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Tuesday, August 30, 2022

The Important History of Rome You Are Never Taught

 By Anna Von Reitz

It may seem strange to pause at this moment, when the entire world is in chaos and indeed, turned upside down, to look at the history of Rome.  

Yet, no other contemplation is so entirely illuminating as this one, at this moment. 

Rome was founded on the 21st of April in the year 753 BC by two brothers of Trojan descent.  It was developed as a fortified trading center, one of many developed throughout the ancient world by the Trojans and their relatives and allies --- the Persians, Levantians, Canaanites, Turks (Trojans), and Carthaginians. 

Very early on, the only thing standing in the way of a complete monopoly on shipping in the Mediterranean was Greece.  

When Roman debt to Greece became insufferable during the Hellenistic period, that is, when Rome had borrowed everything intellectual and physical that it could possibly borrow from Greece, the Romans attacked and conquered their creditors and competitors in the realm of merchant shipping. 

This established a pattern of behavior that endures to this day: 

Borrow everything you can, then kill your creditors. 

When Carthage rose to replace Greece as the dominant non-Roman naval power and shipping center, the Romans assisted them by giving them all the business they could ever want.  

The Carthaginians hauled every commodity imaginable to Rome.  Roman merchants became dependent on Carthaginian shipping and warehousing and soon, Carthage was loaning them money and extending credit for services.  

When Rome had borrowed everything they could and the Carthaginians were getting restive and worried about repayment, the Romans attacked and sacked their priority creditors. 

End of debt to Carthage. 

This simple modus operandi became a signature of the Roman Empire: trade and borrow, then attack and kill the creditors of Rome.  So Rome feasted on the labor and talent of many nations, and finished by militarily defeating and enslaving their former trading partners. 

It happened in Gaul.  It happened in Britain.  It happened in Prussia.  It happened more generally in Germany during World War I and II.  

Always the same.  Borrow everything you can, then kill your creditors.  Simple, effective, and bound to be enriching, the Romans have never varied from this standard recipe.  

Right now, Rome owes the Americans more than Rome has ever owed any nation in history.  And, predictably enough, the (Holy) Roman Empire began its campaign to kill its American creditors in earnest beginning in 1962 with the enclave known as Vatican II.  

The more moral elements of the Church leadership had to be eroded before the Roman Pontiff could justify attacking the nice people who saved most of Europe and rebuilt it.  

With the end of the Marshall Plan and related giveaways, the bill for all this finally came due in 2005, and the plot to destroy America also went into full tilt execution.  

The Pope, acting in his Secular Office as the Roman Pontiff,  directed all his Agency Subcontractors to do specific things that have together served to confuse, undermine, and destroy America from within. 

His Agents have promoted aerial spraying campaigns since 1989, dumping unimaginable amounts of aerosol industrial wastes on America.  Upon examination, these wastes are primarily metallic oxides that are highly incendiary and poisonous.  

At the same time, heavy duty petroleum-based insecticides and herbicides and chemical fertilizers --- guaranteed to pollute the water, poison the food, and while temporarily increasing food production guaranteed long-term destruction of the soil --- were unleashed.

Why would anyone do such a thing?  

Unless, the victims of this were being poisoned in the same way that the captive Jews poisoned the food of their Babylonian captors (The Book of Isaiah) and the land was being prepared to be destroyed by fire (The Book of Revelations). 

Conveniently, the Great Whore is built on Seven Hills --- which describes Rome, London, Washington, DC, and Jerusalem --- all four.  Take your pick. 

Do you really think that it is a coincidence that a tiny town called "Paradise" in California was obliterated using Directed Energy Weapons to ignite the layers of incendiary metal wastes already deposited by the aerosol spraying campaigns? 

Do trees burn -- explosively -- from the inside out?  

No, they don't.  

Do World Trade Centers collapse in seconds with molten metal gushing from their sides?  

No, they don't. 

Do uneducated men sitting in caves out in the desert conceive of and execute such deeds?  

No, they don't. 

Right now, Americans are eating grossly polluted food guaranteed to kill them slowly, and the entire country is covered with a thick layer of incendiary metals pollution, prepped like a giant bonfire. 

As if this were not bad enough, two thirds of us have been jabbed with experimental "vaccines" that compromise our immune systems just like AIDS.

To help cover this up and obscure the motives for it, Rome made sure that millions of other innocent people worldwide have been infected in the same way.   Rome owes them money, too. 

But Rome owes us, the Americans, an especially insurmountable amount of money.  They know it.  We know it.  The Queen knows it.  The quote-unquote "American" military knows it, even though they aren't working for the Americans anymore --- just pick-pocketing their paychecks from us and being paid by British Quartermasters to keep them honest. 

Everyone but the sleeping American people know what's going on here, and somebody has got to tell them.  How about you?  


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