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Monday, April 11, 2022

Reply to Michigan Outsiders:

 By Anna Von Reitz

There was never anything wrong with our paperwork.  That was an allegation made by people who were amazed to learn that criminals don't always bow down before a piece of paper.  

Imagine a stage coach robber stopping his theft based on a piece of paper?

The naive assumption that paperwork alone can protect everyone from every outrage is part and parcel of the problem we face. We give paperwork teeth via our willingness and determination to defend it.  Yes, you have to learn how to defend your own position and stand behind the paperwork.  

The problem in Michigan, other than the vain assumption that the paperwork was the Answer to all ills, and that the robbers would automatically obey it if it was signed in the right color of ink, was that a small group of people had taken control of the Assembly and were holding it captive.  

In Michigan, prior to the dissolution, the records and the computers and everything else belonged to specific individuals who didn't feel that they were under any obligation to the Public Interest.  They used and abused their positions of trust accordingly.   

They arbitrarily decided who could be a member of the Assembly and who couldn't.  They dictated which parts of the paperwork were public and which were held off the record.  They ran things to suit themselves and didn't pay attention to the directions they received from the Federation, and then, when things went South, they wanted to blame the Federation for their results.

We had many, many, many complaints about this particular group and though we tried to explain things to them and tried to work with their leadership, the problems simply continued with no sign of abatement. 

Some people in Michigan waited an entire year to record their declarations of political status though there is nothing complicated about the three pages of paperwork needed to declare political status. 

Finally, we got word that the Recorders in Michigan weren't recording anything for anyone.  

Instead of making progress toward the stated goals, The Michigan Assembly leadership was standing in the way.   So we dissolved the group. 

Under new leadership, Michigan has been able to gain reinstatement and growth.  The job is getting done. People in Michigan have access to services they need.  Everyone gets treated equally.  The Michigan Assembly isn't being run like a Good Ole Boys Club --- and that is a great relief.  


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  1. Context? Is this in response to something.


    On another note - my paperwork, 928's were filed before the Assemblies began the 3 Paper process. Question: Did these documents change my STATUS or were these insufficient ? Same process used by DLS + passport, but for some reason they're process is insufficient... ?? Never been able to get a clarification about this.... However I am told, the United States Department of Secretary of State has recorded 2 million STATUS changes to American State National...

    1. Hi, are your documents on the public record? If so then your status is corrected! Contact your state coordinator:

  3. πŸ‘‹πŸ€Hey I’m in Saginaw Michigan 45 mins before Detroit and the last I tried to join was when all the shenanigans in leadership was going on can someone point me in the direction for paperwork please?

    1. hit the menu button and select "correct your status"

  4. 928s give you the opportunity to join your Assemblies and hold a elected position as a state citizen there may be some pages still to complete but you are almost there. Your passport is an issue with the issuing authority I truly think it is the difference of who is looking at your paperwork and there ability to understand the difference between a national and a US citizen. Some have sent theirs in three times to get it back finally.

  5. Geesh

  6. Geesh you can find your State Coordinator, and all that you will need to learn on the tasa site.

  7. The same mess is going on in Texas It is operating like a private club, ignores and prevents people from participating. No invitation to meetings.

  8. I have done the paperwork. Coordinators do not respond to concerns. They refuse to invite new people to their meetings

    1. Washington is the same, the coordinator uses her personal business email/website to send out correspondence, and there is a huge mental disconnect in the concept of needing to use the JAVR paperwork. Her royal name is because her grandpa chose the name and patented it, and her proof of claim that she is divine or a seraph is because she has felt that way since she was a little girl.

      Fomenkos New Chronology

      Ralph Ellis books on the historical Jesus family bloodline

      Rollo the Walker married Scota

      Hebrew was a numerical math based communication based on star charts

      The calendars are changed to match the current emperor to the Star prophecy.

      The Son of God did not appear then, he is the world Avatar and all the scriptures are about him. He is on Earth in the flesh, is over 30 and not yet 50,and when he was born he was not numbered, and his name, life, everything matches and fulfills prophecy from every religion. I've spoken to 2 of his son's, and I've seen his paperwork and proofs that he is "from heaven" or "angelic", including his court filings.

      Anna has a tremendous amount of information and knowledge, but no proof that she is royal, seraph, or that arkons exist, or that the Catholic church cares at all about her paperwork. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth was proclaimed by a member of the descendents of the historical Jesus, by the one that fulfills the prophecies. JAVR has received attempts by the Kingdom of Heaven to communicate but those attempts were rejected harshly.

      The methods and structure of the States Assembly is flawed and will never produce what the people are hoping for.

    2. Well he's welcome to bring his silly self over to the west side of Akron, Ohio, and show Us his superior claim especially how he was descended from a Vol...
      Ahh the artful majesty of the 2 dimensional whirled of fiction. "Look everybody what I just wrote on some bark with my own excrement". It says "I'm a god". "Ewe better believe me or else...". Ok that does it "I (Enki aka John Chapman 111 aka Lucifer)curse thee to death in 4 days". What a little punk, that thinks he can curse me, a true living son of The Lord God. Get behind me Satan/Lucifer.

  9. Anna on sgt report;

  10. Great Job Anna!!! πŸ’ͺπŸΏπŸ™ŒπŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏπŸ‘πŸΏ