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Monday, February 13, 2023

The Problem With Allen Stein -- The "Unseen" World

 By Anna Von Reitz

I am replying to Allen because Allen is not alone and all people like Allen need a reply.

Hopefully, they will stop and think more deeply, because they need to 

Allen was the Virginia Coordinator early on and a great help and support to the effort to reorganize and restore The Virginia Assembly, but from the beginning, he would "kick the goad" and not pay attention, like a schoolboy daydreaming in algebra class.

Allen came under the influence of a man named Richard Warren who is stuck in the sea jurisdiction and won't come out, despite my attempts to bring both men to their senses. 

Allen and Richard have remained convinced that they and everyone else needs to stay in the sea jurisdiction and fight the pirates using Federal Codes.  

Why, having come out of the sea, would you continue to operate as if you were on the sea?   Pull that rigging and cast that bale!  Avast ye! 

You have to leave the jurisdiction of "Hell" behind if you are ever going to get to the jurisdiction of "Heaven" in the Law. 

Please note--- when Abraham left Babylon, he left for good.  He didn't keep going back to Ur for a refresher course in Babylonian law and history.  

That's a lesson we all have to learn for ourselves.  

When you leave Babylon, leave for good. Take the lesson of Lot's wife to heart.  Don't look back.  Don't bring the old practices (like the Golden Calf) to the new land. 

These are all Bible lessons that Allen and Richard missed.  

The aberrant course that Allen and Richard have steered on their own volition makes as much sense as speaking Italian in America.  There is no law against doing it, especially if you are Italian, but -- why would you?  Especially if your purpose is to build an American State Assembly? 

Despite my explicit instruction to stop wasting vast amounts of time learning a foreign language (Federal Code) and to keep attention focused on our own language and government, Allen and Richard continued to study the Federal Code and the ins and outs of Federal Law to the neglect of studying our American law and practices. 

Now, Allen has repudiated me and announced his regret for following me in my "imaginary" world.  Yet, he has cause to know that the Air Jurisdiction of the Law is Unseen, and if we would accept our own sovereignty we must address it.  

It's well known that we can't see the air, yet can anyone live without it?  Does anyone argue that the air does not exist?  Does anyone say that the air is "imaginary"?  

Indeed, we are all aware of a great many things that are unseen to our eyes, but are part of our experience and we don't call them "imaginary".  

Electricity and magnetism are unseen, but nobody argues that they don't exist.  

We all know that light is invisible, too, until it hits an object and reflects back the color and shape of that object to our eyes.  

We know that sound is invisible as well, yet we know about acoustics and radio signals.  Allen's own Bible tells him that God spoke this world into existence....?  "And God said, "Let there be light" and there was light." 

How does someone read that and fail to get the point?

We know that the infrared wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum exist.... and oddly, they generate something else that is unseen --- heat. 

I could go on, yet, in the same wrong-headed way, Allen Stein tries to call the Unseen World "imaginary" and derides my explanation of the Unseen Powers that we must deal with in the higher realms of law and in the current situation, when he has no knowledge of these things himself. 

That's like a child loudly proclaiming that calculus is imaginary, while failing to grasp the fact that all things are "imaginary". 

Apparently, Allen thinks the U.S. Navy is "imaginary"?  He denies the existence of the Secret Space Program?  Does he think that President Trump was joking when he designated a whole new branch of the military services?   

You have to ask yourselves --- am I  imagining things?  Or is Allen daydreaming again, refusing to learn things that are outside his comfort zone?

Allen and Richard are a full step behind the rest of us, stuck floundering around in the jurisdiction of the sea, still playing with Babylon and its "laws" after the rest of us have moved on. 

Their fear in no way releases any of us from our obligation as sovereign beings to eventually master ourselves and our world. If you would be spiritual warriors you must learn to be fearless; and if you would 'know yourself' you must know your spirit and the spirit of God within you, and the realm of the spirit as well. 

What I have told you, first to last, is the truth as I know it to be, as I have learned it and proven it for myself, and as you will need to do for yourselves, too. 

The Majestic Twelve bear Witness with their findings of a "rogue Artificial Intelligence" --- Satan --- in the Universe, and now that it is clearly stated both in scientific terms and in Biblical terms and you know that the created world is in a sense "artificial", I leave it to you to go figure.  

No need to "believe" me; you have it in your power to learn it all yourselves.  I have merely acted to help you along, however.... 

Mankind is not at leisure to hide its head in the sand and leave its tail exposed to the storm ahead.  It's all hands on deck to make for shore, and once on shore, to climb the narrow path toward heaven. 

Our exploration of the Law of Heaven has only begun with Canon and Ecclesiastical Law.  There are two more higher jurisdictions above the jurisdiction of the air that I haven't begun to explain to you -- the jurisdiction of fire and the jurisdiction of spirit.  

So, Allen is going back to Babylon.  He never really left.  

