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Monday, November 21, 2022

Status Report/Public and International Warning

 By Anna Von Reitz

Bear in mind that the General Public in America doesn't  have a dog in the fight. 

All the presidential elections, all the political parties, all the "Voters" are participating in activities related to two foreign, private, for-profit corporations in the business of providing governmental services, and their employees and dependents called "U.S. Citizens" and "citizens of the United States".  

So we are witnessing a dog-fight among factions of Federal Employees and the factions are becoming more and more obvious, though which faction(s) are telling the truth and which are not---if, indeed, any of them are telling the truth, is up for grabs. 

Considering some of the whoppers that have been told about me in recent weeks, I can only imagine the outlandish mud-slinging going on now as these different Employee factions cling and claw and blame each other, apparently in hopes of casting blame on their cohorts and avoiding it themselves. 

It's certain that a blame-fest of gigantic proportions is going on, and that three factions have finally arisen from the Swamp Goo, and all three factions are claiming to be the real Uncle Sam.  

1. First Faction: the honest-to-God Deep State, which is foreign and operated out of Europe, and includes numerous foreign governments secretly and not-so-secretly colluding in the effort to control our country and its resources to benefit themselves.  

2. Second Faction: the Republican group currently led by Donald Trump, which is apparently embroiled in its own chaotic self-discovery, and preparing for the 2024 election cycle at the same time it is bringing forward evidence of long-term worldwide election fraud--- which was perfected and practiced by "our own CIA" to topple banana republics and Eastern European and African governments at will.  

When you think about it, what they are doing doesn't make any sense. 

They are knowingly preparing for a rigged election?  Really? 

3. Third Faction: the Traditional (not Deep State) Democratic answer, claiming that Al Gore won the 2000 Presidential Election and that he is now sworn in to act as the U.S. President and has the support of General Milley and is making all sorts of waves and changes and is pursuing the issue of the Mitterand-Wanta-Reagan accords and what happened to that money.  

I recently said that the "Angels" had once again split in a three-way, with a third committed to the way of Satan, and two-thirds supporting the Creator, albeit for two substantially different reasons. Of these, one-third is simply world-wise and smells the wind, and one-third really is patriotic and honorable and wanting to do the right thing. 

The Deep State is, of course, interested in maintaining coercive and financial power--- and not just over this country, but over a majority of countries worldwide. 

The "face" or storefront the Deep State is using now is China, and China via a very healthy loan from the British Royals transferred by the Vatican five years ago, has bought out Joe Biden's bankrupt UNITED STATES, Inc. interests, so that he is now taking his orders from them--that is, China. Or the Brits in cahoots with China. Or the Germans in control of the Brits.  Or the Romans in control of all of them. 

It really is a farce. 

So it looks like China is the enemy, when in fact, our interests have been betrayed once again by our purported "friends and allies". 

The Deep State's actual leadership is largely German ("the Frankfurters" and House of Wettin) and British and Roman Italianate, with a dash of House of Saud thrown in.  

We have to treat the Deep Staters as criminals and handle their activities as organized crime. 

The Trump Faction is carrying a lot of baggage from prior Republican Administrations, including --- very likely ---- the 911 disaster. Mr. Trump will be haunted by the backwash from his support for the "vaccination" program and for pardoning G.W. Bush.  

The Gore Faction, we have to ask --- what's putting wings to their discontent after 22  years and who is filling their pockets?  Who or what would have the authority to inaugurate a "President Gore"?  Even if the election was stolen -- which is likely, what would Gore be "President" of at this point?   The Office he sought and claims to have won, disappeared along with the bankrupt corporation it was attached to. 

What are we supposed to do about it? 

Send a nice explanatory note?

"Dear Al, it was a terrible thing they did to you, but time has gone on, and the Office you sought and say that you won, doesn't exist anymore. The whole corporation went belly up and the remains including the secondary trademarks were sold to China by the bankruptcy Trustees, who also backdoor financed the sale." 

"PS, if you really want to help, ask the questions: "Isn't it illegal for bankruptcy Trustees to finance the disposition of  trust property to Third Parties? Especially if they benefit themselves by doing so?"  

Get a full view of the Snake Pit:  Prince Philip (and the late Queen) pocket $950T from selling off the purported British interest in America and Canada to China, and the Vatican Agents acting as the Bankruptcy Trustees in charge of the UNITED STATES, INC., Receivership, finance the deal for China using American gold to do it.  

And all the while, both "Principals", the Holy See and the British Queen,  are under contract to provide us with good faith service and are obligated to protect our persons and to act as our Trustees in the jurisdictions they oversee. 

Is there a Hypocrites Hall of Fame? 

Wrap your mind around it, Peeps.  They used our assets to generate $950T in credit for themselves and, while acting as our Trustees, used our gold to finance a deal allowing China to buy out a bankrupt corporation that was functioning as part of our Federal Government-- a commercial corporation that China is now manipulating like a sock puppet to destroy America, and everyone is standing around taking Biden seriously as the President of this country?

