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Monday, April 11, 2022

Second Message to Uncle Joe and Generals -- About Money

 By Anna Von Reitz

Please quickly review these facts: 

""Federal Government" describes the Government under contract via the Constitutions to serve the Federation of States.  

Notice--- "Federation" not "Federal".  The Federation of States is what the Federal Government is named after....

The Federation of States is what all "Federal" Employees ultimately work for. Including the US President.  Including the USA President.  Including any and all other "Presidents"."

Now that you understand the above, further understand that the Federation of States is the only entity empowered to issue both credit and money at this time.  

The Federal Constitutions provided for the United States Federal Republic to issue credit via a vote of its Congressional members, but the
Federal Republic has been inoperable since 1860 and still is. It has yet to be reconstructed by the actual States of the Union. 

All delegated powers issued to the Federal Republic have returned to the Delegator ---- the Federation of States, by Operation of Law. 

Thus, the Federation of States not only holds the singular right to issue credit, but also holds the right to issue asset-backed money at this time.   

It has come to our attention that our run-amok British Territorial Subcontractors have been using Labor Force Performance Bonds to back their own private scrip misleadingly called "Federal Reserve Notes".  

Currency funded by undisclosed peonage and enslavement enforced as a condition of employment is illegal and has been outlawed worldwide since 1926. 

It follows that Federal Reserve Notes are an illegal form of currency domestic to the British Territorial United States.  

No part of our Government that was ever authorized to issue money or credit, has authorized the creation of the Federal Reserve Notes, nor the system of forced labor recoupment underlying the value of this private bank scrip. 

Some sources in Portugal are under the impression that "President" Biden has the authority to issue more or different scrip for the use of the UNITED STATES military, but such is not the case.  

Both the Municipal and the District Corporations are bankrupt and in receivership to us, and all their franchises are similarly nationalized in the Public Interest.  

It has also come to our attention that there has been no actual Public Treasury in this country since 1924, when those functions were handed off to the International Monetary Fund.  

These and other profound errors and aberrations of the General Staff are hereby being corrected.  

Let it be firmly understood that Abraham Lincoln acting in the Office of Commander-in-Chief had no authority to create or impose the Lieber Code on anyone outside the U.S. Territorial Army, and had no power to rule this country by Executive Orders at any time. 

Dishonest Abe acted in Fraud and in Treason.  He got away with it via semantic deceit and non-disclosure, so his successors have indulged in the same errors and crimes. This is now at an end. The fraud is discovered and overturned. 

The bankruptcy of a foreign corporation in no way amounts to an "emergency" for this country and it confers no special "Emergency Powers" on the officers of any bankrupt foreign service corporation. 
Lincoln never possessed any power to set aside our Public Law or overturn any aspect of our Constitutions. 

Thanks to all the Monkey Business that has been going on behind our backs, we are faced with cleaning up this mess that has been promulgated "in our names".

Our Fiduciary is the Assign of the Federal Treasury Trust and has issued the orders necessary to stop the offshore and unregulated counterfeiting of the illegal Federal Reserve Notes and also to stop any presumption that the Federal Reserve Notes are issued by our Government. 

Our Fiduciary has also provided the permissions necessary to exchange the Federal Reserve Notes for American asset-backed currency and also instruction to remove the illegal Federal Reserve Notes from circulation without further harm to the Public.  

New American asset backed coinage and certificated currency has been ordered from the United States Mint for domestic use, and two new asset-backed international currencies have been created -- the Union Gold Certificate nicknamed the "Uni Dollar" and a separate certificated PetroDollar
based on refined oil commodities. 

Ms. Yellen, the Mint Officials, and the banks responsible have been notified.

The actual Federal Treasury is being reopened and all authorities attached to it are now in play and vested in the Federation's Office of the Fiduciary

There is no reason for the Internal Revenue Service nor the Municipal IRS to exist in this country, and as these foreign agencies were part of the entire illegal currency scheme, they are to be shut down and the workers sent home.  

