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Monday, February 13, 2023

Look and Think Again

 By Anna Von Reitz

Here's a snippet from Ben Fulford's weekly report: 

"In New Zealand, the White Hat Military Alliance has already taken action and arrested former Prime Minister Jack Ardern. Ardern’s COVID dictatorship caused a 3203% increase in excess deaths following their mandatory COVID vaccination laws."

For those who aren't strong in math skills, "3203%" boils down to 32 times more death -- "excess death" -- since the whole PCR and "gene therapy" redefined as a "vaccine" campaign began.  

Thirty-two times more people than normally would die in the given time period in Australia, have died.  The funeral parlors are booming all over the world. 

Think about that.  

Let it sink in.  

Most people haven't begun to internalize this information. They are desperately trying to focus on anything else. 

The natural aversion we all have to thinking about death is in full swing;  our minds skip over the statistics and travel right on into the realm of avoidance and denial.  Oh, this couldn't be happening....but it is. 

It isn't until someone close to us suddenly keels over that we are forced to pay attention.  It isn't until four or five or six of our family and friends die that we are forced to count on our fingers....all dead, all took the shot.  

It's too awful.  

No, we can't quite believe it.  

Our government and all these respected institutions wouldn't do this to us.  Why would they?  


They'd do it for money, just like they do all the other nasty, reprehensible things they do for money.  

Out of over 3,000 military officers of the rank of Brigadier General and above, not one of "ours" will step up and move to open a War Crimes Tribunal under the sovereign authority of our country (like what Thailand is doing) because they have all been told that we "lost our sovereignty".  

And that's just another lie like everything else. 

The Federal "US Corp" gives a kickback of a million dollars to their own State-of-State franchises for every child stolen from their natural family by Child Protective Services. 

Then the private for for-profit "agencies" running Child Protective Services charge another $6000 to $9000 per day per child. 

And you wonder why non-custodial parents are still paying "child support" thirty years after their kids are all grown up?  

We have just begun to question how many of those children seized have disappeared, how many young people who have been released from Foster Care at age 18 have gone missing?  

But then, we've been avoiding a lot of things for a very long time.  It's become habitual.  We tell ourselves we can't do anything about it.  We are just one person.  

Jesus was just one person.  Gandhi was just one person. Josef Stalin was just one person.  Adolph Hitler was just one person.  Nikola Tesla was just one person.  

We know this. We tell ourselves we are just one person, as if that excused us from doing anything at all to change the world.  Even when we know better. 

We sit around.  We talk about the weather.  Another friend or the child of a friend or our own daughter falls dead from "unexplained causes".  We can't bear to think about the causes. 

Someone reluctantly gave us a piece of paper with George Washington's ugly mug printed on it.  It seems to be unrelated.  We stuff it in our pocket and don't question where it came from or why it should be worth anything. 

And then our actual conscious mind whispers in our ear, "It's not worth anything. It's just a piece of paper." 

For a split second our mind catches at this realization, and then, denial kicks in again, and says, "It must be worth something. How else can we use to buy goods and services?"  

And for most people, the inquiry ends right there, because it is too uncomfortable to go on. 

All our lives we are told that we living in the land of the free, and we believe it, right up until the police come knocking. 

Or the IRS. 

Or two armed goons from CPS, who actually have no authority in the world to be in your house or standing on your doorstep. 

And even then, in the middle of this obvious cognitive dissonance between "land of the free" and what we are directly experiencing, we try to deny the reality. 

When someone like me says, "Hey, brother, these two commercial corporations, the US, INC. and USA, Inc., are staging an illegal mercenary war in our country.  This has been going on for over 150 years...." 

What do you try to do?  Ignore me?  Deny the facts? Avoid the truth?  

All of that and more, despite the public records. 

So look and think again.  

When I say, "None of these criminal corporations have any right to exist.  They all need to be liquidated and the owners -- the Pope and the Roman Curia and the British Monarch and the Lord Mayor of the Inner City of London -- are all responsible for making sure it gets done."  

Don't blink and skip on into whatever makes you feel better -- a video game, a drug, or a bottle of booze. 

Wake up. Be alive. Do your part.  Join your lawful State Assembly that actually does stand in the Land (Jurisdiction) of the Free, and support it and restore it. 

Claim all your contractual guarantees to life, to liberty, and to the pursuit of happiness, to freedom of thought and expression, to freedom of religion, to freedom to defend yourself and your family and your country with armed force if need be, to freedom to be left alone, to freedom full stop and period, forever. 

