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Saturday, May 27, 2023

The Anticipated Continuance of Foreign Government Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

There is exactly one lawful American Government that has been functioning since 1776 and there is no other lawful Government in this country; our people have been identified and our State Assemblies have been brought into Session, and we are accounted for, present, alive and well.  

We are Americans, not U.S. Citizens, not Municipal citizens of the United States.  We have been attacked, pillaged, and plundered by our own Federal employees who have been misdirected and used as mercenary forces by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors resident in the District of Columbia. 

We had our Continuance of Government plan established when the lights went out in the chaos following the Mercenary Conflict misrepresented as The American Civil War.   

Once the last American President, James Wilson, termed out, the State Assemblies one-by-one stopped meeting and in the confusion and welter of similarly named organizations, most Americans assumed that everything was as it should be ---  while those who knew better were forced to flee for their lives into the hills of Kentucky and Tennessee, the mountains of Montana, or even to the wild frontiers of Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. 

By the time we mustered our Summoning Authority and summoned the State Assemblies back into Session, Texas was the only State Assembly still in Session.

Despite all the obstacles, our American Government never died and was never subjugated to the exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the British Territorial Government then or now.  

We have heard and we see that there is a framework in place allowing the British Territorial Government to survive and thrive despite their current financial and political difficulties.  

They hope to recoup authority upon the Debt Default and Bankruptcy Release scheduled for June 21st of this year, whereupon they want to stage a big theater production to proclaim a new British Territorial Federal Republic --- and confuse it with our old Federal Republic. 

When discussing "Continuance of Government" it pays to ask, which government?  The lawful Government of this country, or the "government" of a British Territorial Municipal Corporation operated by the British Crown?  

This would be another Substitution Fraud, with the Brits aping a dormant American Business and attempting to replace it with their similarly named British Territorial version, just as they substituted their Territorial State-of-State doing business as "the State of Oregon" for the American version doing business as "The State of Oregon". 

They have already planned to abuse their defense system capabilities to shut down the normal telecommunications grid, and use their movie-making and script-writing skills from Hollywood and from state-of-the-art CGI production facilities to roll out a "shock and awe" propaganda hit piece that will run for three days solid while the people of this country are kept locked down by illegal curfews imposed under color of law by a commercial corporation having no more actual authority than Ford Motor Company, Inc. or IBM, Inc. or Burger King, Inc. 

Exactly why should we be further harassed, threatened, propagandized, or unlawfully and illegally "enforced upon" by mercenaries of any kind? Much less mercenaries who receive their paychecks from our pockets?  

These Municipal Corporation Subcontractors need to stand down all across the board and the leadership of these organizations need to learn what it is to speak and mean and live the truth again.  

Using Hollywood-based illusions and theater and False Narratives in an attempt to further usurp against our lawful Government and excuse what has gone on here isn't going to change anything.  It's an insult to the dead and an insult to our intelligence, too. 

We are not a democracy nor are we a commonwealth nor are we a territory.  We are fifty sovereign and independent states, each one a nation unto itself.  

The mutual powers that we, the unincorporated Federation of States, delegated to the Confederation formed in 1781 and which the Confederation exercised and implemented via the American Federal Republic, can't be exercised by the Brits, because those powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  If our American Federal Republic is ever to be reconstructed, that work has to be done by Americans.  

It is contemplated and it is our goal to completely restore all parts of our Government to full function, and to observe the merits and the pitfalls of it, so as to make considered changes once the restoration is complete. 

In the meantime, the Powers Delegated to the American Federal Republic have already returned to the source of the delegation of powers, our unincorporated Federation of States. 

We are competent to do the work ourselves or hire interim contractors to accomplish all that needs to be done--entirely without drama or lies or excuses or horrific film footage of carnage and adrenochrome factories broadcast into our homes and psyches.  

At this point, we have been lied to and lied about so often, we won't believe any of it, anyway, and neither should anyone else. 

