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Tuesday, January 17, 2023

THIS Above All Else, Is What THEY Have to Be Held Accountable For

 By Anna Von Reitz

I have just received a copy of testimony placed before Senator Ron Johnson's Senate Investigative Committee by Doctor James Thorp, an eminent Washington, DC area OB/GYN and Fertility Expert.  

What he details is a staggering increase in miscarriages and fetal deaths and menstrual cycle abnormalities directly related to and symptomatic of Jab vaccinated patients, resulting in complete or relative infertility.  

If I am understanding the information correctly, fertility among the jabbed is 28% of normal, so 3 out of 4 babies on average won't make it to term, leading to a staggering 70-75% decrease in the future population of this planet --- and to our individual families --- based on decisions made "for" us by madmen lacking any authority to even comment on our health and family decisions, by unelected bureaucrats, by "agency" personnel, and by corporations that stood to make a whole lot of money doing this.  

They all need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  They all deserve to have their licenses revoked, their corporations liquidated, their bank accounts seized.   No bankruptcy protection should be accorded to these guilty parties.  No benefit of the corporate veil should be extended to the corporations involved, their officers or their board members.  

Think of the millions of expectant Mothers and Fathers whose hopes have already been dashed by miscarriages and whose future hopes of having a family or adding to their present family are now placed at a 70-75% risk.  

Those of you who have known the heartbreak of infertility or genetic incompatibilities which have limited your ability to have children and increased the risk of having non-viable offspring already know what I am talking about, but for millions upon millions of couples worldwide, this nightmare is just beginning.  

If these statistics are even close to being correct for the general population, 70 to 75% of those innocent expectant Mothers who thought they were doing the right thing to protect their health and the health of their unborn babies by getting "vaccinated" suffered spontaneous miscarriages instead.  When they try again, they will have a three out of four chance of miscarrying again and again and again and.... again. 

With all that that entails mentally, physically, and emotionally for them and for their husbands and their families. 

Imagine all the hopeful happy phone calls to the Grandparents, only to be followed a few weeks or a couple months later with the crushing news that no, there won't be a new grandchild, afterall.  

Imagine what they have done to the world population, how they have martyred others, while protecting themselves with explicit exemptions, how they have killed three-quarters of the client base of other corporations, how they have adversely and recklessly "transformed" the future of the human race --- and now, let's get down to who THEY are.  

Obviously, the AMA and the Big Pharma vaccine manufacturers,  the corporate CEO's who "mandated" that their employees all be vaccinated, the university and school and hospital administrations that did the same, and now, let's begin the evaluation of the unelected bureaucrats who seized non-existent "emergency powers" --- in this country that means the unelected "National Security Council".  

Which "nation" is being protected and what kind of "security" involves the deliberate murder and maiming of billions of innocent people?  

Here are the names: 

