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Tuesday, December 6, 2022

About Lloyd Austin --- And Joe Biden, Too

 By Anna Von Reitz

Rumors are circulating today that members of the U.S. Military have received accusatory letters from Lloyd Austin, broadly inferring that these men and women owe him and his political party allegiance and obedience. 

But they don't. 

Hard as I have tried for many long days, I can't find evidence that Joe Biden is "President" of anything but a privately held Municipal Corporation doing business as the White House Office, Inc. 

How much authority does such a "Presidency" offer?  Certainly none that would impact officers working for a completely different corporation.  

It's like the Vice-President of McDonald's sending a Nasty Note to Burger King employees.

Or the old Abbott and Costello routine, "Who is on first?" 

These corporations have been threatening to go to war with each other for some time, but we have reminded them and everyone else concerned that mercenary conflicts (wars between commercial entities) are illegal, and they have no right to trample as much as a cubic centimeter of their Employer's land and soil.  

If the Municipal Corporations keep it up, we will simply observe that they are in violation of the treaties and contracts that allow their existence, and annex back the land and soil under Washington, DC, leaving them without a seat of government.  

And if the Territorial Corporations don't get moving to protect us, we can pretty much do the same thing with the entire District of Columbia. 

Both these corporations need to fulfill their contracts and treaties, in order to retain any delegated powers----- absent which, we don't owe them any separate seats of government. 

It's like having two teenagers fighting over which bunk bed they get, until the parents get sick of it and leave them both sleeping on the floor.  

The strength and power of our government isn't vested in corporations, especially not foreign corporations.  The strength and power of our government is vested in our physical assets, including our people and our natural resources.  

The faster everyone wakes up and realizes that corporations are fictional and don't mean diddly compared to the actual unincorporated government, the better.  And the sooner Lloyd Austin is made aware of the limitations of his position, the better, too. 


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  1. In my opinion Austin is jus a big silvrback beating his chest trying to scare some the white Hats into submission! Good luck wid/dat L.A!!!

  2. 👍👍👍Exactly!!!

  3. This man does not reflect the values of the members of the military trying to do a good job serving. It is sad when men like this forgot the path they took to be honored with 4 stars

  4. I'm with you Chris, we're way past this - they've been derelict for 160+ years, and they have been noticed heavily by Anna & co. (and probably others) since the 2000's. Shouldn't we pull-the-plug already?

  5. Can we see a copy of that letter please?

    1. Yes, please. (I looked online without success.)

  6. Biden isn't President!🤣🤣🤣

  7. Help me out (I replied in wrong thread Please Delete it, I was really confused on reply button - I'm good with it being deleted it's the same as this post.)
    This thread though I wonder what does this have to say about Norfolk Naval Base? What does SURRENDERED TO NATO mean?

    1. Prefer to keep reply in this thread. Again Sorry for the other one.

  8. Skinnylegsandall
    Biden is a bot,android
    How do you get rid
    of a bot?
    Throw it in the trash
    compactor along with the

  9. the strength and power of the united States of America government is NOT "vested in our physical assets, including our people and our natural resources".

    read the Articles of Confederation...... the government can only use the VALUE (a FICTION) of land with improvements to create another FICTION: Credit.
    Cant use actual land and improvements. cant mix imagination with material.
    and certainly cant use people!!!!!!!!!!!! thats human trafficking!!!!!!!
    "anna" has said "she" has Labor and Land Bonds.

  10. How does a guy who, " I can't find evidence that Joe Biden is "President" of anything but a privately held Municipal Corporation doing business as the White House Office, Inc." has no official office in our actual govt., open our borders to 7,000 illegal immigrants daily (many of whom are military-aged and probably trained, coming from who knows where) and nothing is done about it.

    1. a simpler way of saying that is,
      1. Their Constitution has Authority only over "Controversies".
      2. Their Constitution does not prevent them from creating Controversies.
      3. So they create Controversies where none exists for the purpose of bringing situations under their "Authority".

  11. Thank Anna and Paul big time for all your energy to expose this ongoing fiction. True God Make America Free and Healthy, rest of the world will follow, m

  12. Which military? The MILLEYTARY (under the traitors)
    or the MILITARY (under General Berger & TRUMP)
    There are two, y'know. FAKE and REAL.
    Red Pill Lill

  13. Why am I blocked every time I ask for supporting documents to all your claims?? It’s seems a very simple request.


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