We wish for all the phony exposes and theater events to be cancelled. 
There is no point in trying to stage another British Territorial Substitution Fraud, no need for any more false Narratives or false self-aggrandizing excuses. 

We have seen it all before; we have no need to see it again. 

We wish for the British Territorial Subcontractors to stand down and stop talking endlessly about their democracy.  So far as we have been able to determine they don't have a democracy, they have an autocracy presided over by a Commander-in-Chief,  and haven't been able to get a 51% mandate of even their own limited citizenry since the Second World War.

As we contemplate this situation, young men -- Hispanics, Chinese, Arabs -- are in training at Fort Hood in Texas and other places, being put through boot camp and prepared for use as mercenaries, no doubt to be deployed on our soil --- more unlawful acts. 

It isn't apparent whether these young troops are to be mainstreamed into the regular mercenary forces that the British Territorial Subcontractors  have maintained as Occupation Forces, or used as paramilitary 
forces in quasi-civilian garb, operating as foreign guerrilla units in our urban environments.  

One thing is certain, they are either going to be deployed to kill innocent Americans or they are being set up as an insurgent force themselves, to provide a target and an excuse for war on our shores. 

These young people are being deliberately imported via the illegally open Southern Border in violation of Article IV, Section 4, of both The Constitution of the United States of America and The Constitution of the United States. 

We won't bother playing with all the gun fodder, imported or homegrown if this continues.   We will take out the actual culprits, and the rest, lacking a paycheck, will go home. 

Let everyone be advised that we know exactly where the birds of the air have their nests and the foxes have their dens, and we won't miss if anyone is so foolish as to stage an armed conflict on our shores. 

We have seen it before and have no need to see it again. 

We wish for a peaceful and practical settlement of all debts and ownerships, allowing everyone to go home and tend their business and enjoy caretaking the land and soil that belongs to them. 

We view the mindless drive toward homogeneity and the forced migration of artificially created refugee populations as a direct affront to Nature and Nature's God under Ecclesiastical Law and a completely foolish initiative
undertaken by politicians and ignorant social planners who have misidentified our differences as the cause of social unrest and conflict. 

Rather, mankind's diversity, like all the other diversity plainly displayed throughout the natural world, is a source of strength and adaptability and mutual benefit that must be cherished and preserved.  

We wish for an end to all efforts to homogenize humanity and destroy nations in the name of peace.  The nations are not the cause of war, nor are our many different races, religions, traditions, cultures, and genotypes.  

The cause of violence stems always from fear and physical deprivation which is now and always has been totally unnecessary in this environment.  

We wish for the end of The Doctrine of Scarcity and its ill-considered results which contribute to meaningless suffering, unnecessary physical deprivation resulting in hunger, thirst, ill-health, and all the social miasma which these conditions promote.  

The idea that God is an Uncaring and Deadbeat Dad in the midst of the beauty and plenty this Earth provides, is a blasphemy of the highest order caused by men who consider poverty virtuous only when it is visited upon others.  We wish for an end to this hypocrisy. 

We also wish for an end to all the hyped-up fear-mongering and media manipulation designed to provoke adrenalin responses and adrenaline addiction, which may be considered a "starter drug" for adrenochrome addiction.  

We have observed the effect of the "Nightly News" on the General Public and all it does is stimulate a low-level but pernicious adrenaline response that makes people hungry, sexually aroused, nervous, and needy -- thinking that they need more government to protect them, but not realizing that they need protection from what serves as their government. 

We wish for the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors to stop censoring, directing, limiting, rewarding, or otherwise interfering with journalism in this country.  

We wish for the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors to get their noses out of our homes and our businesses and to obey their obligations. 

We wish for the right to privacy and all other rights guaranteed by our constitutional agreements to be rigorously honored without exception, and for all secretive manipulation of our biology for commercial gain to stop. 

We wish for all mind control patents to be outlawed and stripped from the Patent Office and for this prohibition to include but not be limited to all suppressed National Security-related patents, including Mindbox patents, Alphabet, Inc., patents, and similar patented and unpatented products designed to control and direct public opinion without the public being aware of it.  