Their offices are also to be cleared out of Puerto Rico and the Mariana Islands and all other United States Territories.  

There will no longer be any form of slavery or peonage tolerated in this country or associated with the American Government in any way. This prohibition includes penitential slavery, Christian bondage, and criminal commercial bondage rackets that have been used to promote fraud and pillaging under color of law.   

All property liens established by the Internal Revenue Service and the IRS are to be removed from the public and international records and held null and void for fraud.  

The various quasi-public Slush Funds including the receipts from The Marshall Plan are to be returned to our Federal Trust Treasury's control, together with all American Assets held "for" us by the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and Central Bank of the Philippines.     

The Paymaster duties for the military are to be removed from SERCO's administration and revested as quickly as possible in the control of American service providers.  

If you have any questions about any of this instruction, send an email to:

We are the only ones with the provenance, authorities and resources to save everyone's bacon, so stop any thought of obstructing, delaying, or avoiding these directives. 


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  1. FEMA district/federal contractor agency /territorial.
    District courts Connotes feds.
    Municipal court /DC
    Superior court state run

  2. orchestrated on corporate system it acts like a well oiled the end of the day the one who controls the military wins .
    Problem being refusal of people to realize privately owned corporations are not government.

    1. with all due respect, to unknown, what is your special place here ?

  3. "penitential slavery"

    The Online Books Page; Online Books by;
    Thomas Branagan(Branagan, Thomas, 1774-1843);

    #15 - Avenia : or, A tragical poem, on the oppression of the human species;

    The penitential tyrant, or, Slave trader reformed : a pathetic poem, in four cantos : Branagan, Thomas, 1774-1843 :

    1. AND how these words relevant?

    2. Section 3705.01 - Vital statistics definitions, Ohio Rev. Code § 3705.01;
      (A) "Live birth" means the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of human conception that after such expulsion or extraction breathes or shows any other evidence of life such as beating of the heart, pulsation of the umbilical cord, or definite movement of voluntary muscles, whether or not the umbilical cord has been cut or the placenta is attached.
      (Notice the term “Baby” is not used what so ever)

      Born With a Veil: The Curious Talisman of the Caul – Burials & Beyond;
      “Roman midwives were known to have taken cauls and sold them at high prices to lawyers as a talisman to aid them in legal victory.”

      After birth/placenta ie., second coming, beast .666, human being, monster.
      This is exclusively a product of the mother contains no Dna from the Father, except for a small part called the chorion.
      Law of salvage(Law of the Sea), floor sweep(one man’s trash is another man’s treasure).
      Trust Law(Form, Substance, Title).
      (1)Form - Documents filled out by Mother/Informant
      (2)Substance - After birth/ Unknown Living Tissue/Creature?(Emergenc[y] situation in need of a "Dock-tor"
      (3)Title - ALL CAPITAL NAME

      Foundling Child; State created/adopted bastard, “human”,“person”.

      Now the living are instructed not to commune with the dead. Not only this, we are not to bear false witness, to covet, steal, worship false idols. As soon as one accepts the Birth Certificated Person as their own (identifies themselves as such), they now have sinned, and broken The Lord God’s Laws. They have become a slave, and are now required to pay penance. “Penitential Slave”
      This has been the basic jist of the whole operation, and Thomas Branigan (above) brought this to Thomas Jefferson’s attention in order for this to be halted back then. This however was too much for even him(Thomas Jefferson) to deal with, although he kept Branigan’s books that were given to him.

      Short Synopsis, hope that helps.

