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Friday, April 8, 2022

Massive Money Change, Massive Vote Fraud & Massive Inflation


  1. well, there it is again, the reason for all their (imo) contrived chaos: MASSIVE MONEY CHANGE.

    now watch:
    next were likely to see the "DEFAULTS" on all those "presumed" "contracts" with their Corpse-rations they said you agreed to that you never knew anything about and have never actually existed at all.

    this "Force Maejeure" might seem like a convenient and logical escape route for them:
    Act of God, Act of War.
    neither are covered in Insurance Policies. liability:? Poof! abra-cadaver, gone. its magick.

    so like ive speculated in the past,
    they might decide to take their Commercial Crimes and "Flip" them.
    change-up the man-made "juris-diction" from Commerce (Maritime/ BARCrown) to War (Admiralty /Monarchy).... its simple i hear. i believe they just have the man pretending to be a judge RUN out of the Courtroom and then re-enter. now the juris-diction has been changed, HASNT IT!?. [someone please correct me if i have gotten ahold of incorrect info!! thankyou!]

    1. simple as that?:
      presto-changeo. Now the "case" has been moved to a superior jurisdiction, just like that!?:
      To En- FORCE -ment!
      yeh BayBeeee, now its Tribunals for you! Military-style. hey fktard youre now in a Quasi-"Summary COURT MARTIAL PROCEEDING" complete with punishments, imprisonments, fines, lockups, lockdowns, confiscations, beatdowns, deprivations, tortures, experimentation, hunger, cold, YOU DESERVE IT!!! YOU DIDNT OBEY!!!!! BREAD AND WATER FOR YOU!!!! YOURE DED NOW, WE SAID SO!!!

    2. well!!
      someone/thing was trying very VERY hard it seems perhaps to keep me from posting that second comment about how ive *heard*/*read* their man-made jurisdictions are raised from one to the next, without us knowing what happened?
      i believe they can also tell you one of the charges has been taken care of but you have to come back for the other(s), I BELIEVE they allow themselves to switch jurisdictions in between your "appearances"; and I require the corrected info to be published right here, now, if my info is wrong so i can make it right. thank you!
      now what happened as i was trying to preview that second comment at somewhere around 11:36 a.m. was what i would think "having my phone hacked and overtaken by someone else" might look like; that is:

      • the post that wouldnt post
      • froze up
      • screen started "jumping" around; "rolling"/ "scrolling"!!
      • finally got it posted and
      • then the Location Setting screen popped up!
      • it was turned ON!! but not by me!!! I NEVER HAVE IT ON. I BELIEVE ITS A BREACH OF MY PRIVACY.
      • the phone would not respond to what i was telling it to do.
      • the Screenshotting screen also popped up "on its own"!!! i was trying to shut the phone completely down -- pressing the "off" button, but it WOULD NOT SHUTDOWN!!
      • it took a screenshot of the Location Screen showing the location apparatus on the phone had been turned ON!
      i dont even know how to do that!!
      • after it took that screenshot, the next time i pressed the off button it started shutting down finally!!

      since ALL inappropriate comments can be, and often are, so easily deleted!! ...and any inappropriate commenters can just be COMPLETELY BLOCKED if they are actually doing anything thats wrong or unlawful, then im just going to chalk all this up to a series of "glitches". :)

      but really what it was almost exactly like was when i used to call my IT and he would tell me to set up my computer the way i had had it when it started glitching, then he would switch it over to him, the Administrator (or something), and i would sit there and watch him operate my computer from his desk, with us being in different areas of the building.
      thats pretty much exactly what it was like,... except the fighting over control of it part:):):).

      well....see if it happens again?
      how often? other? :):):):):)
      i will let ya'll know!


    3. *****repeat*****
      so anyway, i presently believe that if they were to be able to "trans-fer" "Commercial Crimes", that would be most likely "backed" by Insurance Policies having liability for Commercial Crimes, over to "War Crimes", they would not have but a fraction of the Claims Payouts.