Ariana Berengaut
Medha Raj
Darius Edgerton
Nichole Fasano
Ella Lipin
Joshua Geitzer
Hilary Hurd
John MacWilliams
Mike Pyle
John R. Phillips III
Ashley Deeks
Florencio Yuzon
Steven Hill 
Cara Abercrombie
Audrey Schaffer
John Edwards
Cailin Crockett
Thomas Wright
Alexander Bick 
Rebecca Lissner
Brett Rosenberg
Amanda Mansour
Jim Thompson
Amanda Lorman
Nicole Tisdale
Gershom Sacks
Daniel Gastfriend
Megan Frisk
Mark Lucera
Hilary Marston
Maureen Bartee
Edgard Kagan
Christopher Johnstone
Kathryn Paik
Sumona Guha
Laura Rosenberger
Rush Doshi
Julian Gewirtz
Sarah Donilon
Tarun Chhabra
Saif M. Kahn
Michelle Rozo
Sarah Stalker-Lehoux
Chanan Weissman
Caitlin Durkovich
Nabeela Barbari
Jason Tama
Maher Bitar
Lauren Hartje
Linda Elim
Ladan Fakory
Nidhi Bouri
Rachel Grant
Jacqui Pilch
Juan Gonzalez
Alejandra Gonzalez
Neda Brown
Megan Oates
Isabel Rioja-Scott
Eric Signon
Peter Harrell
Adam Deutsch
Jessic McBroom
Ruth Berry
Brian Janovitz
Mimi Wang
Leila Elmergawi
Adrienne Watson
Patrick Evans
Dean Lieberman
Kedenard Raymond
Sean Savett
Saloni Sharma
Jasmine Williams
Dana L. Banks
Peter Quaranto
Deniece Laurent-Manley
Judd Devermont
Shanthi Kalathil 
Tess McEnery
Brian Vogt
Jesse Bernstein
Chandana Ravi
Eric Green
Allison Varricchio
Katrina Elledge
Clare Linkins
Caitlin Conley
Alexandra Miller
Annie Rohroff
Derek Dela-Cruz
Michael Massetti
Samantha Sultoon
Coqui Baez Gonzalez
Robin Brooks
Stephanie Hallett
Evyenia Sidereas
Sam Martin
Zehra Bell
Julie Sawyer
Maxwell Martin 
Josh Harris
K.C. Evans
Daniel Moulton
Melaine Nakagawa
Helaina Matza
Victoria Orero
Jennifer DeCesaro
Carlyn Reichel
Nadine Nally
Curtis Ried
Andy Rabens
Negah Angha
Andrew Scott
Teddy Nemeroff
Steven Kelly
Jonah Force Hill
Elke Sobieraj
Travis Berent
Katie Tobin
Ashley Feasley

These are the members and staff of "your" National Security Council, who saw fit to destroy your reproductive capacity under color of law and deceit, passing it off as a "vaccination".  

If you don't recognize a single name on this list, it is not surprising, as none of these persons have ever run for public office, even such "public office" as may exist in a private corporation. 

These individuals have, by their own action and inaction, killed millions of Americans and they and their counterparts around the world, have murdered and maimed billions of innocent people worldwide. 121 "persons" and not one of them has been elected to represent anyone but themselves. 

Please note that several key offices, like the Senior Director for Legislative Affairs, the Deputy Assistant to the President & Deputy National Security Advisor for Cyber and Emerging Technology (like modification of the human genome via injection of foreign mRNA delivered at the cellular level by a specially engineered agent based on the corona virus)  and space-based weather modification and geoengineering), and Coordinator for the Southern Border (ours) were conveniently vacant.  

What the statistics are saying is that if you took the Jab you are more likely to die from all causes than your unvaccinated peers, including as a fetus, and your reproductive capacity has been reduced to about 25-30% of normal fertility -- and these are the unelected career bureaucrats and political appointees, who, together with members of DOD and complicit commercial corporations, including for-profit pharmaceutical and hospital corporations, did this to you.  

If you are ready to sue someone, here are 121 "persons" who should be held 100% commercially and individually liable for their part in this insane fraud scheme.  

If you resent having nameless, faceless political appointees and career bureaucrats making decisions about your "national security" and your health and reproductive future--- and anything else they care to weigh in on apparently---  it's time that you let those "persons" who are supposed to be acting as "your" representatives, or at least as your Public Employees,  know what you think of having unelected multi-national boards, commissions, councils, and  blue-ribbon committees in charge of both your personal and national destiny.  

That is to say, we didn't sign up for, consent to, or agree to any such arrangement.  And any mistaken idea otherwise needs to be scrubbed from the collective memory of all members of anything posing as a government body of any kind.  


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  1. I will be stunned if anyone takes up a suit. This unfortunately is what we can expect from both "parties" in the future

    1. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes Yes!
      Thank thou woman:janmarie for adding your voice.

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and living people Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    2. D)avos in focus:

      Dear TrueGod, present in our DNA, Make America Free of BabilonianDogma, and living people Healthy, and Prosperous, and the rest of the world will follow. m

    3. Thanks for your time effort and truthfulness

  2. This is Monumentally Bad News for Humanity.

    1. doesnt "anna" refer to all these types of people as "OurEmployees"?
      does that make you as "TheEmployer", responsible for what "YourEmployees" do?
      is it possible youve got "YoursupposedEmployees" setting themselves up to walk away "with immunity", free and clear like they seem to all be doing, leaving you, "TheirsupposedEmployers" holding "TheBag"?

