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Monday, March 4, 2019

The Reason Why

By Anna Von Reitz

The reason all these defamatory hit pieces are suddenly being pelted at me is because I am taking on the corrupt Generals who set up the Nevada Corporation to run the phony UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and who are trying to run another round of the Great Fraud on us.

These --- Sun-Tzu and Destry et alia --- are the guys trying to sell the French Rothschild "Neu Republique" to us---and if they can't sell it honestly, are trying to bring it in the back door. These same bunch of Freebooters have been running all the UN-DOD-NWO scams.

It's not me who is the "Cabal Agent". Remember: it's always the pot calling the kettle black. It's their MO to accuse their enemies of what they are doing themselves.

Just watch and see who the actual Cabal Agents are ---- those who are spreading a LOT of disinfo about me and about other things, too ---- telling Notaries that they could lose non-existent "bonding" if they Witness our expatriation paperwork, telling people that Tim Turner's "Act of State" will protect them, when it didn't protect Tim Turner (he got an 18 year prison sentence because he relied on an "Act of State" he had no capacity to do).

All sorts of crazy crap coming out of those boys now, but manure is manure and it costs those who spread it as well as those who listen to it.

The Thinking People will see the logic and abandon the fake stuff, and all the Dunderheads who can't think beyond their Eighth Grade indoctrination into La-La-Land, will be left behind. I am sorry for them, but--- goats to the left, sheep to the right. It isn't as if I haven't spent eight years trying to educate everyone.


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  1. Anna,
    If all of what you state is True, do you pray for them, in your closet?
    Or do you simply lash back with name calling and front page posturing,& Self aggrandisement?

  2. All I can say is this country was underror attack when in 1812 Nathan Rothschild threatened war if his central bank charter didn't get renewed .

  3. Re-conveying a proper name to the land and soil and expatriate from US citizenship will likely cause a US military retiree to lose his/her retirement and VA disability benefits. Additionally, this is a legal minefield and there are very few people lawyers who can, will, and are qualified to assist with the process. Ms. Anna Von Reitz although I believe to be correct, is asking the impossible. Most people are not equipped and therefore cannot fight this battle that must be fought. Most are existing on a hope and a prayer. How does one get from here to the promised land, so that they might help others do the same? Frankly, I do not know.


    1. Yes you might call it the "Golden Handcuffs" problem which is an apt metaphor. It is wrong for mankind to led around by the nose by a few psychopathic miscreants who just want what they want no matter the cost, and that is part of the nature of the battle you describe. The enemy responsible for this has no compunction against committing horrific acts against mankind, basically for kicks. Wallow in that pond for awhile and let it sink in, no pun intended. This is not a new problem by any means, we probably have been facing this from the beginning of time. And there probably have been rebellions like this from the beginning of time. It is probably the David and Goliath story played over again like the movie Groundhog Day.

      It is sad to think that 98% of people are hostage to what, maybe 2% of people that cause these problems. But they prepare well to win and have no ability to understand their actions due to the reptilian brain influence, which I believe is what might be the cause of the problem in the first place.

      Those of us who want to honor our commitment to the creator from a karmic point of view so as to not attract any negative karma from our actions from a spiritual point of view, are in a tough position. Karma is a bitch, and the natural law that allows us to live and do whatever we want as long as we do no harm, couldn't be simpler. But we are infected with a few who feel no such obligation and for us to honor our commitment to the creator to do no harm, puts us directly in the cross-hairs of few who will kill everyone for the sport of the hunt if they don't get their way. It's a sobering thought...

  4. A startling article written by someone who was employed by FEMA
    If you do not believe that they are using these FEMA camps and rounding people up for their ultimate worldwide population reduction and extermination think again
    If you read this blog you will find that the so called representatives of the people all of the world are part of the illusion and are actively participating in the extermination of it's populace worldwide
    And the United States is no different
    You will find the Hollywood actors are all over the place playing roles in the deception
    As the blogger indicates, the real live Truman Show brought to you by the media companies who are owned lock, stock and barrel by the enemy
    All comments made without prejudice and all rights reserved

  5. ub u I can share some facts that put the TRICKSTERS in a HUGE liable position if they took ANY part of pensions away first a simple add in the paper saying who you are who are your parents and where you were born the proper date and time and place and give a address for ANY body to rebutt what you are stating to be true and place that add for 3 weeks in the news paper and get the paper receipt showing all the details including the PAID fee. Notify the Governor in your state that you are over the age of eighteen and no longer presumed lost at sea and you stand firmly on land and send that registered mail with a return receipt like all your notifications. Get your expatriation paper work in recorded and then follow the process of returning the birth certificate making Mnuchin your fiduciary. Filling out your dd214 and the 2168 and send them back to the proper military people.I would send the dd214 and 2168 in before the Birth Certificate. Any thing takin away from you WILL make YOUR Fiduciary RESPONSIBLE for a DAMAGE .None of my MEASLEY scraps have been altered till the new account is opened. The dd 214 and 2168 is a must if you were in the military .Anna has the info on sight 928 and her web page Only sharing what i know to be true . I take Annas paper work seriously ..........