Much of this injury both as regards the Municipal Corporations and the abuses of media for purposes of mind control, promotion of biological responses, and subliminal manipulation of Public Opinion and morality is being practiced in the jurisdiction of the air and employs energy and uses patents and involves the use of corporations and the personnel and equipment of corporations to deploy these abusive technologies.  

We wish for an end to these unlawful activities, both at the Patent Office, where unlawful patents have been entertained and protected, and in newspaper and other media offices throughout this country which have suffered censorship and been coerced to serve as propaganda agencies for foreign Municipal Corporations. 

The British Territorial Forces masquerading as the U.S. Army have been responsible for the most destructive, unjust, and violent actions in our history.  It was William Tecumseh Sherman, the Butcher of the South, who first coined the use of the phrase "Final Solution" and applied it to the Lakota Sioux Indians fifty years before Hitler applied it to the Jews.  

Like their peers, Lord Pirbright and Cecil Rhodes, General Ulysses S Grant, aka, US Grant, whose name was actually Hiram Grant, and General William Tecumseh Sherman were Undeclared British Agents, members of what would become the equivalent of the American Raj, brutal, evil, corrupt men who deserve no honor from us or anyone else, 

Together, with British Central Bankers, these men planned the Bank Panic of 1873, and used it as an excuse to violate the Treaty of Fort Laramie signed only seven years before. They allowed thousands of gold miners to desecrate the Black Hills and trespass upon the Lakota Sioux Reservation.  

These are not the actions of any lawful civilian government.  

These are the acts of British Territorial mercenaries let loose on a peaceful civilian population and allowed to run rampant by Principals who have always owed us good faith and service.  This violation of good faith and the continued unlawful activities of these Municipal Corporations on our shores move us to bring these claims under Ecclesiastical Law and prompt us to seek the permanent liquidation of these corporations, their franchises,agencies and subsidiaries. 

We wish these organizations to stand forfeit for their crimes against us and against humanity over the past hundred and sixty years.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 26th 2023


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  1. Anna please know their are good men and women in this fight. I am one of them honey. You are a blessing. It was YOU many years ago who awakened me......and my BRAIN. You made me think and I started down this road of the massive fraud that has been committed. I will fight with you. What has been done is Unforgivable.

  2. The underway deployment of the national guard to institute the continuity of government under the Law of War Manual and executive orders of DJT, created in the recent decade…. And the military tribunals also underway, are perhaps just around the corner to going public.

  3. 1. got proof?
    2. James is MIA.

    1. Your tracked flight to Rome is now $1,030 (was $871) (google flights)

    2. "Anonymous May 27, 2023 at 10:45 AM" of:

      1. got proof?
      2. James is MIA."

      is a freemasonry Pythagorean pipsqueak.

      Our Lord and savior Immanuel told you long ago -

      KJV- Luke 7:35

      ". . .But wisdom is justified of all her children."

      "Anonymous May 27, 2023 at 10:45 AM" is a "child' of the synagogue of satan.

      You and your "proof" ha! Sleep long.

    3. Read Revelation 18:1-8. Wake up people before it is too late.

  4. Trust me Anna those men at the Vatican Chancery Court including the Pope are not sheep in lambs clothing. Ravenous wolves waiting for the return of the lawless one. For understanding read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

    1. EXACTLY! When you know the heinous crimes that have been committed by each and every Pope, right down to every parish priest, down through the centuries, it should be obvious that they cannot be trusted to uphold the Ecclesiastical Law or any contract or treaty. They are liars and terrorists and criminals of every kind.

      I hope for justice and a return of our assets now, but I know that peaceful measures are seen as weakness by the brutual, savage men at the Vatican, and the corporations which they control. The only action that will bring it is a war on the Vatican! It must be burned to the ground for the demonic evil that lurks there, just as Revelation 18:8 predicts.