    2. woman:janmarie...
      Your question......
      Does the employer get the blame for what their employees do if they commited crime? Not until that employer is found complicit in the crime. {That's why we cannot be partakers of the ill-gotten gains in those accounts, we would be complicit.}. For example, if the employees are embezzling billions of $$ from the company and gets caught and tells the managare to blame er that they will split the money with them if they don't blow the whistle to the Employer/owner, and it continues on & on, and the owner finds out years and years later. lt depends on who blows the whistle. Anna is one of us standing under the last man standing act and blew the whistle even though everyone thought it was too big for anything to be done about it. We are the government and through her, which after being hoodwinked for so long, {150 yrs} even though it was one by one waking up to the problem, we found the problem and we acted upon it. She has been been writing notices for their cease and desist for years and they are published openly, on public records, notified to the guilty parties, asking international courts of justice for their assistance for years with no action.
      There's too much proof that something was trying to be done about it through the appropriate channels with not much assistance. And we even have proof of that too.There's alot more people that will be held accountable for this debacle than the owners/employers.

    3. karen gore,
      "through her..."?
      .....but you can stand for you, right?

  3. this Article, just posted, is exactly the same type of PROCEED- ures i was just referencing when i commented on the Article before this one, the comments that GOT WIPED OFF THE SCREEN AS I WAS JUST FINISHING UP... AGAIN.

    1. they installed themselves using force and lies and worse against the peoples will.
      theyre not our people, theyre not our employees. they never have been and never will be.

  4. I'm pretty sure Anna that you're one of the ones that said the white hats aren't going to save you. Even so, I still held hope.
    We keep hearing the white hats are in control. If that's true, then they're the the ones either doing this, or allowing it to happen in order to wake us up. Thanks alot white hats. With friends like you, who needs enemies.

    1. to make it all the worse, "anna" here keeps referring to these exact same types of people as "OurEmployees",... thats smaks of trying to roll the blame for the peoples evil off onto the American people, "TheEmployer".
      as i already shared, a "Profess"-er on the Wondrium UTub Channel , "the original intent of the Constitution" is now admitting the Constitutional Convention was a COUP DE'TAT, and what was done was done in secret meetings, behind closed doors, and without authority.

      neither that Constitution nor these people belong to the American people and they never have. period. theyre not our people. it cant be changed. they alone are responsible for any evil theyve done. we did not know, support, or condone their evil.
      they're not dumping any stench on us, are responsible, not us.

    2. Anna, makes good sense! But for you . . .

      Dear M[yth]iss woman:janmarie,

      ... well! Is that this least? - Who or What the great beast? - Is it actually also one’s stupor or how styled? - Bath waters do grow chilly yet it’s eternally silly to toss it out all – the bath the waters, and the CHILD!

      P.S. Rinse & Repeat – As quoted from movie "The Big Short: ". . .truth is like poetry, and everyone hates poetry…" [and especially hate limericks!]

    3. a643a,
      youre wrong.... other mans Titles and Imaginations (Miss myth other) belong on you. how about you dont try to slap your Control-Freak Imaginary CrapWorld pathetic non-sense on other people? you keep it. wallow in it. Enjoy!
      this is just indic-ative of what these losers do... they make up word/"Terms" for what they Imagination in their own Internal Imaginary World in their loser heads and slap those Terms on living man, land, or whatever belongs to another man that they want but dont have the skill, brains, or energy to build or work for for themselves.
      they hire the scumoftheearth type rejects to attack the one who built what theyre too mentally dull, unskilled, and lazy to build for themselves.... a group of worthless thugs to steal it FOR them, then they give the thugs a few crumbs from TheTake? [ref.: proverbs 1:10 thru 1:19.]