Of course, the Chinese are angry -- now they are in debt and they have been sold a pig in a poke.  Their dream of peacefully parking their boats at Long Beach and farming the rich prairies and hills of America and Canada to feed their people back home have been dashed. 

If they have any sense, they aren't angry at us, and they won't listen to any slick-talking Brits again, even if they show up in Chinese bodies speaking perfect Mandarin. 

Short of coming up with some new clap-trap corporation, like "The America the Beautiful Foundation" there's nothing left for Al Gore to be "President" of on the Federal side of the equation. 

The Gore Faction is shouting "Treason!" and promising guns and fighting on American soil.  They may be right about the treason, but they had better rethink the guns and fighting on American soil.   

The land and soil belongs to us, the Forgotten Americans, not to our Public Employees.  It's not theirs to trample.  

We can't vote in their private elections because we aren't shareholders in their foreign corporations.  Equally, they can't fight on our soil, because they are here courtesy of the Residence Act.  They don't actually own a cubic centimeter of America.  

Their filthy capitol and everything connected to it as a seat of a foreign government on our shores has no standing to conduct any form of war --- or "mercenary conflict" on our shores. They are welcome to fight it out within the sealed borders of the District of Columbia ---which remains the only portion of this country loaned to them for the conduct of their internal affairs. 

We'll gladly sacrifice the District of Columbia and clean up the mess afterward, simply to be rid of all of them. 

Considering the "war" that the Territorial and Municipal Government Employees have fostered here for 160 years --- all to benefit their Monarchs and Popes --- we feel that it would be poetic justice to mass the Territorial forces in the District and the Municipal forces within the boundaries of the Municipality, let them bring all the armaments that both sides have pre-bought with our credit --- and have their final showdown televised for the world. 

The bureaucrats can man their bayonets if they have guts for it, and try to physically hide behind the millions of pages of printed gobbledygook that have been their only substantial product. And if they do, it's not our business as long as it takes place in the District of Columbia. 

If they come one inch onto our soil, if they kill or maim any of our people, then the Principals are already on the hook to pay a Trillion dollars in gold for each American killed or maimed, and the world has already seen that self-executing contract published. 

We warn all mercenaries that they won't get paid if they start anything and kill Americans, and that using different ridiculous legal terms as in, "Un-alive all the people in that city." will not save them from the reality and the punishment of the actual government. 

Any killing started here will result in the death of innocent Americans and that is in total dereliction of any duty of any government or corporation employee. 

Accordingly, any government employees or corporation officers or corporation employees participating in armed conflict will be subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and charged with treason, insurrection, conspiracy to evade and undermine the Constitutions, murder, racketeering, inland piracy, and mayhem. 

The consequences of starting anything on our soil outside the District of Columbia are likely to be very severe both for the participants who are 100% commercially and personally liable, and for the Principals misdirecting them and for the foreign corporations they work for --- all of which are 100% commercially and personally liable.   

The participants and the Principals and the corporations responsible for misdirecting them will not only be dead, they'll be broke. 


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  1. I agree that they should fight it out in Washington DC, but it should include all the cops, since they are the ones who enforce it all.

    1. The Corporate Policy Enforcers, Corporate "State" Troopers, Federal Agents and more (especially if ah- errm'd as weve been told they are) is a Standing Army and is Forbidden for longer than two years.

  2. Every article is the same...same people different activity. Let's move on please. Please inform us how it was corrected and who led the clean-up and correction. Let us read some positive articles.

    1. Unfortunately the balance of the public Americans re not aware or incentivized to stop this. Most are caught up in the fray without being aware the dogfight does not involve us. Protect yourself and let them kill each other off. Restrict access to our resources.

    2. they cant move on is my guess... the people didnt take the bait and run to with it in a War, so they have no moves left to make.

      all they can do now is keep LOOPING their worn-out "Savior/Attacker", "GoodCop/ BadCop", "WeHaveItAll/Yure A'Gunna DIEEEEE" Narratives. hotcold goodbad dangersafety spendstarve...
      were going to have to straighten this out.
      we can do it.

  3. Phyllis: THANK YOU, this information is priceless!

  4. The act of 1779 doesn't exist

  5. The information is sound, but requires some very deep thought, prior to making a proper comment, but history speaks for itself. Young persons have always died because old persons argue! Seeing them fight their own battles, on their own property was once practiced in places with duels and the public servants turned God's law up side down. The separation of power and no foreign entanglements parts have been ignored, and duality bought by robber barons and P.R. foundations by them ahs widened the gap of what this country and others were founded on, but each one has their own constitution or rules, ours is in a situation where it doesn't need change, but enforcement. Just my opine, as a man/women on the land, but work in progress. Notice: this is in no way intended as educational material, and only my opine from my own experience.

  6. I would like to see a discussion between Anna von Reitz and Juan O'Savin.

  7. You sound like the "democratic" faction is the answer....It definitely is NOT. They are the ones destroying "currently" and wanting to kill innocent babies.

  8. We are witnessing a war between factions. Overseeing the war is definitely a key big-brother player for the NWO. All will come to light but the victory of the key players will be short-lived.


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