      However, I also know that our Creator long ago predicted the utter fall of religion for its crimes against Him and mankind, particularly the Catholic religion that has been the world empire of all false religions. The leader of every lie and falsehood is Satan, so it follows that the lying doctrines of false religion and the evil it commits marks it as a Satanic organization. Its all going to fall, and very soon. Revelation chapter 18.

      I believe that it will take the fall of Babylon and the return of Yeshuah for our "credit" to be returned to us. The hopium is nice to hear, but the enemy is advancing on every side, and we still have no resources in place as a safety net from the Federation or our state Assemblies, such as our own banking, or the promised private e-mail server platform.

      I believe that Anna has spelled it all out correctly, and uncovered the frauds. However, that's all folks! We are on our own and the Federation, nor the state Assemblies are able to protect us from these criminal monsters. Lock and Load!!!

  5. The trumpets have been sounding.

    Book of Joel explains the trumpets, and does the book of Revelation.

    Book of Joel explains the trumpets:

    1. Warning.
    2. Assembly.

    Revelation Explains trumpets.

    1 - 7 The great poisoning.

    women:janmarie has cleverly battled against "assembly" which is our "Immanuel" which is our "Jesus Christ" who never left and instructed to go forward to make disciples of all nations - and surely I will be with you to the end of the age.

    Anna, thank you for putting forward the path to our "assembly."

    May the devil take those who have angled against "assembly."

    Jesus Christ (anointed savior) never left.

    Those who individuated themselves and steered others against assembling are of the synagogue of satan.

    Women:janmarie has steered those of the way, truth, and life from assembly.

    And women:janmarie is to be exposed for the evil, darkness, and clever fake "angel of light" she would wish all to believe. God may forgive?

  6. So who is James Wilson president of? Not the USA?
    Did she mean James Buchanan? He was last President before Lincoln. The only James Wilson close to being president was a Justice who helped to write the articles of confederation

    1. I'm pretty sure Anna meant to say Charles Wilson, not James Wilson. Anna's "Article 4098: The Last American President" gives a little more information on Charles Wilson, who was, apparently a great grandson of General George Washington's "Aide-de-Camp", and who left the office of President of the real The United States of America in 1872.

    2. Thanks so much. Very helpful. I already found all of the information on James Wilson who was partly responsible for writing the articles of confederation. Now I can research Charles Wilson

  7. The name of James Wilson might not be very familiar, although this man was one of the people who made the difference in swaying the minds of the American colonists.

    James Wilson was born in Scotland on September the 14th, 1742. Here, he attended the Universities of St.Andrews, Glasgow, and Edinburgh. He never finished his studies, as he sailed for the New World in 1765. Aided by some letters of introduction, he became a tutor with the College of Philadelphia. He received an horonorary M.A. shortly thereafter. In November 1767, he was admitted to the bar, and thus pursuing his recent-born interest in the law. He set up his own practice in Reading in the year 1768. He was quite successfull, as he handled nearly half of the cases charged in the country court.

    During one of the following years he married Rachel Bird.

    In 1774, he wrote an essay with the title:" Considerations on the Nature and Extent of the Legislative Authority of the British Government." He distributed this article among the members of the First Continental Congress. Within those pages, he set down a number of arguments which severely challenged the parliamentary authority over America. In the final conclusion of this manuscript, he states that Parliament han no power whatsover over the American colonies. Although he accepted in some ways the power of the Monarch, he would not subject himself to the whims of Parliament, in which the colonies had no representation. His manuscript was read in both America and England, and created quite a stir. He was one of the first to ever voice these opinions in a sensible, well-argumented manner. To quote from the Declaration of Independence:"All the members of the British Empire are distinct states, independant of each other, but connected together under the same souvereign." The previous example is to illustrate the impact Wilson's statements made.

    As a member of the Pennsylvanian Provincial Congress, he made a passionate speech about the possibility of an unconstitutional act made by Parliament. Judicial Review, the American system of checking governmental acts with the Constitution, was on it's way.

