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Tuesday, April 12, 2022

World Premiere: Watch The Water (Full Movie)

How evil are these people who try to suppress real treatments that work?


  1. Well i guess this gives new meaning to, I DON'T LIKE OL SNEAKY SNAKE!!!

  2. An excellent companion video is the interview Mike Adams does with Dr. Ardis. Just finished the first part. Look for it on Brighteon or Natural News.

  3. The steel report on rumble did an excellent 2 part to this with tons of evidence

  4. More from Dr Ardis

  5. How?
    Royal raymond rife:100% cure cancer, deep sixed by the rocky child
    Hulda clark, 95% cure cancer, arrested by their bounty hunters.
    William donald kelley, metabolic typing diet, 98% cure cancer, hounded by their bounty hunters.
    Dr joel wallach-, dead doctors don't lie" radio call-in show m-f @ 2 weeks cure diabetes 2, sued 12 federal lawsuits to force the baby formulas makers to put in minerals preventing sudden infant death syndrome. So, no more sids.
    Get informed, learn self care at the elbow( blood type diet, for instance)......

    1. john christopher, too. arrested many times. GREAT greatgreatgreat great herbalist, vitality expert.
      we will get this crap all straightened out very soon.
      clear heavy metals; heal immune system; drain swellings and cool inflammation -- no "medbeds" for me, just turn off the damm 5G/other and quit poisoning us and we will take care of ourselves. those miserable pieces of shit.

    2. Royal Rife was a genius; a true scientist. its heartbreaking how the truly Beautiful People in this world are torn apart.
      i do believe the "medbeds" are based on what Rife did. tesla too? other? idk. but even online there are Articles about how recent experiments on the "C"-word, using certain low frequency EMFS, do affect tumors but dont harm normal cells!

      so what the hell are they stalling for then?

  6. Department of defense intelligence created the plan for kill back using swine flu 2014
    Who was funding the snake venom?
    Military defense

  7. "what we're dealing with is a demon."- michael mckibbett in that posted conversation with the gabriel guy...the one posted a few days ago by anna. "Don't let the snakes to blinded you with their venom." Credo mutwa.....these murders remind me of the murder of judy Woods's( where did the towers go?) helper........

    1. its not actual snake venom. that would have to be a *daaay'AMM* big-snized snake:)!

    2. that "Dr. Ardus" is supposedly marketing the venom antidote right along with the roll-out of the snake venom disclosure. true? i think so.
      now hows that for being handy?...

    3. Salesman: "hey buddy! youve been poisoned!"
      man: "i HAVE?!?!? omg, whad'du i dooooo?"
      Salesman:"Dont worry! ive got just the Remedy for that there snakebite'o your'en, i calls it ma' *Ssss'nake Oil*".

  8. And while they play that hand, they play this other hand

    They're all in it together from sea to shining see

    And how appropriate a name for this video, watch the water
    Aquarius the water BEARer except noone is watching the water and where it will come from

  9. 'THE GREAT CULLING' IS UPON US -- Hope & Tivon;
    (Media access control code ie., “MAC Code” for Blue Tooth)
    Can be seen and scanned in developer mode on cell phone vs consumer mode
    At 6:20 Tivon speaks about a French Technical Team conducting an experiment were able to differentiate between those that are or are not “vaccinated”.

    I wasn’t able to locate any information on the French Technical team that Tivon refers to at the 6:20 minute mark, however this bit of co intel is right at the top(#1) of the google’s search page;
    Can Vaccinated Individuals be Identified with Bluetooth? -;

    As I continued searching through the pages this came up;
    State Approaches to Contact Tracing during the COVID-19 Pandemic -
    The National Academy for State Health Policy;

    The map is interactive for each “State”, but click on “Funding located by state” Look how many millions each state has received to do / follow the CDC’s protocols. Totals in the billions, especially take note of the contact tracers that have been recently employed in each “State”.
    "Follow the Money", and it becomes apparent why WHO’s protocol is being followed by each, and every "Health Department" whirled wide.

    1. Add these videos, and the the whole picture is brought more in focus as one steps back a few feet to view it all, noticing how everything is entwined;
      CORONAGATE | Full Documentary part 1;
      CORONAGATE | Full Documentary part 2;

    2. At 5:00+ minute mark “CORONAGATE | Full Documentary part 2” an “Open Letter to Global Leaders - A Healthy Planet for Healthy People” needs to be deciphered; I will try to do a rudimentary attempt to bring some clarity to the above headline;
      -To all the unelected elite whirled wide - a strong in flux of money across the board makes for monetarily strong subsidiaries -. We all know that a “Person”, is a “Corporation”. Well then “People” which is plural to “Person” should only stand to reason that many “Corporations” that are related (doing business, owned, subsidiaries of…) to each other are “People” ie., “We The People”.
      The vanity to think that “They” are referring to living men, and women, and a healthy living self sustaining “Earth” is no longer even a point that has any validity to assert at this time knowing what all of Us have become subject(s) to.


    3. plural person is persons. plural people are peoples. in no way synonymous or interchangeable, entirely different definitions. however, 'familiar' terms found on d&b include ex; "there are 14 'companies' in the corporate 'family' of Judiciary of State of..." de-monstrat-ing the jealous corpse's attempt to craft and present its' dead, fictitious self as a-kin to a real, living body composed of individual, whole constituent parts (man, woman), which combined/joined/assembled/in union with all, compose also a real, living, many-membered, whole, singular Body titled mankind. 'i am not a person, but i do have one.' the people have a person, never the other way around. Person is all about appearance, presentation of persona/image (may be genuine or act). how /in what way, shape, form, does 'he come across?' He, being found in form, fashioned as a man...(heb) "i do no business in any way, shape, or form as a person, only as i am." Who is no respecter of persons? Did not make, Not responsible for, does not claim them. But, Does claim with fiery jealous passion a peculiar 'people' as it is written "the Father's Portion is His people." He teaches us we fall to judging by appearance, but rise to conclude what is self-evident.