    4. I think woman:janmarie is claiming she built this web site? She writes:

      ...attack the one who built what theyre too mentally dull, unskilled, and lazy to build for themselves"

      women:janmarie, are you claiming you are the one would built this website?

    5. Ask her who the "one" is?

    6. a1033, 1053a,
      you're too far behind to get caught up.


  5. None of this is surprising

  6. Anyone paying attention has seen this coming for 30 plus years.

  7. Time to smash there skulls

  8. Enough of this bill shit


    1. This article just added 121 more names. But we the people have to do this. Do you really think our employees are going to go after these persons? No! We have to have our Jural Assemblies up and running and then we can do it. We need the people mad enough to get our courts in session and then go after these persons. Maybe now, more of the people of the country will be ready to reconvey their deed to live and their birth. Come on people, get your jural courts up and running.

    2. "Come on people, get your jural courts up and running.
      "Oh yeah I second this statement!

  10. ICD-10 Medical Coding
    Quackzine boosters have nothing to do with health and everything to do with killing and/or maiming you and if by some miracle you manage to survive, turning you into a retarded mind controlled slave/serf (Borg).....

    " these continuous boosters will become a “gateway to transhumanism"

    Leo Hohmann’s Special Report: Medical Profession Implements WHO Digital Diagnosis Code for the Unvaxxed

    “What is this new code? It’s Code Number Z28.310. This is the code for a very peculiar “diagnosis” since it’s not a diagnosis at all, but an invasion of privacy and likely to be used against many people in the future. This is the code your doctor will log into the computer system that is accessed by government and private health insurers informing them of your Covid vaccine status.”

    This system appears to be the way the military-industrial-biomedical complex will identify and separate out those who have submitted to their digital identification system, which starts with being “up to date” on your shots — endless shots. As the late Dr. Zev Zelenko and others have said, these continuous boosters will become a “gateway to transhumanism.

    The powers that be at the United Nations and World Economic Forum have a “need to know” when it comes to those who reject this demonic transitioning of the human race, which the transhumanists refer to as an “upgrade” to “humanity 2.0.”‘

    1. You think it's a coincidence that it's a 'Z' code - NOT - how about ZION

      I've spoken about these ICD INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATIONS OF DISEASES for quite some time now

      My advice is to stay away from all doctors, dentist, all of them

      I read somehwere that even a trip to the dentist could land you as vaccinated without your consent or with, being as how they may sneak the shit in to their paperwork somehow or under the guise of some HIPAA BULLSHIT
      Eventually they will have vets as in vetrinarians vaccinating the human herd
      Part of UNONEHEALTH

      All of this shit comes out of SWISSY LAND and DAVOS where the freak shew and all their gang members are meeting up now

      Well some of the actors are not attending
      And I do mean they are actors hidden behind mask
      The two not attending are well known
      One founded St Jude and the other is a Star Trek star
      The Star Trek star is their Grand Master

      Meet Klaus

      Shhh it's a secret

    2. The fake astroNOTS same ACTOR

      You don't think they could send anyone to the internet pretending to help save you?
      Or to help them reach their END GAME of
      Democracy is 'self-government'

      World Parliament is all about you 'self-governing' NOT
      A DEMONcratic non military world government


    3. We need to remember that the vaccinated aren't the entire population and so not fall into despair about world population collapse. There are a lot of people who were smart enough not to fall for this hoax. Yes, a lot of people will die and those responsible must hang or face the firing squad, but we will recover from this and make a better world by holding these loathsome creatures responsible for their crimes.

    4. Imagine that THOR and the actor all masked up to play the role

      And some of these so called actors are buying up military bases as they transition (tranceform) the world over to being slaves of their one world godvernment

      Gorbachev aka Rod Steiger is in charge of selling off those 36 military bases
      Bottom right of page 4
      "Friday, he inaugurated the Gorbachev Foundation, USA, which is moving into new headquarters in the Presidio in San Francisco.

      In his speech in San Francisco, Gorbachev announced that the foundation is creating a national task force on U.S. Military base closings. It will be co-chaired by former San Jose Mayor Tom McEnery and former Democratic Rep. Mel Levine of Southern California.