    In the same year, 1775, he signed the Declaration of Independance as a member of the Second Continental Congress. According to sources, it seems he hesitated at first, but signed anyway. This was due to the fact that he was a representative of the Middle States, where opinions about independance differed. But by signing the Declaration, he broke the deadlock the Pennsylnanian delegation was in. His signature made sure Pennsylvania voted for independance.

    During the next years he was an occasional member of the Continental Congress, and was present at the Constitutional Convention of 1787, which assembled with the purpose of drafting The Constitution of the United States of America. Here he was a very influential figure, whose ideas where heavily incorporated in one of the most important documents in history. Thus the Constitution bears his signature.

    In 1789, he became a professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania, and in the same year was appointed associate justice of the Supreme Court. In this role, he did not shine as brightly as he used to do, as he did not voice any new or ground-breaking judicial ideas.

    He deceased August 21, 1798; a widower with six children.

  8. Obama - connection to Quit GITMO


    Cuba – Magic Cube of the Cubbala
    With the election of Barack Obama, one of the first High Priest orders to come down from the White House Temple was the CLOSING of

    GUANTANAMO BAY, the US Naval Station Detention Camp in CUBA. There are 250 prisoners left to either be freed, relocated or

    convicted and imprisoned within the next year. Guantanamo Bay is also referred to as GITMO, a type of acronym. Guantanamo Bay is

    another G and B name. Therefore it represents a Pillar associated with Solomon’s Temple. This means that it will be used as a symbol

    of deception as every pillar established within the luciferian agenda is used to manipulate and deceive. In this case, the very elite,

    presidents, prime ministers, generals, lord’s, and high ranking world manipulators, the very ones who created this torture chamber in

    the first place, are now calling for its dismantling. This dismantling is now of the utmost importance, and must be performed within

    the next year.

    2001 - 2010
    The Judgment of GITMO BEGINS
    GITMO = EYE Sacrifice Cross Mother

    The obvious question is “WHY”? Why was there such a rush to get it in place in 2001, with bounties in the millions of dollars placed on

    the heads of suspects in Afghanistan, and now WHY, is there such a rush to close it, and relocate, or convict, or set free, the

    prisoners by early 2010? The answer is that the 2010 Winter Olympics occur begin on February 12, 2010, and the suggestions are now

    being firmly put into place that will cause whatever hardship and turmoil the luciferian agenda hopes to bring to pass by the

    beginning of the Olympics.

    WORLD LEGISLATIVE ACTS (annagram it you get LAW or land, air, water aka environmental green movement)
    ACT 36 (thats 666)
    Guantanamo Bay Act was adopted April 2006, as World Legislative Act #36 by the ninth session of the provisional World Parliament,

    meeting in Tripoli in conformance with Article 19 of the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. The Act was amended at the tenth

    session of provisional World Parliament, meeting June 2007 at Kara, Togo, West Africa.

    Amendments from 10th session of provisional World Parliament meeting at Kara, Togo, West Africa, June 2007:
    To create land access between both East and West Shores of Guantanamo Bay, extend Earth Federation eminent domain to include 5-

    kilometer perimeter of the entire Guantanamo Bay, including upper bay. Designate boundaries to run North-South and East-West.

    Simplify Guantanamo Bay boundaries with standard geographical coordinates as follows:
    North Boundary is at 20*06’ North latitude.
    West Boundary is at 75*17’ West longitude.
    East boundary is at 75* 02’ West longitude.
    South boundary is at 19*42’ North latitude.
    South boundary is at sea, together with the
    general world jurisdiction of the Caribbean Sea.

