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Monday, February 13, 2023

What Goes On in Hell Stays in Hell.

From James C. Belcher

We are weary of explaining this to everyone, including Kirk Pendergass, but it's simple enough. 

What happens in Spain among Spaniards has nothing to do with us. 

What goes on aboard a foreign ship at sea and under a Captain's Command, has nothing to do with us. 

As I have explained before, there is no way in Hell that the U.S. Military can "restore" our Republic, because they have no standing and no granted authority to do so.  

They can say they are doing it or have done it, but that is just nonsense.  Their experts at Quantico know it's nonsense, because they know the difference between the two international jurisdictions of land and sea. 

If anyone is advising Trump any differently they are doing so in either (1) ignorance or (2) treachery.  Like Jerome Adams, former U.S. Surgeon General. 

Everyone promoting this: 

needs to stop before it comes back and bites them in the $#@%. \

The military is subject to our "foreign" civilian authority, because of the way the Constitutions were set up from Day One, and despite all their attempts to change and evade facts and ignore us and ignore the Truth, this is still the way things are set up, because fraud nullifies everything tainted by it. 

And everything from 1860 onward has been tainted by Lincoln's fraud. 

We, the People of this country, don't inhabit the jurisdiction of the sea in the accomplishment of our General Government.  Never have.

They, the Persons, are trapped in the jurisdiction of the sea by their own acts and volition, and remain there until they wake up and come home.  

It's only when they come home to the land and soil jurisdictions that they have any power to serve as deputies, delegates, or representatives of any kind related to the land jurisdiction. 
So even if they have the best intentions in the world, it's all for naught. 

They destroyed the land and soil jurisdictions (for themselves) when they went to sea; they cannot come back and recreate the land and soil jurisdictions for themselves without being Transgressors. 

This is true under the Ecclesiastical Law, The Law of Nations, the Geneva Conventions, and the Hague Conventions.  Any attempt they make to come ashore against our wishes is piracy and treason. 

In effect, the British Territorial U.S. Government which exists (with respect to us) as a Foreign Subcontractor, is offering to reconstruct our government "for" us, when they have no granted authority to do so. 

The end result would be another Substitution Scheme, substituting their government for ours, and an Act of War by the British Empire against the sovereign States of the Union. 

The so-called British Empire has enough on its plate without provoking an all-out rebellion in The United States.  Every loyal American in this country would be obligated by law and custom to join forces to oust any British Expeditionary Force attempting to occupy our Federal Republic or offering to substitute "a" Federal Republic of their own making for ours. 

Now is this clear enough for Kirk and Company and Donald Trump and everyone else who needs to read this?  

The international jurisdiction of the sea (Hell) is not allowed to lap over onto the international jurisdiction of the land (Purgatory), and if any such thing is offered it must be refused in no uncertain terms. 

Here is that refusal:  Neither the British Territorial Government nor any corporation in its registry or employ may come ashore under False Pretense of reconstructing our Federal Republic and trying to pass off its version of "a" Federal Republic for the American Federal Republic we are owed. 

By: James Clinton Belcher, Head of State

      The United States of America


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  1. Replies
    1. this is all Fables, Lore, and Legends again.

      and this is all just fighting; "hesaid/ shesaid"; with all sides making unproven claims of Dominance and Authority to use what create-r gifted to other men.
      this is really awful. no offense intended "james".

      whats missing? why do they keep stalling? whats taking so long?
      you are... they need your agree-ment... but man is saying NO!

      no man is required to participate in another man's FantasyWorld.

      im going to just continue to:
      1. stay within my own create-r given rights being *man*;
      2. use those gifts and rights in peace on foundation of prayer and thanksgiving, under law-full authority: States of America common law for man/land and the laws of nature and natures create-r/"God".
      3. make lawful claims for what belongs to i:wo-man:
      nothing wrong with any of that, as i:wo-man have right-standing before God and man.

      and again i ask:
      what causes a PriestofBa'al/OtherName to "Lose the Office/Cloak of their PriestCover/ Hood"? ty!

