (since 1851) and The United States of America, our Federation of States. 

In 1851 the original name of the United States was formalized as The United States, while the Municipal Government working under The Constitution of the United States, continued to call itself "the United States" --- thus creating a confusion between itself and the original Union of States doing business as "the United States" from 1776 to 1851 when the nomenclature changed. 

A similar confusion exists concerning the original Union of States forming the United States in 1776 and "the Union" formed by the Northern States-of-States in 1860.  

But we are not here to be confused.  We are here to be enlightened by the facts and our own ability to observe the facts --- chief among them: 

The States created the Federation and the Confederation and only the sovereign States have the power and authority to reconstruct the Confederation. 

The Confederation created, directed, and funded the Federal Republic, and without the Confederation, the only entity competent and having proven standing to operate the Federal Republic is The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

Why do we deduce that?  

The United States of America conducted all international and global business for the United States from 1776 to 1781; obviously, the creation of the Confederation was a convenience, but not necessary.  Likewise, the reconstruction of the Confederation would be a convenience, but not necessary for the Federation to run the Federal assuming the contract and resuming operations under The Constitution for the united States of America. 

All these claims by incorporated organizations are rendered invalid by the fact of their incorporation under the auspices of foreign governments.  Currently, the Government of India has unwisely chosen to allow the incorporation of a commercial entity calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" --- which is an infringement upon our venerable trademarks and an attempted impersonation of our unincorporated Federation of States to which we object. 

It's time for everyone concerned to figure out the difference between incorporated and unincorporated business entities, to know what "impersonation" and crimes of impersonation are, and for the Principals responsible for this Mess to stop obfuscating and trying to manipulate the situation into something to benefit themselves.  

They have benefited themselves at the expense of their Employers and Employees alike for 162 years as of this writing, and that is more than enough.  


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  1. Excellent delineation, Anna. Thank you so very much!

  2. It looks like a Republican form of government was chosen back in the day and the sovereign entities are three: the people,the States and the Federal government (in regards to the eighteen enumerated services). Story and Tucker do a good job on the history of the Constitution also. So here is my question: if Fetzer's case on Sandy Hook is denied a hearing by the Supreme Court can he still go back to a Common Law court for a hearing?

    1. you cant just say "it looks like" a Republican form was chosen. either it was chosen from consent of the people or it wasnt.
      and, it wasnt.
      if it was, where can we find it?
      p.s. The People have no authority to change things on their own... without consent from the governed.

  3. that’s-nice:dear

  4. I'm pretty sure Anna said the 1781 ratification was the Air jurisdiction, in one of her pieces last year. I'd link if I can find it.

  5. no.
    the United Colonies cannot create. it is man-made and has no power to create
    anything. it says right in the final paragraph of the UnanDeclar that:
    the Representatives of the States of America create the Free and Independent States in the Name and Authority of the People of the Colonies: * from the consent of the governed.*, para.2.
    no Federation was ever formed from consent of the govern-ed either.
    where is the paper showing this was ever done?
    show me, so i can apologize and thank the man who finally makes the this so-called Federation known to one and all.

    1. Lol. I'm waiting for your empty head to fall off.

    2. "Only love creates, and only like itself.":

    3. a8:35am
      thats all lifes losers can do is wait on other people.

    4. chef,
      'a course' is harpo WinFrees favorite book, isnt it? ..... or maybe that was "a million little pieces".......

    5. JanMarie, your reply took some deciphering (on my part ; ~ ) however - I think your correct!

  6. If you disagree, then state the reason why you disagree. Empty-headed insults are something an infiltrator from a 3 letter organization would do.

  7. This is excellent. Thank you, Anna. So glad I found you.

  8. sorry cannot wrap my brain around all that. There is AUTHORITY and then there is Authority and maybe authority. Choose you this day who or is it whom you serve.

    1. dont stress over it too much brad, "aannabannanans" scribblings are not all fact. the man who want to rule over other man are trying to find a Narrative they can get those other man to believe, agree to, and follow.

    2. Hi Brad, "sorry cannot wrap my brain around all that. There is AUTHORITY and then there is Authority and maybe authority. Choose you this day who or is it whom you serve. Brad"
      authoriy=brad, brad, thou is your very own authority, but please verfi it. Thx
      TrueGod Make America Free and Healthy, and the rest of the world will follow, m

  9. The six dates that are presented in the third paragraph in the above article appear to possibly be hyperlinks however they do not function as such. Were they intended to be hyperlinks? .........

  10. Please observe Benjamin Franklin's observation: "Rebellions are always illegal in the view of tyrants." The British Monarch didn't admit that the actions of the United Colonies were "legal" until 1783, but that admission was inclusive of both the past and the future. We have our "free, sovereign, and independent states" guaranteed--- if we correct our own political status records and secure the standing to enforce those guarantees.

  11. Care act fund for America not 493097, series 881, state of states they liquidated in 2018, pope Francis made deal with orthodox cathedral and Zwentui Permanente international criminal courts to check the vatican registrar transfer over to orthodox cathedral we work in humanity


  13. Government bureaucrats rely on your ignorance of the fact that all written law is limited to a specific subject. For governments, the subject is territory. Thus, Congress cannot write laws for Japan. Furthermore, Congress cannot write laws to regulate you without your consent, unless the United States of America owns the property on which you are located.


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