    GITMO was taken via EMINENT DOMAIN through World Parliament

    Eugenia Almand, JD, Secretary
    Provisional World Parliament

    Check out her LINKED IN PROFILE - she is located in Atlanta Georgia USA
    World Constitution and Parliament Association
    The Peace Pentagon, Oracle Institute Campus, 88 Oracle Way, Independence, VA 24348, USA


    12th Session of Provisional World Parliament convened December 2010 as scheduled at the Rabindranath Tagore Auditorium, Bangla Academy and Sri Aurobindo Bhavan in Calcutta, West Bengal, India. Again, five new world legislative acts were deliberated and adopted, as well as resolutions, and for the first time ever, a regular budget in terms of the monetary system of the Parliament.
    world parliament of religions 2023
    Our cull to CON SCIENCE

    Might I remind you that Chicago was where they devised the EARTH CONstitution before moving their operations to Colorado
    Home to USNORTHCOM

    Parliamentary Conveninings
    Interesting went from 1893 nothing for 100 years and wala like magic in 1993 it is RESURRECTED

    The Parliament of the World’s Religions is the world’s premier interfaith convening of civic, spiritual, and grassroots changemakers. The historic convenings are organized by our 501(c)3 non-profit organization headquartered in the city of Chicago.

    A Historic Legacy
    The organization was founded on a mission to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and to foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions to address the critical issues of our time. The Parliament was incorporated in 1988 to carry out a tradition and legacy that dates back to the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where the historic first convening of the World’s Parliament of Religions created a global platform for engagement of religions of the east and west.

  10. I'm not sure it will even have to be filmed when the British Mercenary Army is processing and housing fighting age men and then bussing them across the states. This is sick and how is this not treasonous?

  11. The old queen is dead Putin will stand them down with the mark of the beast power behind him. United States is marked for death the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency. Inflation is on the rise again and will go hyper after the new CBDC is put in place.

  12. Woman: Jan-marie you are very wise and right in what you are saying. Legal fictions are creations of man designed to operate in the commercial fictional world under the control of Lucifer. This is why crime pays Lucifer Rewards his people when they sin against themselves. He is the creator of lies since he himself is not powerful enough to create a life he can only destroy one.

    1. that Lucifer gets people to harm themselves/ sin against themselves is so true.

      first they have to sin against their creater who has created their heart with his one law in it: harm no man.
      our ancesters show they agree with God and what he puts in mans heart when they Unanimously Declared 'we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal and are endowed by their creater with certain unalienable rights, among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.'.... theyre saying right there that they know Gods laws are written on mans heart: self-evident truths.
      ref: romans 2:15... ...which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness...
      ref: 1 timothy 4:2 talks about men having their consciences seared with a hot iron and then
      God gives them over to a reprobate mind. ref: romans 1:28.
      reprobate: rejected as worthless. etymonline dattecamme.
      after they sin against creater, then they sin against brother /neighbor.
      always results in massive harm to self. always.

      yes, Lucifer the lying usurper, is the MasterMind.
      and, it is what it is: men who choose Lucifer's way rather than God's are acting just plain stupid.
      there is still time for some to find forgiveness with the one who formed them in their mother's womb.
      ref: psalm 71:6 by thee have i been holden up from the womb: thou art he that took me out of my mothers bowels: my praise shall be continually of thee.


    2. Pentecost:
      Old test. - Moses came down the mountain, words on stone.
      New test. - Holy spirit came upon people, wrote upon our heart.

      Women:janmarie - start to run race to good, and leave your' stone & art of word-smith behind. Follow the straight and narrow path, the way the truth, and the life. The Spirit is the word. The words are not the spirit.

      Thank you Anna, James, and Paul
      Thank you Immanuel, Yeshua the Christ.

  13. Latitude and longitude of the AIR
    Select ROUTE from the right side of page

    So not only have they mapped (MAPS = SPAM) out the land they have mapped out the LLC (latitude and longitude coordinates) in the AIR
    SPACE (akaCYBERSPACE) to go where no man has gone before
    The earth is a BUSINESS 'ENTERPRISE' Mr Beal
    How about when I was in school (skull) I was taught about FREE ENTERPRISE

    GALACTIC FEDERATION sounding familiar to anyone about NOW

    1. Distraction - You called to Assemble. The trumpets have sounded. You gather for the good. Or you scatter for evil. You scatter.