    3. Problem, reaction, solution
      What the hell do you think revelations is all about revealing their massive lies and fraud
      And I guarantee any solution in claiming that surname is NOT correct it was the solution from the beginning

      As janmarie says plan to give UBI in place of your social insurance and universal medicaid for all like they did in Canada (thats what obamacare was all about) then price our asses right out of everything

      This claim the name and get signed up and volunteer and work for free to relieve us of this burden was the fucking plan from the word go

      The bait and switch


      But hell they make all that shit up to so their own friggin interpretation is subject to their change

      Daniel at Chridtismremedyinlaw has been talking about the registra generals, vital statistic acts and all of this for months, years now but everyone is chasing the money

      Think about this
      FOUNDLING FATHERS aka Founding Fathers
      So those founding father crooks were out daddies


    4. "But hell they make all that shit up to so their own friggin interpretation is subject to their change".

      you wanna know *why*?
      they. never. gave. up. their. "status". being. (a) man.
      and a man can do whatever he wants as long as he doesnt hurt another man.
      and *you*re not (a) man.
      *you*re "property".... you and kids and sheep and houses and onions and land and trees and air and gold and my great aunt sally are all *property* owned by *MEN*.


    5. Not just "Revelations", The whole book (the Bible) is all about the "Foundling Child".
      From "Genesis" to the end of "Revelation'(s)". This is why there are so many that are pulling their hair out, gnashing their teeth, wearing sack cloth, and ashes, the goats being separated from the sheep(tares from the wheat), scribes being exposed, actors wearing masks, those that trust in pharmakia more than The Lord Jesus Christ, and all of it is being broadcasted for everyone to see. In my most wildest of mental meanderings I would never have imagined the magnitude of so many people would embrace this evil as they have been shown to be. This is what all of Us are up against, and I won't forget. It should be clear now why "They" want Us dead. Because we saw what was done to everyone, and how "They" did it. We now know.

  4. I thought that; Fraud Vitiates Everything, Contracts and Elections ..
    How could we Start with a Clean Slate ..??? Dark budgets, Black budgets, double ledger entry book keeping technology, etc .. Audit Earth ..???
    Parasites and Pirates know only their Trade, we can't have those at the Helm of Spaceship Earth ..! Jubileem..? Let the polluters clean up the mess, in chains ..?

    1. exactly right!

      "How could we Start with a Clean Slate ..??? Dark budgets, Black budgets, double ledger entry book keeping technology, etc .. Audit Earth ..???"

      guessing: these ash-fkers are going to try to cancel their own debts!! the ones that they owe to us?!!!!!!?

      if thats these poo-pyshers plans,
      i:woman say "no".

      guessing: plan to give us all 1500.00 month and call it squared up?
      then keep double-digit inflation pushing prices up until that $1500 is worth $200?
      entirely possible with this monolpol munnee.

  5. Hey, where does one turn in/ exchange their frn's? And, how, where what, etc. Is nesara?

  6. Ahh and the so called new supreme court judge and connections to, if you guessed Boston Brahmin, well then you would be correct

    Funny thing wasn't there just an article on this site about those
    Boston Brahmins (BB's)

  7. Are there any actions needed to be put into place Anna?

  8. A must watch,beginning to very end.

    1. Thanks for posting, a good friend gave me the heads up to watch it at 6:00 P.M. I made sure not to miss it. "They" have been killing so many microbiologists to protect "Their proprietary trade secrets that it became part of "Their" industry's job description. However "They" killed the wrong guy this time. Dr. Liu among all the others will have their justice. May The Lord God have mercy on "Their" souls. Although, I even doubt it this time. "They" probably know this as well, so it will be very interesting to see what "Their" next diabolical move is going to be against all of Us.

    2. Extremely powerful message. Prayers for guidance from the Heavenly Father certainly do work! Bless the doctor and his family with protection and good health. We need more like him to lead us into the future. Thank you for posting!

  9. if its done on purpose, its called a "joker"... may be considered to make the entire writing void.

  10. Yes, I can't believe that Paul didn't give everyone a prior heads up. These Murderers will have no place to hide now. I am sure that this video has been seen by a lot of people, and a lot more in the days to come will be viewing it as well. Dr Ardis nailed "Them" every way to sun up.