Join with us, to bring these illegal commercial "wars" and all the associated privateering and organized crime activities to a stop:  


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  1. people are realizing the united States of America is not a "Republic". and there is no "Federation". and there is no "Union of States"!

    Republics are run from the TopDown: Chynah, TheConGo.
    Free and Independent States are run from the BottomUp : the uSofA.
    Monroe Doctrine.

    1. Of course there was. Only a fool would try to deny that. You couldn't possibly have the united "States of America" without the States forming a union.

    2. ....just marveling at the ignorant bliss of blog posting that the "Union of States" is the same thing as a simple union. :):):) what is inside your skull? sawdust? no wonder you dummdumms post Anonymously... hell, i wouldnt want to admit it if i was that stooopid either! :):):):):) lolol!!!

  2. Ben Fulford is a fraud.


    1. Re: 03:38 AM
      Ben is a journalist, and thou?
      Put all your cash where your words are!
      Do Your Deep Due Dilligence, it is The High Time thou talk to and with your own spirit, if thou know how to do so. Otherwise go away in peace where thou came from.

      Look for fraud here:
      Fraud Vitiates/Voids All
      PublicAndPrivate Contracts
      (US vs Throckmorton, 1878)

      Dear TrueLivingGod, present in our DNA, MakeAmericaFree of BabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of the world will follow. m

      HappyHealthyProsperous2023 to you 03:38

    2. Son of a politician. Yawn.

    3. Do your due diligence jackoff.

    4. I don't see you asking Anna or Ben for sources and such. It's only when you read something you don't like that you ask such. What does that say about you? I've had personal contact with Ben via email exchange and I personally called him a fraud for giving the Queen a pass. He was also told the truth about the real American government and continued to misconstrue us even after he knew. And all his wild claims about being almost assassinated? As if he would be so hard to get rid of. He himself has made lots of wild claims with no proof. So sue me for not listening to that assist.

    5. all i remember him ever chatting it up about is some Society of Dragons or something.
      does he collect **"DONATIONS"**? :):):)

    6. Don't know. Wouldn't surprise me. He can shove his Asian secret societies right up his arse for all I care.

  3. Well they are puppets and willing participants, otherwise they wouldn't hold those positions. So, they're not going to liquidate the offending corps and hold anybody responsible because they're not going to punish themselves or the team they play for...they'd be dead before the sunset and you damn well know it. Stop asking for things you know will not come to pass. This bunch will be dislodged with old fashioned force as in times past. Apparently that is the depth of their understanding. Yes I know it's ignorant. But why ask if the sun is going to rise tomorrow when you already know the answer? This concludes today's lesson in reality.

  4. I am skeptical of most everything hee and abroad to the victory goes up he myths and monuments.
    When was the last truth speaker you can think of? If they were actually attacked physically of career wise it’s a good sign ..the usual kosher talk on talk on prime time shows is an opportunity to put your knowledge to work.
    As usual the same old symptoms only the superficial easy topics.
    Love to do battle with these talking heads only because it lets the audience see the truth in the end .
    My favorite researcher who lived in the library of Congress scanning 1,500 pages a day to write all his outstanding books Eustace Mullins.
    Have debated politicians,and top attorneys including Brent Winters who wrote “Excellence in the common law “.
    I see major flaws in his work calling case law common law !
    No in our common law courts case law is not allowed that a mix of statuary law equity, administrative mess .
    But the attorneys want to have a job no matter what.
    Just saying watch out everyone is self serving have to expect that and drive your point .
    The Zionist as Anna protects is more fake news.
    The old thieves, liers whom Jesus told I can’t give to dogs that are for the house of issac.
    Yet he helped her .
    The ones who control the past control the future.
    We must lay down the facts for the witness to judge.

    1. The archeological truth is the ten northern tribes and 5/6 of southern tribe’s taken into Assaryan captivity.
      So only a very small remeniant remained gets very convoluted with all the surrounding people pouring in the vacuum associating with the land they occupy. Judaism was created out of the Babylonian Talmud.
      The reason the northern tribes appeared lost is because the Assyrians called them by a different name. The library of Sargon gave us the answers.
      Once we identified them right were they were placed we tracked them Greeks calling the by name Romans identified them . Saxon is Issac’s sons tribe of Dan is Danish Iberia /Spain means Hebrew the Irish is iberneia. Yes we got the proof .

    2. Yes. They kill political figures like Kennedy in broad daylight in full public view. But old Ben is too wiley and clever for them to handle. Mmmmhhhmmm. Right. She's been sucked into the lunatic fringe instead of sticking to the facts she did know. Now the car is veering all over the place. Everywhere but straight ahead.


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