    2. This is MY correction to MY somewhat erroneous counter-post above (re-posted herein) as "Anonymous May 28, 2023 at 3:27 PM" - about "Distraction - ".

      Correctly "Anonymous May 28, 2023 at 7:04 AM" points out:

      "Latitude and longitude of the AIR
      Select ROUTE from the right side of page

      So not only have they mapped (MAPS = SPAM) out the land they have mapped out the LLC (latitude and longitude coordinates) in the AIR SPACE (akaCYBERSPACE) to go where no man has gone before.
      The earth is a BUSINESS 'ENTERPRISE' Mr Beal
      How about when I was in school (skull) I was taught about FREE ENTERPRISE

      GALACTIC FEDERATION sounding familiar to anyone about NOW"

      Please recognize MY correction, as the post is not mere "DISTRACTION -." As I had errantly presented.
      Because - seemingly we may ultimately have to deal with more than three (3) "jurisdictions" but as fictions. - However the three (3) L.A.W. certainly undercut any "GALACTIC FEDERATION." Because We live and breathe and drink, and "GALACTIC" would require we encapsulate ourselves in AIR, WATER, and we are LAND."


      But "they" certainly strive to overlay upon the living, a dead (but use-able) fraud.

      These "use-able" overlays can be reclassified as "servo-mechanisms" of the mind. Servint theirs or our mind.

      Latitude/Longitude are use-able fictions (mental constructs) which do not exist in fact. Similarly a "GALACTIC FEDERATION" would require a PACT formed among others of "GALAXY." A GALAXY presentation is handy pre-conditioning to further buffalo you.

      They mess with our mind by messing with words; Although some fictional tools are useful. e.g. Latitude/Longitude.

      The living jurisdictions are Land, Air, Water - under eternal creation, our Father, our Immanuel - strike the imaginary fictions.

  14. Somewhere back in the comments. we read "...fraud viciates..." and I comment regarding a memory from around the years 2010 and 2011, where, for those who demand a reference, I give you this one:

    It is clear, a fraud had been exposed by the nation's Governors and Attorneys General, where people were conned via their mortgages into paying more for a home than it was worth... so much so, that even I received thousands of dollars from that settlement...

    However, why didn't that serious exposure of constructive fraud completely unwind the entire deal?

    As proven by this settlement deal, which had unwound the enourmous financial fraud in home loans, to the extend they carefully controlled their exposure, why then wouldn't we all still own our homes free and clear???

    I was getting ready to further take the bank and others to Court as Private Attorney General in a case that was to be styled U.S. vs. BANK OF AMERICA, STATE OF MINNESOTA, STEPHEN H BRUNS, ET. AL. JOHN DOES 1 TO 100

    But guess what happened?

    Lawyer defendant said two things:
    "Great, we will see you in Court! It will be great to have "the Judge" see all the fraud you have been committing,"

    My wife heard that, she pulled the plug on me and walked away thinking I didn"t love her anymore and further that I must've lost my mind. So why fight this anymore with the deck stacked as was?

    Now what does she do? She attends to administer the sessions where would-be lawyers or attorneys take their BAR Exam. Was I okay with seeing her walk away? Not really, but if someone wants to walk away from you, let em'.

    What is our civic duty? To see to it criminals are brought to justice?

    Fraud I had been committing????

    Apparently [it] (my alledged fraud) had been the mixed use of variations of THE LEGAL NAME without having an Attorney on the Home Closing legal team to oversee and underwrite the deal? My signature on a pushed appraisal? My agreement to lie to myself and everyone else that I needed a false home loan anyways to become a tenant anyways? Who can tell me what fraud I committed that the judge would've just loved to hear? Anyone?

  15. Yes, back at the 2:35AM comment, we read "fraud vitiates all it touches" and that word is easily translated to

    "To make ineffective (a contract or legal stipulation, for example); invalidate."