    2. jan-marie, you post a lot of stuff. most of it opinion but some of it logical. in any case, why don't you set up your own page or site somewhere and just post a link where we can read your thoughts, remarks and rebuttals on your dedicated and detailed jan-marie site? You can put all your thoughts out there much better than here. I would much prefer to read your real and whole thoughts and teachings than to read your remarks always taking apart someone else's work. Can you do that please?

  2. Amen! πŸ’―πŸ™ŒπŸΌ‼️


  4. We don’t need to guess whether our military would kill its own citizens because they already have. They’ve already killed and injured millions of us.
    This COVID criminal operation was run by the government and the military with vaccine companies ‘just following orders’. No vaccines were ever produced, only military-grade bioweapons.


    2. Tentacles of SERCO Strangle America

    3. what was t rumps part in the vaccine portion of all this? pompeo? ivankajared? barr? others?
      some rumored T had made large investments in moderna(?)... anyone got reliable info on that? he sure acted for two years like he didnt know harm was being done.

      we need to see the investment rosters.

      and in peace and law, for the good of all man/land:
      i:woman say that:
      1. i:woman in good-standing with create-r/"God" and man, and:
      2. under authority of the States of America July2,1776 common law for our man/land: all under authority of the laws of nature and natures create-r /"God":
      3. require for our people, and all the peoples of this world as they choose, to see: full list of Investors in Covid19/Pandemic "Vaccines":
      3. i:woman's intent be to restore man/land to create-r -created state;
      and it is so.

    4. also, did T have any part in ordering the DoD to do things that have/might have caused harm to Americans? other peoples?
      if yes, what did he know or think was being done?
      what was he told and by whom?

      we need to find these things out. theyre not teling us the important things.
      we should have had all this information by now.
      they have already recycled their Failed Narratives around 3 times.

      now alot of them are trying to spin that ridiculous AlienAgenda crap.
      70+% of the people commenting online are like: "yeh,yeh, weknow,weknow, there are demon/jins/ hobbgobblins.... weknow... theyve been here all along.., yeh, we know... but theyre not in control over us unless we agree with them INTENTIONALLY, and we DON'T AGREE WITH THEM INTENTIONALLY, so theyre not in control over us!! ... we KNOW! :):):)"

    5. Trump is just as confused as the rest of you. He's no mastermind of anything. Just grabbed the tail infront of him...same everybody else.

    6. This Changes Everything – Plandemic management WAS ⧸ IS the Department of Defense. [mirrored]

    7. well, im seeing more and more accusations rolling out that T *did* know what was going on with the vakxscenes. and at the same time, an increase in the info that he is in danger so he's hidden somewhere, safe and being protected by the Military while in control of the Military!!
      this is intentional confusion. this creates chaos. fear. panick. and its being done, stretched out, intensified, and re-washed over and over again as if this failed Plan is going to work.
      it's not.
      were tired of waiting.
      what the hell is going on and why arent the people who have been robbing, beating, and jailing our American people in order to create the Municipal and other "Bonds" with which to grossly overpay themselves, at the very minimum, smart enough to issue an "Official Reports"? what the hell have they been doing since 2016? are they completely incompetent?: we require full disclosure. now.

  5. Agreed, Jim Belcher

  6. Praise Yeshua for James ana Anna's love for truth...

  7. Presumably Jerome got what he deserved.

    1. is all satire bullshit. I was also educated on that. Sorry.

    2. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false” – William J. Casey, CIA Director, 1981

      Could it be satire-psyop that is real but appears as it is not real? Just sayin..

      Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  8. Kirk is a misguided soul lead astray by another deep state worshipping partner who worked in the corporate world as loss prevention .
    They ate and slept in corporate realm even got a job working for congress loss prevention.
    Unfortunately they abandoned the nationalists world for the corporate.

  9. Have YOU been thinking @realdonaldtrump sold you out? Well, πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ doesn’t know the half of it.
    #MikeGill gave DJT EVERYTHING he needed to take down the #DeepState . Instead, Trump started CUTTING DEALS. πŸ’°
    What say you, @JackMaxey1 ?

    1. i remember when he took his wife and family on a lovely family ski trip. and then it came out that he had also gotten a room for his girlfriend.
      his wife dumped him.
      and later his girlfriend did too.
      so, from a woman's perspective: regrettable things sometimes happen in life but i would be inclined to say: yeh, he might be okay with lying and cheating in select situations.


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