      The Group will call for a national conference of the 36 U.S. communities that the base closings affect." 24
      HOW BOUT THAT 3, 6's

      All of Greg Bradfords video's are gone from the internet

      Make note of the timeframe they started to take over the military bases

      In this one - the Presidio and the connection to closing military bases as they role their plans forward
      He talks about the Bank of Italy which was rebranded as Bank of America
      This guy financed the golden gate bridge
      1989 base ordered closed and all military out by 94 based on alligations of ritual child abuse
      Couple of fires to so call destroy evidence and outcry for the closing of the facility???

      Bottom right corner Gorbachev and the closing of 36 military bases
      1993 Gorbachev Foundation moves in to the Presidio

      Funny too that couple of other military bases have been bought up by some Hollywood folks like
      Tyler Perry and a 440 acre base in Georgia
      Jared Leto is owner of a Laurel Canyon place
      This is part of the place they used as the operations grounds for the story about Charles Manson

      On your MARX Get Set and Go Now
      Gotta Dream and we Just Know Now
      We're Gonna Make Our Dream Come True
      Doin it Our Way

      We're gonna do it our way
      Yes Our Way
      Make All Our Dreams Come True

      There is Nothing We Won't Try
      Never Herd the Word Impossible
      This Time There's No Stopping Us

      Climb on board their fake love boat and millions can be yours NOT

      Doughnate today they can't do it without your help

  11. Booted and suited...where do I sign-up at??

  12. Zero Tolerance, they must be put to death!

  13. If you watched either the UK Utopia series or the US Utopia series you'd be aware that this was the aim, to produce injections under whatever guise of national emergency and then divide the resulting side effects between acute SADS and a decade long reduction thru sterility and induced disease in those who obeyed and took the shots. They didn't want the depopulation to happen overnight because it would be to much of a shock to the existing structures, so they set it up to depopulate over a decade+.

    Good thing Anna had to LET IT HAPPEN so she could pretend to HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

  14. Funny how David Martin is made more wealthy by this whole ordeal and has yet to bring suite to halt things. Instead its all about saying things that push back but DOING nothing to back up the words. Those who are enriched by the series of engineered planned intentional events are just there to make money, not Change the vector we're on. That would end their angle.

    At this point pretending any other than oneself is ones authority makes one an idiot. Disobey Unaccountable Authority!

  15. A drug company CEO"s photo was up on and he is recorded as saying " I am in the business of making money and do not care about people being sick" or something to that effect. Chasing money as a do all fix all false god of illusion has its consequences. Best get on with cleaning up this mess soon as possible.

  16. Added to my respondents list of my law tort ( of which Anna has copy of what was registered mailed & received by doj...)

  17. Also, here's a leaked sample of biggest investors in the "vaxx". It reeks of racketeering. Many names surprised me. This video spends six minutes skimming through the vast array of corporations, and this is only Pfizer.

    COVID INVESTORS EXPOSED - Top Companies that have Shares in Pfizer "Vaccine" (DARK WEB)

  18. I'm tellin ya they are liars and thieves

    This stuff will blow your mind

    If you watch his video's you will find that they double as politicians, lawyers, playwrites, authors etc etc etc

    They've been doin this to the masses forever

    1. He didn't even get to 1000 and they blocked him

  19. You think all of this hinges on the name?

    Why were you assigned a new number upon verification by Anna's coordinators? The ILB is it?

    They'll go from social security to the Guaranteed Annual Income (GAI) and an A for Adminstration and you get GAIA

    GAIA links to your Google gmail address and all of it links back to you through ICANN remember

    These fucking computers are evil and you can bet these cock roaches don't give two shits about you, your family or anything else

  20. And this

    This is what will give CANADA CORPORATION and the UNITED STATES CORPORATION the jurisdiction they need to take your kids and KILL THEM LEGALLY

    You're dealing with psychopaths here folks
    This isn't patty cakes and play nice

    1. Excerpts from the article linked above regarding that SS NUMBER
      Prince, 321 U.S. at 167, 64 S.Ct. at 442, 88 L.Ed. 645.


      “The primary control and custody of infants is with the government.”

      Tillman V. Roberts. 108 So. 62

      “There is no wider area for the exercise of judicial discretion than that of providing for and protecting the best interests of children.“

      Ex parte Handley, 460 So.2d 167 (Ala.1984).

      “The court stands in the position of parens patria[e] of children.“

      Ayers v. Kelley, 284 Ala. 321, 224 So.2d 673 (1969)․

      “Parens patriae,” literally “parent of the country,” refers traditionally to role of state as sovereign and guardian of persons under legal disability.”

      Ex parte Bayliss, 550 So.2d 986, 988 n. 1 (Ala.1989) (quoting Black’s Law Dictionary 1003 (5th ed.1979)).

      “Pursuant to the parens patriae doctrine, ‘the primary control and custody of infants is with the government, to be delegated, as of course, to their natural guardians and protectors, so long as such guardians are suitable persons to exercise it.’ ”

    2. And if you think these cock roaches give two shits about you or your children you better think the fuck again

      And as I've stated before no one knows what I do outside of these blog comments but it sure as hell isn't just plain doing nothing

      Social media and blogs were created by DARPA and the very thugs working the world over

    3. Check out the Court Registry Investment System [CRIS]
      This is how they legally traffic your children and all others in an through their system
      There are Bid Bonds Performance Bonds and Payment Bonds created within this CRIS System and this is how they make money off of the arrest and incarceration of all who are arrested
      There was a video out long ago about how this CRIS funny isn't it that the only letters missing from the name of that system the H and the T
      They think this shit is funny and all the judges cops clerks lawyers city county and state are all in on this shit and the profits they invest found in their CAFR reports is astronomical
      Here is just one of them
      I’d like to introduce you to the Texas State “ANNUAL CASH REPORT”, where it states that over $26 billion of your hard earned tax dollars are quietly tucked away in the State Treasurer Investment Fund.

    4. And listen to this shit - they don't have any money so here comes their you pay by the mile to drive

      They don't have any money - REALLY?

      Texas State “ANNUAL CASH REPORT”, where it states that over $26 billion of your hard earned tax dollars are quietly tucked away in the State Treasurer Investment Fund.


      Let’s take a look at what Texas reports that it does with its $26 billion extra taxation…

    5. fantastic shares shelby.
      thank you so much. your work is appreciated.

  21. What is the name of the Senate investigations committee and the subject matter so that I may get a transcript of that? .........

    Got a reply from LOC re: my request:
    "I am requesting a transcript of a Senate investigations committee chaired by Sen. Ron Johnson with: Dr. James Thorp who gave a presentation of evidence[1] apparently earlier this year."
    [1] as per a 4+ minute video published on: January 16th, 2023:

    Law Library Reference Librarian
    Jan 18 2023, 10:17am via System:
    "Please provide the name of the committee and the subject matter. We cannot follow your link since it violates our firewall's security protocols."

    1. A further reply now from the LOC includes this most informative link:

    2. Final reply from Senator Johnson's staff follows. There is No Transcript - because it wasn't a hearing it was only a "round-table" discussion!
      "Thank you for contacting the office of Senator Ron Johnson regarding the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine requirements and mandates. Senator Johnson strongly opposes vaccine mandates. Here are links to the hearings he has held on this subject. Unfortunately, there is not a transcript available.

      Shorter version:

      Read more about the roundtable and Sen. Ron Johnson’s advocacy for the vaccine injured, early treatment and healthcare freedom here.
      FEARLESS Special: The ‘COVID Cartel’ & the Price for Freedom | We Won’t Comply | Ep 359 - YouTube
      For a complete COVID-19 timeline, please visit COVID-19 on Sen. Johnson's website which also includes early treatment efforts to inform the public on possible treatments and cures.

      Vaccine Faith Exemptions—Helpful Sites and Resources -


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