    So then, I want my house back or I want tertiary damages, punitive damages and you name it.

  16. Hey if you got plenty of money back, you could help to finance Anna's banks? No?

  17. I invite Anna to write an article titled

    "The Anticipated Continuance of Fraud Your Local Government Has You Steeped In"

    In so writing, rather than to continue beating His Excellence and the so-helmeted poobahs of the Boutiquecan, she could stick in there all the stand-in legislators upon all the State District overlays who besiege Americans here in our own front yards.

    Tell us about to endgame once we have corrected our politbureau status.

    Cut to the chase with a bullet point list:

    • take your property outside "the UNITED STATES" - by amending your information

    • DE-register your registered valuables

    • Properly form your own properly
    formed PMA Private Membership Associations -- much like Attorneys did with their private BAR Assn.

    • Get your servants to sign your own parental claims and educational requirements or else get your kids away from public schools -- and back to private schools.

    • prove in writing to your local, township, county, state poobahs where they are conducting criminal activities and must stand down or face serious charges for the hundreds of millions and some billions of dollars amassed off budget.

    • catch my drift?

    • taking action does not call for rhetoric and platitudes

    • time for brass tacks

    1. you are right.
      its some of "our neighbors" who do these things.
      trying to raise themselves by agreeing to put a boot in their own neighbors faces.
      it will return again to them.

  18. The enemy.....,quality=100,fit=scale-down/system/media_attachments/files/138/942/390/original/71a5830daf49d686.jpeg

  19. "AnonymousMay 27, 2023 at 10:22 AM
    wayHigh-BS debasing facts again.. well go away.
    Is Thou a bot of a kind?

    " All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.“
    Arthur Schopenhauer

    "Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.“ Mark Twain

    Truth is stranger than fiction, they say,
    For fiction must stick to the rules of play;
    Though it may stretch, twist and bend,
    It must stay within the realm of pretend.

    But truth has no such obligations,
    It can be wild, full of revelations;
    Bending rules and breaking the mold,
    It can be strange, yet oh so bold.

    Fiction has to keep one foot on the ground,
    Held back by the limitations that surround;
    But truth knows no such thing,
    It can soar and spread its wings.

    So embrace the odd, the bizarre and freaky,
    For truth is stranger than fiction, it's easy to see;
    It can be fantastical, yet be real,
    And that's the wonder of truth, the real deal.

    Thank Anna, James and Paul

    1. "Anonymous May 29, 2023 at 8:30 AM" aka m. refers its poetry as facts.

  20. and their in 'lies' the theme behind SUBSCRIBE
    Like, share, thumbs up, sign in, sign on, sign up

    All of course which is linked to your ICANN IP ADDRESS

  21. Lock and Load. Ready, Aim, FIRE!!! We MUST defend our country, our communities, our homes, our lives and the lives of our loved ones.

    We will NOT allow tyrants of any kind to rule, not Nazi-controlled county Sheriffs or their imposter county courts, or school-boards who demand the teaching of filthy sexual perversions and revised history to our children, or Charles sitting as an imposter on the throne of England, nor the Popes, Benedict in the background or Francis at the helm. We shall assist in the fall of Babylon, and it shall NEVER rise again.


  23. One hour in
    Mental Health News reporting March 2021 on the very shit I told you about months ago
    That cognitive dissonance is being thrown in for another aspect of this whirlwind 'mental hellth drama' over the last several years as they launch telemedicine and psychiatry and prescribing shit over a telephone instead of visiting with a 'patient' in person
    Telehealth outfits launced 2014-2015 timeframe and the objective was to ensure that the 'industry' would be ready when the time came to be there to do their tele visits and help the now fear driven populace to their phones and psychiatric medicine to help them 'cope' and 'keep them safe'


    Like the premeditation of the coming ICD11 INTERNATIONAL CLASSIFICATION OF DISEASES and their launch of a whole new set of revenue billing codes to deal with the flood of 'patients' and new revenue stream they bet your ass PLANNED for