    1. And Mike Adams as well;
      WATER WARNING: Municipal water systems may be distribution vector for pandemic toxins;

    2. You mean like flouride? Friggs sake they been poisoning us for decades

      Sorry I don't care not one bit for Mike Adams I think he's a shill and a sell out/front man

    3. Yes, no doubt. A fecal cocktail soup with the whole population's excreted synthetic pharmaceuticals brewed in. Don't forget to have ewer morning cup of Joe, Folgers.
      Check out the definition of "Folger" in a Black's Law Dictionary. IF anyone thinks "They" really care about Us. That definition alone should definitely cause some grounds for a change of disposition.

  11. This is Babylonian Pharisee secret society merchant law were individuals have no rights now day called UCC .
    Getting all civil service office holders to incorporate
    Crest a false flag America civil war smoke screen
    Wave cloak over top presto chango NWO.

  12. WJ, Not necessarily true in articles and editorials which are subject automatically to errors, omissions and typos.
    We are all bigger than typos because we all make them. Rules and laws get proof read for factual errors and verifiable evidence.

  13. The set up of their next event folks

    If we thought the people were blind and ignorant for covid, best take heed folks

    And you remember when I told you about presidio and presidium all over those world parliament documents
    Well on a road trip through outskirts of fort worth texas in and around the newly created golden triangle near the texas motor speedway is a mall branded as PRESIDIO Junction folks

  14. And according to Greg Bradford this fraud is none other than one of the hollywood elite

    Bruce Jenner played this role folks so this fake geneology shit is all made up which really makes me distrust miles as I have for some time now

    Like the fake roots stories they do for these celebrities they lie about it
    I watched the one with Molly Ringwald and when you know who that whench rrealy is they lied about her roots and they made up the story of her and her mom taken to a village where moms and kids were sent
    Go check the story out that she did on finding your roots

    molly ringwald is chacity bono, cher/celin dions daughter
    Go check out greg bradford site on you tube

    Chacity bono also plays gay fat and ugly girl, christina applegate, molly ringwald and who knows how many others

    I'm telling you this shit is all hollywood and these inbred family members folks
    The whole damned set up was their doing starting with the fake foundling fathers story bullshit and the fake declarations and constitutions that they made the hell up for their own damned profit and eventual take over of all

    And they're still working at all levels and in all mediums trying to get you to go long with the current heist and help them launch their world parliament earth federation BULLSHIT

  15. EJ4mNJ,
    "WJ, Not necessarily true..."
    i know its not necessarily true. thats why i said:
    • "*if* its done on purpose,..."
    • " *may be considered* to make the entire writing void.*

    i didnt say it "is" a "joker".
    although it very well may be :).

  16. no one has answered my email in Clark county nevada since 2 weeks ago. the assembly coordinater down in las vegas can respond anytime. I know how festidious Anna is about dotting the I or crossing her 'T', so i trust you all know it takes all kinds to make up an assembly.

  17. I received the following reply from:
    United States Mint
    Customer Service Center:

    "From US Mint Support on 2022-05-19 05:45
    RE: New American Asset-backed Coinage? [ET-7282106067743434302]

    Dear Chef Jem,

    Thank you for your recent inquiry to the United States Mint concerning the Federal Reserve System.

    We regret that we are unable to assist you with your request. Although the United States Mint produces coinage for the Nation to conduct its commerce and trade, the Federal Reserve System bears the responsibility for regulating banking institutions, providing financial services to depository institutions and distributing currency.

    For additional information about the Federal Reserve System or to obtain assistance, you may contact it directly at 1-888-851-1920 or visit
    1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468)

    Visit us at to check on your order status, update your US Mint profile and to place new orders."

    In answer to my inquiry as follows:
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Chef Jem ...
    Date: May 18, 2022 9:16 PM
    Subject: New American Asset-backed Coinage?

    Greetings! Has new American asset-backed coinage been ordered for our domestic use? ......... Looking forward to the information!

    1. The above is now blogged here: