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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

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  1. Don’t be discouraged if the crooks don’t want to recognize your changing papers. They have increasingly made the costs to rise, to prevent us from successfully completing the works. They also abbreviated the document title, and/or failed to include the index link to our public records, so no one will see our changed status.

    You still have to fight with the crooks by other means, when they come to steal your properties. They will play a Strawman games, and use their uneducated/paid Sheriffs to scare you for our moneys/energies. Some people got lucky, the papers worked for them, but many people paperwork's got ignored by the British~* intruders. The crooks in America still running the show, pretending to be good to people, causing people to divide and fight each others, while doing so, they give themselves funds to spend to extract more of our Trust and Bond funds. So be prepared, save any evidence to prove they are connected to Foreign power. Ie. The funding your state or city received, who give them the cheques, moneys, etc.. I saved them 3-years ago, now I am showing the commercial sheriffs, that they are liable to act outside their territory, without a public Hazard / Liability Bond. This law or links available in Anna website under "Commerciallien"

  2. I make custom Common Law ID Cards that are NOW in use in 22 States.
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  3. How do you do this when you have a regular every day job? What are the effects and how do you deal with that

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