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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Help Is Here!

By Anna Von Reitz

We are very thankful to announce that a team of volunteers has formed to help all the many people who need a little "extra help" to understand the purpose of the paperwork we use to reclaim our birthright political status and also practical help getting the paperwork filled out and recorded. 

Many of you have already gotten through the paperwork using examples published on my website (Article 928) and still more have "Done It Yourselves" using the explanations and self-help pdfs and assistance posted at PaperUpNow.Com ---- but let's face it, many of us just need a little hand-holding because we don't understand a form or don't have access to a computer or the local recorder's office is being difficult.

So--- now the new Help Service is available!  Go to the front page of my website and scroll down until you see these words in red:

To Get Help filling out and recording the paperwork from article # 928, Look at the form on the right AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE (, and fill in the information and submit the form. You will be contacted by someone from the team that does this, usually within 24 hours.

We hope to have an automated website up and running in the next couple weeks that will have very detailed information for a wide variety of exceptions and circumstances you may be facing to answer questions like:

What if I was born in Washington, DC?
What if I am a Federal Employee?
What if I am retired military?
What if I am an immigrant?
What if I've been married seven times?

We also hope to use this additional service to help people apply for and receive the proper passports for American State Nationals and American State Citizens, to help you find your State Assembly, and ultimately to assist you with recording documents and other tasks and resources that will make life easier as you come home to the land and soil jurisdiction of the actual States of the Union. 

Thank you, Volunteers!!!!!


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Webmasters note: Even though we are all volunteer, there will be a few more expenses running this new system, like additional server expenses for the email system, and phone expenses, so if you can spare five or ten bucks a month please use the appropriate PayPal button on