It's more like he heard me calling him to come out, so he stepped forward and had a glimmering of what it means to be on dry land -- only to fall back into the sea again.   

We all have our choices set before us.  In our present state of development we can live in the jurisdiction of the sea (Hell), or in the land and soil jurisdiction (Purgatory), or in the jurisdiction of the air (Heaven).  And it is all our free choice. 

A few of us, members of mankind, have moved on to the jurisdiction of fire and the jurisdiction of spirit, too.  We have gained the ability to "see" the Unseen and interact with it ----and this is no more imaginary than what you see with your eyes and feel with your feet and breathe with your lungs every day.  

Allen and Richard need to read Galatians again and really try to understand how we choose our law.  And then, maybe, they will be committed to what I teach and not to what they teach themselves.

In truth, Allen stopped following me a long time ago, when he associated himself with Richard Warren. He went back to Babylon, back to the jurisdiction of the sea, back to "Hell" -- and there he will have to stay, until he releases himself.  

As for me, if I taught you only what you already know, what good would that accomplish?  

Those who are ready to move on, move on.  


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  1. The five elements are: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Ether
    They are inherently neither good nor evil.
    As everything in duality, it depends on the intention of the individual creating with the elements.

    Anna seems to believe that her way is the only right way.
    But this is not true. As there are many paths to get to the same destination.

    Anna would be wiser to use her voice to share love rather than condemnation.

  2. Well I concur Anna BELIEVES her way is the only way...her information is wisely shared without conditions....she diligently paraphrase her knowledge where all walks of life can understand her and lots is Available for FREE...

  3. There is one (1) path to "heaven;" And there are uncountable infinity ways to hell. It is pretty much self evident, if you prefer to not fool yourself.

    The path to "heaven" is not either a "right way" nor a "wrong way."

    Wide is the path to perdition, and narrow is "the other path." Call it what you will.

  4. Maybe a more thoughtful question could be: How many are you gathering along a path to something "better?" Or - How much worthy time/energy are you expending (whether successful or not) to bring others along to the "better?"

    Unfortunately It is so easy to loiter upon the way.

    Thank you Anna.

  5. "As there are many paths to the same destination." The first poster should recognize the destination spoken of is "dead."

    No thank you to your "many paths to the same destination."

    I will take love, family, and continuity eternal.

    1. Your awareness is not yet sufficient enough to understand what he's talking about.

    2. to feb 14 10:50 your commentary is typical charlatan navel gazing. write something other than b.s. little grasshopper.

  6. We will never go back anna, thank you for your guidance.

    1. You haven't left. Physical "reality" itself is Babylon. You are in it right now.

    2. A couple of inches above you will witness:
      "You haven't left physical 'reality'..."
      May we pray the writer abandon their sorrow? And may find the "way, truth and life." And become the royal position in Jesus Christ, who is the way truth and life.

    3. Your perception has yet to be cleansed. You don't see things as they truly are. That is why you cling to the bible . not because it is the ultimate truth of reality. It's not. And you will learn that eventually whether you like it or not.

    4. feb 14 9:24 and you "cling" to gossamer goofiness.

    5. Gossamer goofiness! When their head is in the clouds, it keeps them busy with "important" business.

  7. Thank Anna for bringging this important knowlegde for us.

    Fraud Vitiates All
    PublicAndPrivate Contracts
    (US vs Throckmorton, 1878)

    Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, and Prosperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

  8. Yes the Rothschild BAR and Jesuit order and Masonic infiltration is everywhere. X FBI chief for Northern California said the CIA was created by (((CFR))) and is the central node of global control. Our prize x NSA employee tell the story of the Jewish politician’s that would come direct staff. Micheal says the CIA runs the entire government. Need we say more?

    1. The CIA are just low level bottom feeders. None of those idiots are running things. Just told what to do.

    2. And what Jews? They're all in Palestine as DNA testing already proved. Lol. Only mutts live in Israel. You're up against Satanists bud. Stop getting tangled up in distractions and smokescreens Bubba.

    3. who is Michael bubba?

    4. well it looks like maybe except for the really great men they pick and recruit for the purpose of setting a good face before the people, now its looking like these men are *mostly* just the backwards loser types from hi! sckkool who were dumb as a damn stick, cowardly, untruthful, nobody talked to them, no one respects them, had horrible personalities, no friends, and nobody liked them even back then because even then they were already known as nothing but sneaky lying backstabbers and stupid as hell, with no common sense, soooupr looow IQs, no common decency, discourteous to women, were dishonest as hell, pushy, and couldnt compete on ANY level with the other men... so what?? did they just decide to accept contracts to sneak around in the dark and break into the houses, computers, cars, churches, of the good American people that, rightfully, totally rejected their raggedyazzes? sure lookin like it.
      their only "skills" seem to be making up lies, hiding, trying to smear good peoples names, "TARGETING" PEOPLE WHO ARE SMART, COURAGEOUS, HONEST, LEADERS, and doing whatever theyre told for money that belongs to someone else so they can go on PRETENDING to be smart, competent, and courageous that our actual good men are. hope im wrong.
      but i think they call that kind of thing Stolen Valor, dont they???