    4. i have heard one or two times that some of these huge wins on these massive lawsuits:
      the man bringing the suit gets a cut of the win; and the millions get dumped back into "The Cabals" pockets.
      it is a fact to some people but i have no "first-hand knowledge" of anything like that.

    5. well, it might be similar to what theyre saying now about supposedly Hunter Biden was reminding someone in an email:
      "Dont forget 10% for 'The Big Guy' ". some are speculating he might have meant Obie, not dad?

    6. Commercial Crimes (Maritime?) needs "remedy".
      tranferred to Admiralty (King) for enforcement.
      then to Priestly class for forgiveness or judgment.
      (Ecclesiastical Deed Polls)

      [i think so, but not sure...].
      All those are man-made authorities.
      we do not have to participate.

      we can remain in our natural-born *state* being *man* under authority of our creator. i am.

    7. King has defaulted before on Tally Sticks/ i.o.u.s
      (hat-tip and thank you to *willsmith*)
      so Bank of England was set up.

      i presently believe:
      bank/ banks were and are under authority of Vatican/ Ecclesiastical jurisdiction, priests in black robes sitting above the people.
      All DebtFICTIONS and DefaultFICTION by Merchants (Commerce, Maritime) and Kings (Military, Admiralty) can be forgiven by Sovereigns/ (Priests, "Church"). [i intend to make it right if this is incorrect, but this, like everything else i comment on is according to what i know presently.]

      American common law:
      1. if you harm a man
      2. you restore that man unless he forgives you:
      3. man is/as Priest.

      ex.: ref. job 42:8 ...and my servant job will pray for you, for him will i accept lest i deal with you after your folly.

  2. The subliminal here in the cartoon is that it is only democrats

    They're all in it together
    Two heads of the same fucking phoenix, or is that an eagle

    Ever heard the saying take this whirled by storm

    Calm before the storm as fake as humpty dumpty orange man said because the sick ass actor behind that mask is an inbred family member

    And HUNTER as in Orion the hunter and their sick little fucking game they got going here
    They didn't have to steal his laptop there are backdoors in to all of them
    Just another made up shit story for prophet as they steal their treasuries blind and write up their 2000 page bills so they can bilk us for it

    janmarie read the world parliament documents and 'ACTS' they already have in 'play'
    The corporations will be stripped of 'person' status not sure what ACT it is but it's there
    And oh did I forget to mention the Whirled Parlaiment will take over the patent office? Just like little miss wolf grandma has been telling ya but it's not so they will be is some safe blockchain bullshit it's because they will steal them all and claim ownership of the mother earth ship flying through SPACE and the galaxy
    That's what the fake galactic federation is for and Cosmic Agency and all this fake ass SPACE shit you tube 'channels' is to prepare the sheep for the coming shew so the World Earth Federation and our space brothers can save us

    They have to keep the plot going

    It's like the ENERGIZER BUNNY rabbit hole they just keep going and going and going and going

    Cause 'Oscar' 'Mayer' has a way of selling us BOLOGNA
    The Lying (Lion, Lyon as in fake ass Queeny and her acting squad in BUCKingham palace) Kingdom

    Mormon (aka Roman) church supposedly started by Rotchild (I believe they too are fiction, made up and the roles played by none other than hollywood actors in the family)

    1. youre right, its a phoenix.

      imo they are now "*this* close" to dropping the whole ffffing shytshyw, like a flat rock, on the worldstage:... complete with the (fake) aliens that are/may be experiementations theyve been doing on people, if any. :)

      it will be a mess.

      most people are between 40-60% "awake", even if theyre not trying to "wake up", just by virtue of the illogic-ity of the covie debauchel people generally know something is horribly wrong.

  3. Dispose all the top criminals, seize their funds, convert it to something REAL, and disperse among the populace. Easiest solution to pending DOOM.