    5. bubba knows that, he has already said that 5 years ago, he's sharing his research about the Fake BigWigs Finger-Pointing at each other.
      but youre right, they are all Satanists!.... and it doesn't hurt to keep reminding everyone of that. :):):)

  9. Thank you Anna for talking about these deep things of God. We need them especially now. God proved to me already that you're right. Everything is imaginary. ln Gen. 1 :26,
    God was speaking to a fine gentleman, a spirit, when he said in part...
    ..."Let us make man in our image, after our likeness."... There's mountains of information in those few words and l asked the Lord to show me all l could bare within. Then he led me to Eph. 1:4. Seemed to set in stone a whole new revelation of who we are and who l am.
    Well l'll quote it. And one more. lf anyone rejects this, it's willful. There's no hope for them. Talking about the scriptures, not my take on them but l won't be too far off.
    Eph.1:4 [in part]..."As he hath chosen "us" "lN HIM"
    before {BEFORE} the foundation of the world,"
    Read that, BEFORE the foundation of the world."
    There was no world yet to take a man out of yet.. only spirit, yet there we are, MAN {"lN HIM"} sitting with the Father planning to make man in THEIR IMAGE {imaginary image}. Who was he speaking to in Gen. 1:26? Man, right? Yes it was the spirit of man. Later would come to be known as Yeshua, Jesus, the son of God. Did he say NO to the Father {of spirits, Heb. 12:9, 12:23} }. Who is he the father of? Spirits, right? Remember there was no Gen. 1:1 written yet when this conversation took place and the plans layed down to create man in the image off God, them. So who was this man that was created on the 6th day of creation after the earth WAS FORMED? and this man was taken out of it The IMAGE OF GOD named Adamme. Or should l say the image of God in man was created that day. We are the image {imaginary, imagery} of God. Spirits. So we are the children of whom he is the Father of...." Paul wrote a letter to all of us in the spirit,
    *if we can hear it* in the spirit.
    Heb. 12:23...To: the General Assembly and the church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven {got that?? written in heaven long before we were manifested, born?}
    cont'd letter: ..."and to God, the judge of ALL, and and and to: "the spirits" "of just men made perfect,"
    He was talking to the spirits OF the just men made perfect. Not the men, but to the spirits of the men that were justified by the blood of Christ. The men are imaginary so he wrote to the the spirits. And again he said in verse 9 ..."would we not rather be subjected to the Father of spirits and live??"
    Spirit to spirit and only the spirit giveth life. Any other thing is dead. Carnal. And must be born again by his spirit.
    l may have to start another post so they don't erase this to give you what Yeshua had to say about this.

  10. Anna, page 2 from above
    John 15:27..."And ye shall also bear witness because ye have been with me from the beginning."
    The beginning of what? The true beginning when God spoke to him laying down the plan to make man in their image written in Gen. 1:26. Because Gen.1:1 was the beginning of the creation of the heaven and the earth, not man. Man as the image of God was formed from the dust of ground. And God breathed his breath of life into his nostrils and man {changed} and BECAME BECAME BECAME a living spirit." A living spirit is a living soul. They are synonymous. Can't be one without the other.
    What may shock you is that man is not a created being. He was "lN GOD" all along and God was lN HIM. Adamme was the created image {imaginary} image of God in man and man in God.
    This is why "Wisdom of Solomon 2:23 says that "Man was created to be IMMORTAL and is an image of God's own eternity." So yes, now man is created with God within and will remain the temple of the Holy Sprit in the physical realm. Heaven and earth has come together.That's why we pray the Lord's prayer...
    Our Father {of Spirits} hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom is come, thy will be done on earth as though it is in heaven...."

  11. Explanation...
    l meant a letter as in the scriptures themselves. As you can see just above vs 23, we have come to, to, "to" Mount Sion and "to" the city of the living God and "to" the heavenly Jerusalem and "to" an innumerable company of angels and "TO": the General Assembly and "to" the church of the firstborn and "to".... you get my point. 23..." and "to" the spirits of just men made perfect." Those of us that are spirits of just men made perfect are those who have been justified / sanctified by the blood of Christ. This is what made them just men. Spirits. And we are those spirits that he is the Father of..." Paul calls him the Father of spirits. Now do you see why l say that?? Okayyy??
    An aside: ... Did you know that Yeshua breathed on his apostles just like God breathed into Adames nostrils and he changed? This gave them what they needed to fulfill the last 3.5 yrs of Yeshua's earthly ministry {the indwelling spirit} of the Lord before they were put to death.
    Remember he was cut off in the midst {3.5 yrs.} of the week = 7 yrs, bcut not for himself but for them.


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